3 Best Anime Shows That Tackle Gambling and Casino Games

The world of gambling is so vast that it has evolved throughout the centuries since its inception, and it is among the oldest recreational activities that humanity has invented, which has only spread through different platforms and mediums. Today, gambling is widely accepted although certain traditional cultures still stigmatize those who partake in them, but regardless, it is a booming multi-billion-dollar industry that even newer generations are taking a liking to.

The gambling pastime has reached several different mediums in the entertainment industry such as anime, movies, and tv shows. These try to represent how casino games are played to the average user and how they are perceived by Hollywood or people in general. 

However, among the mediums it has taken, anime seems to be gaining the most traction in its portrayal of gambling and casino games generally.  Anime fans are getting exposed to a wide variety of gambling activities due to their vivid visual descriptions and cues. 

Whether you’re a novice or an already-established expert in the game of gambling, there may be some anime you can watch to immerse you more into the world of risks and chances. Here are the best anime shows that tackle gambling and casino games that you should watch now.

No Game No Life

The anime, No Game No Life, might come as a surprise as it is not exactly casino-related, but the spirit of gambling resonates throughout the whole series because our protagonists are thrust into a world of games where they have to play against people to win and get what they want without getting caught cheating. Even during the first few episodes, they met an unnamed lady gambler who loses to Sora in a game of cards because of his quick reflexes. 

This is the type of anime you watch to be entertained because all the things that happen are too other-worldly, but we highly recommend this anime for those who love playing games with people from rock-paper-scissors to chess and more because this anime highlights those games as much as the next.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

You might have stumbled across this anime on Netflix, and it is among the most popular gambling anime out there in the market right now. When watching the show, any viewer will feel as if they’re playing top online casino games that are visually appealing and vividly entertaining as Kakeugurui is one of the best casino-related gambling anime that you have to watch and finish till the end. The main girl protagonist is amazing to watch due to her high-roller talents and immovable determination to shake things up.

Oddly enough, the academy that she attends to wants to produce professionals and future leaders based primarily on their ability to beat their peers in different casino-based games. Needless to say, that students bring their own money into the fold and can either emerge victorious or be subjected to defeat and subjugation. Any student who fails becomes a “house pet” in the academy, being treated as a slave in most cases, but this is where our female protagonist, Yumeko Jabami, comes in.

Yumeko is a first-year transfer student, but she doesn’t want to follow the rules of the school. She’s simply a compulsive gambler who wants to win it all to gain pleasure from gambling. Throughout the anime, Yumeko uses various tricks to gain an advantage over her opponents, which leaves her triumphant in the end.

Because of anime like Kakegurui, people are taking more notice of anime as compared to several years ago when anime is even considered for children. Now, there’s a great demand for anime and it seems that weebs (also known as anime fanatics) have won the day.


Another great anime that tackles gambling and casino games is Saki, which is an anime that combines Kakegurui and Akagi, where schoolgirl Saki Miyanaga hates everything about mahjong due to how the game impacted her negatively in the past but her friend, Kyoutarou Suga, introduces her to a mahjong club, prompting her adventure into the game’s world. It is revealed that she has exceptional talent in mahjong and excels at the game.

The club’s president, Hisa Takei, notices her talent despite the fact she tried to hide it, but because of her unorthodox playstyle, she sticks like a sore thumb in terms of competitive edge against her opponents. The show follows Saki as she slowly grows to appreciate mahjong despite the drawbacks it gave her in the past, and she then sets up a new goal of winning national competitions in mahjong.

While it may not be much about gambling like No Game No Life, it is about seeing patterns, which is an ability needed to win in gambling games. 


While this list is not too long, we didn’t want to take much of your time and aimed to deliver only the best anime shows about gambling and casinos that we believe deserve your attention. No Game No Life and Saki are anime that are not usually attributed to gambling, but when you watch them, you’ll see their relevance to the activity.

However, Kakegurui is among the true gambling anime out there that is worthwhile if you want a direct experience of watching someone gamble and win high stakes. Whatever is the case, this anime will surely entertain you whether you’re new to the world of gambling or already established.