20 Tracks Revealed For Pocket Gamer Connects

One of the most highly anticipated events in the gaming industry will take place between January 17th and 18th next year,

Pocket Gamer Connects London 2022 offers gaming enthusiasts the chance to interact with hundreds of industry experts and network with a  host of top names in the industry, either in person or digitally.

Now organisers have announced the 20 tracks or themes which will be covered in talks and panel discussions with topics ranging from Blockchain Basics, Mapping the Metaverse, and Hyper casual Publishing.

For the unimitated, the pocket is a retro device that supports old games that people may have grown up with in their childhood. This analogue portable console has become one of the most hotly desired product, for both older and new generations of gamers.

Looking like a Game Boy, it is a handheld device designed to fit right into the pocket and serve up an instant dose of nostalgia.

They evoke memories of a  time when online games lacked some of the sophistication  of more recent products, but were fun to play just because they were ahead of its time.

Nowadays people taking online access for granted, but this was not always the case. Imagine, for example, the online casino industry being able to thrive as it has in recent years when subscribers had to rely on uncertain internet connections or found themselves in areas with no coverage of all.

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One of the appeal to many about the pocket is that the console allows people to play multiplayer modes, like the original Game Boy consoles themselves.

How that is done is another reminder of what some might call the good old days. Forget interconnectivity of devices. Instead, up to four pockets can be linked together the old-fashioned way by using a cable to link them together. 

There are nearly 3,000 games which can be played on Pocket from different platform including Game Boy, Game Boy Coloured and Advanced Game Boy.

Nor is playing games the only things people can do with a  Pocket. They can also use it to create music using its built-in feature called Nano loop.

This turns the device into both a synthesiser and sequencer and also lets users create original tunes.

The Pocket can also be played on a  TV by using the Analogue Dock. Users can play either by themselves or with up to three other people, although an extra console will be required.

The London conference themed around the Pocket in fact, whilst it looks to the future, is all about the past as well. The appeal of the Pocket is that it enables people to play games that trigger nostalgia in people because they invested so much emotions in playing them – joy, frustration, pride, and a sense of competition.

And, for older players at least, it also evokes memories of simpler times –when they could just escape from the cares of the world by picking up their Game Boy.