25 Alternatives for 123movies in 2024 (100% Working)

 123movies is an extremely popular movie streaming site that is completely free.

On 123movies, you can enjoy movies and TV shows in HD quality without the necessity of registering or signing up.

With thousands of movies and TV shows, all categorized neatly on its website, 123movies has become the go-to option for fans. 

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Top 5 123movies Alternatives: Editor’s Pick 

  1. Crackle Enjoy content from popular studios like MGM and Sony in a free and legal manner. 
  2. Vumoo Free movie streaming site with over 10,000 titles in its library, which gets updated fairly regularly. 
  3. Project Free TV Not just for TV shows, Project Free TV stands out among the competition due to its accurate recommendation system. 
  4. Einthusan Einthusan delivers South Asian content in numerous languages like Tamil, Telugu, Chinese and so on. 
  5. SFlix One of the few movie streaming sites where you will always find the latest releases within the shortest time, and that too in HD quality. 

What Happened to 123movies?

The official website of 123movies is functioning fine presently. However, it would not be surprising if it goes down and a mirror link crops up in its place. 

This is simply because 123movies, like other streaming sites, hosts content that is copyrighted and without permission from the owner.

25 Best Alternatives to 123movies – 100% Working 

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

As stated earlier, most of the streaming sites, like 123 movies, are illegal in many countries. No wonder many look for legal options. Tubi TV is one such option. 

As soon as you enter its website, you will realize that although it is completely free, there is a premium feel to it.

You will definitely find all the amazing movies from Hollywood on Tubi TV. 

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2. Putlocker


Coming back to the regular streaming sites, Putlocker is a platform that has become a preferred alternative for many. 

This is because of its extremely efficient search engine, which throws accurate results within a split second. 

Lastly, people who prefer to stream movies after checking their IMDB ratings are in luck since they are available on Putlocker.

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3. 1moviesHD


As an alternative to 123movie, 1moviesHD does a perfect job since it is also a repository of awesome content in HD quality. 

From the oldest classics to the newest release, you will get access to it all on 1moviesHD at no cost. 

The streaming experience is amazing and if you are unsure of what to watch, you can take help from its ‘Top Watched’ section.

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4. Crackle


You will be surprised to know that just like Tubi TV, there is another completely free yet legal option offered by Sony known as Crackle. 

The content on Crackle is limited to movies from popular studios like MGM and Sony itself. 

The only issue with Crackle is that it is not available in all locations, so you may need to use a VPN.

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5. Vumoo


Very few streaming sites develop a strong connection with their users. Vumoo is one of them. 

By consistently improving its library based on comments from streamers, Vumoo is now a free streaming platform that competes with 123 movies. 

The library of Vumoo is 10,000 movies strong, and the number is increasing daily. 

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6. M4ufree


Many times, we look for free streaming sites which also allow you to download movies for later viewing. 

M4ufree is a popular movie streaming site that has a download option. 

True to its name, it is completely free and has a decent library of movies which is enough to satisfy any movie lover.  

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7. HiMovies


An underrated alternative to movies123, HiMovies has thousands of movie titles in its catalog. 

It began its services a few years ago and now boasts entertainment content that spans 30 nations. 

The easy-to-use interface of its website is one reason why HiMovies is so popular today.

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8. Bflix


Despite the fact that its library is compact, Bflix is an interesting platform for two reasons. 

First, it offers free streaming of movies and TV shows in HD quality. 

Second, It lets you keep track of the movies and TV shows that you watch on the platform. 

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9. Moviesjoy


Relatively less popular, Moviesjoy is nevertheless a great alternative to 123 movies since its library has over 10,000 movies.

Since there are no ads to cause you any disturbance while enjoying your movie, it is slowly becoming the most sought-after free movie streaming site. 

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10. Flixhq


Flixhq started off by catering mostly to the TV audience by providing free access to the most popular TV shows online. 

Today, however, Flixhq is as good as any other movie streaming site on this list. 

Spanning across genres, Flixhq has something for all age groups and genders. 

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11. Sockshare


Rarely is the website of any streaming site the reason why people prefer to stream on it. 

In the case of Sockshare, the simple design of the website is what makes users find what they are looking for easily. 

Obviously, its content library is excellent, too, and the stream quality is top-notch.

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12. Pubfilm


Very popular in the US, Pubfilm is a safe and reliable alternative to 123movie. 

One can use this platform for streaming movies and TV shows at zero cost. 

Pubfilm is gaining traction all over the world not only because of its content but also due to the stable streaming experience that it provides. 

The only dampener is that its site is known to be down often due to copyright violations. 

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13. SFlix


10,000 is the number that you will see get thrown around a lot. However, when you check the streaming site, you might be in for a shock as the actual number might be less.

