11 Future WordPress Features for Students

The extensive and rapid development of technologies has modified the ways people perceive information nowadays. Even more, the Covid-19 pandemic managed to speed up the process of transitioning to online learning. Students no longer need to be physically present in an educational institution. The only indispensable thing is to have an electronic device at your disposal as well as a stable Internet connection.  

Many educational platforms and learning management systems are created with WordPress help. This allows educators to manage, track, and deliver learning materials or e-courses without any specific programming skills. They can post various information related to the courses of study – from the explanations of material to relevant videos, homework help guides and grammar tests. Students themselves can use WordPress to develop almost any kind of website from scratch.

With tens of thousands of pre-designed themes and over 50,000 plugins available, this instrument will be beneficial to anyone. Do you want to dive into online learning opportunities? Or maybe you are interested in designing complex websites? Is blogging your main hobby?

Let’s not beat around the bush and proceed to the best future WordPress features for students.

  • Introduction of Multifunctional Themes

Multifunctional themes have every tool one needs to work with any type of website or platform. Some of them are initially e-commerce oriented. Still, they have the flexibility necessary to tackle any challenge you might face. Even if you want to become a writer and start managing your online blog, using multifunctional themes is the best option. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a classic modern lifestyle blog or a platform for reviews and discussions. You can always find a multifunctional theme suitable for different purposes.

  • Animation with Motion Effects

Incorporating animation into website designs is an important part of ensuring the entertainment experience for users. Though it seems like we’ve seen all possible sorts of CSS animations and effects before.

The newest features in WordPress theme animation are motion effects. This feature is more advanced as it creates animations based on user movements while hovering and scrolling the page.

  • Enhancing User Experience

This refers to mobile user experience in particular. Optimizing a WordPress theme for smartphones used to be an extra task that few people cared about. The growth of the mobile market changed the traditions. Recently designers have opted to create mobile-first themes.

There is no doubt it is especially helpful for students preferring more flexible methods of work. Nowadays the choice of themes is significantly expanded due to the latest trends in mobile development. Yet, the desktop version provides better themes with animations, unique content layouts, and parallax effects.

  • Restoring Lost Pages

Automatic backup of site and database files can be used to restore a previous version of the project. This may be necessary in case of virus detection, hacking or accidental deletion of some information.

Anti-spam mechanisms will not allow irrelevant information to penetrate through comment forms. The system will be able to recognize such messages and prohibit their publication.

  • Dark Modes

Most of the people who have ever tried to install a black mode theme on their devices do not want to return to the previous design. Even such programs like our old uncle Google Chrome have optimized their app interfaces for dark mode.

Today the platform has several themes that come with a built-in dark mode. It allows users to quickly switch between light and dark designs. Thus, it raises expectations that we can see even more WordPress websites supporting dark mode in the near future.

  • Simple Platform Administration

To work with the WordPress admin area, the user does not need any special skills. Almost all principles of interaction with the system are logical and intuitive. Moreover, it is possible to provide another user with an opportunity to manage the content of a particular website. 

  • The Ability for Users to Create Templates on Their Own

It is said that every WordPress user worth their salt (for example, WordPress admin) will be able to access the templates through their admin area, edit and even export them.

In fact, this is exactly the place where site-building can be completely changed. Any person, even without programming skills, using WordPress, will be able to contribute to the creation of templates.

  • Site Statistics

Statistical information helps site owners to recognize the weaknesses of their own Internet resources. Having it analyzed, they can start working on their improvement. WordPress provides comprehensive plugins for statistics.

  • Enhanced Comment

WordPress was developed for creating blogs. Thus, it provides a special space for posting comments that are left by users.

In case there are too many comments, they need to be structured. In this regard, WordPress uses internal system navigation plugins. They help to optimize the overall placement of comments and increase usability. This pleases both the visitors of such a website and the search engines.

  • Block System

WordPress aims at providing users with the ability to customize every aspect of their site using a block system. Nowadays this system mainly supports post content editing. To achieve full full-site editing, each piece of dynamic site data must be transformed into a block. 

  • VR Optimized Themes

No one would disagree that we live in a world that is gradually going to be operated by virtual reality. This technology is currently penetrating all spheres of life. There is no doubt that WordPress will also feel the influence.

All blogs on the platform now support full-fledged work with virtual reality, or rather, with 360-degree photos and videos. To provide such capabilities, WordPress uses the open-source technology WebVR, which allows browsers to render VR content.

Final Words

WordPress as the most popular CMS in the world has a number of advantages that make users choose it for the implementation of their ideas. As time goes by, WordPress does not stand still. It introduces new progressive features that allow its users to keep up with the existing trends and simplify the traditional work processes.