5 Places Where You Can Find CBD Flowers

CBD is becoming more and more mainstream as state governments legalize cannabis products, including CBD flowers. These flowers have many medical benefits and have been used to help people with issues such as pain, anxiety, depression, cancer, and more.

CBD Flowers are far less popular than THC because they don’t get you high like their THC counterparts, but the medical benefits make them well worth the purchase. They can be smoked or vaporized to yield all of their desired effects; however, other methods such as infusions and tinctures are also used to extract CBD for various applications. Click here to know more about the other methods in detail.

These applications are why CBD flowers are growing in popularity.

What are CBD Flowers?

CBD flowers are part of the cannabis plant which is often used in health remedies. You can smoke them, vaporize them, ingest them…but they won’t get you high! This is because CBD doesn’t have much to do with its “high”.

It does not contain THC, which is the stuff that gets you high. But it does contain CBD, which is the stuff with all of the amazing benefits without any of the intoxication. These flowers are harvested from either hemp plants or low-THC Cannabis sativa strains.

CBD Flowers can be smoked or vaporized to yield desired effects; however, other methods such as infusions and tinctures are also used to extract CBD for various applications.

These applications and the desire to turn CBD into a commodity that can be enjoyed by everyone have caused the popularity of these flowers to grow exponentially.

What are the benefits of CBD Flowers? 

The benefits of CBD Flowers are vast. They include reducing nausea and vomiting, fighting tumor and cancer cells, suppressing seizure activity, combating anxiety and depression, mediating psychotic disorders, tempering neurodegenerative disorders, and mitigating inflammatory disorders.

CBD also quells the sedative and euphoric effects of THC, which is why it’s often used to treat issues related to marijuana abuse. CBD, for example, counteracts many of THC’s intoxicating side effects such as drowsiness, anxiety, and memory loss. In other words, CBD prevents THC from wreaking havoc on your body.

CBD has several beneficial properties like antiemetic, antitumoral, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, antipsychotic and antioxidant.

They are used to treat several diseases like Schizophrenia, Psychoses, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Depression, Osteoporosis, Lupus, Diabetes, Obsessive Compulsory Disorder, Parkinson’s disease, chronic and neuropathic pain.

The popularity of these flowers is quickly growing because they offer a way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without any intoxication. And because of this, they are becoming more and more mainstream.

The Right Dosages Of CBD Flowers

The amount that works best for you is determined by a slew of factors, not least of which is how you take your CBD flower. Do you smoke it straight off the plant, as it were, in a joint, blunt or bong?

Are you eating it in an InstaFizzy, InstaMint, or some other type of edible? Or are you consuming it in extract or oil form from a dab rig, vape pen, or tincture?

Many factors influence the right dosage of CBD for you, including:

  • Weight
  • The metabolic rate of the body
  • The disorder being treated
  • CBD product type used 
  • How severe the condition is
  • Your capacity to handle CBD

As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much CBD flower you should take. It depends on a variety of factors that are unique to you. However, general guidelines suggest starting with low doses and increasing gradually until you find the dosage that works best for you.

In some cases, patients with epilepsy can safely take more than 10mg/kg daily without adverse side effects. Also, children may require a lower dosage compared to adults.

You may need to start with a smaller dose and increase gradually until you reach the right amount for your body’s natural response. CBD interacts with every organ in the body, so you must consider this when taking CBD flowers or any other form of CBD oil. 

The bottom line is that the right dosage of CBD flowers is the dosage that is prescribed by your doctor. 

Possible Side Effects Of CBD Flowers

The most common side effects of CBD are dry mouth, sleepiness, low blood pressure, and appetite changes.

Although these side effects are relatively minor, they should still be considered before taking CBD. Speak with your doctor if you have any concerns.

In addition, CBD flowers may decrease the liver’s ability to process other drugs. So, if you’re taking medication for a heart condition, for example, and you also take CBD to control your blood sugar, you could be doing more harm than good.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before using CBD flowers if you are taking any other medications.

CBD Flowers: Where To Get Them?

CBD Flowers can be found just about anywhere cannabis is sold, but the top 5 places to find them are:

1) Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries are by far the most popular place to purchase CBD flowers because they have a large selection of cannabis products including flowers with high levels of both THC and CBD. 

These dispensaries offer discounts for veterans or senior citizens on specific days of the month, so it is always best to check with your local dispensary to see what deals they have available. 

They always sell medicinal CBD so you will need a medical approval card to purchase CBD flowers. 

2) Recreational/For-Profit Dispensaries

Recreational marijuana dispensaries don’t offer any sort of discounts, but they do typically carry more CBD flower options than medical ones. They can be found in states like Washington and Colorado, where recreational cannabis is legal. 

Recreational dispensaries are typically open later than medical ones and offer products beyond just flowers such as edibles, vape cartridges, and more. 

In the case of recreational dispensaries, you will need a valid ID and should check with your state law before purchasing CBD flowers. Some states like California require that you be 21 if you want to purchase CBD flowers, whereas others do not have any age restrictions at all. 

3) Hemp Stores

Hemp stores are popping up everywhere as more people become aware of the benefits of hemp products such as CBD flowers. If you don’t have a medical marijuana dispensary near you, this is probably the best option for purchasing your CBD product. Because they usually only carry high-quality hemp flowers and other hemp products such as oils and tinctures made from whole-plant extractions. 

Just like with dispensaries, hemp stores typically offer veterans and senior citizens discounts on certain days of the week.

The difference between hemp stores and recreational dispensaries is that hemp stores typically don’t have as many options of CBD flower and the quality is not as good as what you would find at a dispensary.

4) Head Shops

Head shops are a great place to purchase CBD flowers because they typically carry a wide variety of smoking paraphernalia including pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. They also sell CBD products such as tinctures and oils, but the flower is their specialty. 

Just like with dispensaries and hemp stores, head shops typically offer veterans and senior citizens discounts. The downside to purchasing CBD flowers from a head shop is that the quality of it is usually not very good. 

The hemp will most likely have pesticides, mold, and chemicals in it which could cause you serious health problems down the line. As with any other substance that you consume, always purchase your CBD flowers from a reputable source where they test for purity.

5) Online Shops

Online shops are becoming more popular as people become more educated about CBD flowers and what they can do for their health. This makes buying online easy because you don’t even need to leave your house to get your favorite CBD product! 

You can find everything from tinctures to whole plant extractions at these websites; however, be careful when purchasing CBD flowers online because there are many companies out there that sell fake products or do not meet the quality standards that are required for CBD flowers.

The best way to determine if an online shop is reputable is to look at their reviews and see how long they have been in business. If it’s a new company you’ve never heard of, then proceed with caution because it might not be worth your time or money! 


CBD flowers have become a popular way to consume CBD due to their many health remedies. CBD flowers can be found in states where recreational cannabis is legal, as well as in hemp stores and head shops. 

However, it’s important to purchase your CBD flowers from a reputable source to ensure that you’re getting a quality product. You can also purchase CBD flowers online, but be careful because many companies sell fake products or aren’t able to meet the high standards that are required for CBD flowers. Always check reviews and do your research before purchasing any CBD product! 

It is important to understand that there are many different places where you can purchase CBD flowers. Always check with your local dispensary and/or state laws for more information on requirements before purchasing CBD flowers. 

Remember, if you’re looking for a high-quality CBD product then it’s best to do some research on your company of choice first!