4 Ways To Use AI To Improve Your Video Marketing

Are your videos falling flat? With viewership slipping, you need to rethink your strategy. But manufacturing viral hits or paying for influencers seems out of reach. What if AI could boost your marketing at an affordable price? New tech is revolutionizing video production, turning amateur efforts into sophisticated campaigns. 

In this post, you’ll discover four concrete ways to use AI tools to improve video performance. From ideation to distribution, AI lends a helping hand so you stand out from the crowd. 

Boost traffic, engagement, and conversions with these actionable tactics you can implement yourself, whatever your budget. Read on to transform video marketing from a chore into an asset powering business growth.

Here’s How AI Can Help You Up Your Video Marketing Game

78% of consumers watch online videos weekly. Are you harnessing the power of AI to capture every eyeball and dominate the algorithm? Buckle up.

Video Idea Generation

AI tools can help generate on-trend, search-optimized video ideas tailored to your business. By analyzing current search volumes, competitor content, and audience interests, AI ideation tools like vidIQ or TubeBuddy can suggest new video topics with strong potential to drive clicks and conversions. 

Use these ideas as a starting point for brainstorming or greenlight them straight for production.  

Intelligent Scriptwriting

Why spend hours scripting videos when AI can craft an outline for you in minutes? Software like Squibler, Descript, and ScriptStudio can analyze brief prompts about your video goal and audience to produce scripts optimized for search, shares, and subscribers. 

Revise their drafts to fit your niche or export to teleprompter apps to simplify shooting.

Video Editing Assistance  

AI is revolutionizing editing by handling tedious production tasks. Tools like Runway and Articulate provide effects, graphics, auto transitions, auto-editing, text-to-animation, and more so you can create pro-level videos on a DIY budget. 

Upload raw footage and let AI handle sequencing, transitions, and lower thirds while you review and tweak its cuts to match your creative vision.  

Performance Optimization  

Today’s predictive AI can help you optimize your videos by analyzing factors like video length, release schedules, keywords, and thumbnail images. Platforms like Feed Zeals or TubeTarget can assist you in tailoring your draft edit to your target audience. 

Simply input your goals—whether it’s maximizing views, engagement, or conversions—and review the data-backed recommendations for titling, tagging, trimming, and posting your videos for optimal performance.

Top AI Tools for Video Marketing in 2024 at a Glance

In our video marketing efforts, we leverage a number of AI tools that make our jobs easier while yielding superior results. 

For Enhanced Video Production: Vidnoz AI

To quickly and easily enhance our video production quality, we rely on Vidnoz AI for better B-roll footage and overlays. By analyzing our raw video clips, this AI video generator can generate complementary b-roll sequences. 

And its library of animated backgrounds, overlays, and icons elevates our videos with polished graphics created in just seconds.

For Personalized Video Marketing: AdCreative 

We use AdCreative to take the guesswork out of video personalization. By analyzing your customer data, this AI tool identifies micro-audience segments and then generates customized video creatives tailored to resonate better with each target group. 

This allows you to run hyper-targeted video campaigns that feel relevant, avoiding one-size-fits-all content.

For Scriptwriting: Squibler 

Squibler has become our secret weapon for kickstarting the video creation process. All you need to do is simply describe your basic video concept and intended audience. 

Within minutes, Squibler’s AI generates an optimized script outline fitting your parameters, letting you skip straight to polishing draft narrations rather than staring at blank pages.

For Audio & Video Transcription: Auris AI 

For an automated transcription of our video footage and interviews, Auris AI extracts dialogue, soundtrack, and audio with over 95% accuracy. It saves us hours of manual transcription time, freeing us up for value-added tasks. 

Its speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness make it our go-to for automated audio and video transcripts.

For Automated Video Editing Kapwing:

With Kapwing’s AI-powered creative tools, we can edit high-quality videos in a fraction of the time. Its auto-editing feature creates an entire video sequence from our content by itself. 

Options like auto-crop, auto-subtitle, auto-text-to-speech, and more simplify tedious tasks in post-production so you can build your audience faster.


1. What are the main ways AI can help create better videos?

Ans. The main AI capabilities covered in this post that can aid video creation include intelligent ideation, scriptwriting, enhanced production, automated editing, and optimization.

2. Can AI really make amateur videos look more professional?

Ans. Yes, by assisting with better scripts, higher-quality B-roll, overlays and graphics, advanced edits, and overall optimizations, AI tools can help DIY videos rival professional results.

3. Do you need special skills to use these AI video tools?

Ans. Many AI video creation tools are designed for ease of use even for non-technical users. The tools handle the AI complexity behind the scenes while users can focus on creative input and direction.

In Conclusion

Boosting video marketing performance no longer requires big budgets when AI lends a hand. As we’ve outlined, AI is revolutionizing how creators develop, produce, and optimize video content.

Whether looking to save time, increase quality, or maximize audience impact, it’s time to augment your process with AI’s capabilities. Let the machines handle manual tasks while you focus on strategy and creativity. Working smarter with AI propels video success.