10 Career Paths Artificial Intelligence Won’t Cross

In the last few years, artificial intelligence has become a buzzword. AI, being the forerunner in tech, has made things easy for humans. However, have you heard “AI will take our jobs”? With AI taking over jobs, do we need to panic now? 

It’s true that AI indeed has the potential to replace humans, but it doesn’t justify every sphere of life. Although involved, those fields cannot be managed solely by AI. Furthermore, not every process can be automated. Human concentration and skills are still needed for some jobs, which AI doesn’t possess.

So, are you worried that AI may replace you? In this article, we’ll explore some careers that won’t be affected by AI. So, are you ready human? Let’s get started. 

1. Teachers


Relax, if you’re a teacher, there’s no way AI would replace you. There’s no comparison of a charismatic teacher with AI. Only humans can leave a profound impact on other’s personality. 

However, AI can assist teachers. 

They can become more interactive and smarter using AI. For example, by using AI, teachers can find more ways to make coherent assignments. In addition, they can also initiate online classes. 

Also, teachers carry an image of leaders. Qualities such as empathy, active listening, critical thinking, and many more are instilled by them. So, there’s no chance of AI replacing teachers altogether. 

2. Healthcare Professionals

The medical field, although helped by AI-powered robots, will remain unaffected. Healthcare professionals don’t have to see AI as their competitors. Mainly because of decision-making and skills, they are irreplaceable.

Also, AI lacks an ‘out of the box’ approach. To save lives, they don’t always follow the bookish knowledge. Sticking with the rules, AI is less flexible than humans. For this reason, we may never see AI in place of doctors.

3. Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Psychologists and Psychiatrists are professions for which there’s no replacement. In such domains, empathy, and a human touch are necessary conditions. However, like teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists can also avail AI for their benefit. 

For example, they can cater to people living in remote areas. Moreover, mental patients considered a threat to people can be treated. But to take advantage of AI, having a seamless internet connection is necessary. 

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4. Executive Positions

The jobs of decision-makers are safe from AI as well. Be it CEOs, Directors, or any person capable of making decisions, this ability is something that AI doesn’t possess. The leadership qualities cannot be encoded and put in any AI tools. Moreover, they can foresee future dynamics and make necessary arrangements using AI reporting and trend analysis.

5. Human Resource Personnel

Human Resource Personnel

AI can’t judge a person’s body language. Also, it may not be able to determine whether a person will be culturally fit. Besides this, there are many functions that AI can’t perform concerning human resources.

However, AI can be helpful to filter out candidates, based on their CVs. Also, AI-based software can be integrated for data entry purposes.

6. Artists and Singers

Except for Transformers, do you like any celeb bots? Or would you want a bot singing instead of Enrique Iglesias? Surely no one wants this. Moreover, people won’t show interest, considering the electrifying performances they have already witnessed. So, artists and singers are on the safe side as AI expands.

7. Athletes

Imagine an El Classico of bots. Does this feel satisfying? Robots, having no emotional capabilities can never be the same as actual athletes. Lacking sportsman spirit and passion to win, there will be no excitement if bots replace sports persons.

8. Data Scientists

How can people who are the brains of AI be replaced by it? Many people question whether they will be replaced by AI or not. However, it’s not even remotely possible since AI may be smarter than them. But it’s not as intelligent as them.

In addition, AI can generate ideas. But there’s more to generating ideas. AI having no implementational powers, will always be dependent on data scientists.

9. Law Enforcement and Lawyers

Ensuring law and order is the duty of every law enforcement agent. AI can help in this regard, but can it arrest people? Simply, no. Also, when human lives are at stake, there’s always a possibility of AI misreading the situation.

Moreover, AI cannot dethrone lawyers and judges. Such prestige positions demand experience with strong case analysis skills, there’s no chance of AI making it through. Also, bots lacking emotions, can make blunders while making a trial’s decision.

10. Customer Support

With the introduction of chatbots, it may feel that AI has taken over. But it’s hardly the case. Support agents are still a vital element of every customer support center. To provide a human touch, chatbots are no alternative. Also, to resolve queries quickly, humans can come up with out-of-the-box solutions. So, AI may not be replacing support agents soon.

Winding Up

AI has been expanding its claws in different fields. As much as it is frightening, it is of great use in other areas. However, some professions cannot be replaced by AI. In a limited capacity, AI can only assist professionals.