The number of movies and dramas on S Flix is, however, close to 10,000, and the quality of content is good too. 

SFlix has always ensured that its library is updated with the latest releases every week, and it has kind of become known for this. 

The standard features, such as a search engine and stable playback, are given.

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14. Afdah


Even as the whole world is going mobile-first, the domain of streaming sites is still crowded by websites.

Afdah, however, is an exception. It is one of the few mobile-friendly 123 movie alternatives. 

While it is free to use, there are some ads that you will have to bear. 

There is no way out, too, since Afdah makes sure that you can only access the site if you disable your ad blocker.

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15. Look Movie

Look Movie

While we were discussing the figure of 10,000, here comes a movies123 alternative which claims to have a library of more than 50,000 movies and other content. 

Since Look Movie is a new entrant in the world of streaming sites, the content on this site needs to be reviewed by more people.

Nevertheless, it can be considered since it does not ask for any payment details.

Further, you can also use the share option on Look Movie to share your favorite movie or TV episode with your friends.

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16. Einthusan


As the world is shrinking due to extensive coverage of the internet, demand for content from the global South is increasing.

Einthusan delivers South Asian content in numerous languages like Tamil, Telugu, Chinese and so on. 

Since it features a lot of original content on its website, it has developed a fan following of its own. 

It is definitely popular not just in South Asia but across the world too. 

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17. MyFlixer


What makes Myflixer app different from the other streaming sites listed in this post? 

On MyFlixer, you will not witness any ads while streaming or otherwise. 

This is the single biggest reason why people prefer using MyFlixer as compared to other sites. 

The fact that its library is as good as any other streaming site only adds to its popularity.

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18. Vmovee


Are you bored of watching the same old movies and TV shows and are looking for some anime content? 

If yes, then Vmovee is the best option for you. 

Like 123movies, Vmovee hosts hundreds of movies and TV shows in HD quality for free.

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19. Soap2day


Did you ever think that a time would come when you would be able to access movies, TV shows, music and even sports videos in one place?

If you still cannot fathom such a fact, then you need to take a look at Soap2day

Soap2day offers all the above content on its site free of cost with very few ads.

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20. Coke and Popcorn


It is true that many of these free streaming sites are just providing the same content with different names. 

Coke and Popcorn are definitely more than a basic streaming site since it provides added value by allowing you access to Indian web series, which may not be available elsewhere. 

Content in the form of the most popular movies and TV shows is a given.

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21. Project Free TV


The name says it all. It started off with a mission to increase access to TV shows for free. 

Presently, people also use it as a platform to stream movies. 

What makes Project Free TV stand out among the crowd is its accurate recommendation algorithm which never fails to pleasantly surprise you.

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22. Los Movies


Losmovies is one of the best 123 movie alternatives, especially if you are looking for new movies and TV shows. 

The vast library can be navigated easily through the various menu options on the site. 

With multiple servers running behind the scenes, you will never experience buffering while streaming on Los Movies. 

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23. Flixtor


Streaming services on Flixtor are completely free, but it also offers a premium subscription which entitles you to some additional services. 

There is no requirement to register on the site, and movies are plenty. 

The only downside is that there are some ads that need to be tolerated. 

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24. Spacemov


There is a huge population in the world that craves content in regional languages.

Like Coke and Popcorn lets you enjoy Indian web series, Spacemov is one alternative that allows you to watch movies in Hindi, English, Telugu and Tamil for free. 

It also has movies from Hollywood and movies in the Punjabi language, which are gaining a lot of attention in Canada and the UK.

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25. Fmovies


Fmovies is a no-brainer if you know what you are looking for. 

The super simple web interface with the prominent and highly efficient search bar right there on the homepage makes Fmovies a great 123 movies alternative. 

The library of Fmovies is equally exhaustive and has some of the most popular titles. 

To add, not only is it free, but there is no need for you to register on the site in order to enjoy your favorite content. 

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123movies – Quick FAQs

1. Is 123movies Legal?

The accurate answer is that the legality of 123movies would depend on copyright laws in a particular jurisdiction. However, it is illegal in most countries. 

2. Is 123movies Safe?

While the official website of 123movies is safe, one needs to up their guard while using mirror links that may contain viruses. 

3. How to Safely Stream 123movies?

There is a fundamental rule which you must follow while streaming content online – always use a VPN. 

4. What is the best VPN to stream on 123movies?

ExpressVPN and Surfshark are two of the most preferred alternatives to stream on 123movies. 

5. What are some of the best alternatives to 123movies?

The number of alternatives to 123movies is only increasing day by day. Some of the best alternatives to 123movies are Einthusan, Flixtor, Tubi TV, Spacemov, and Sockshare.