7 Apps to Help Pass the Time

Do you often find yourself waiting for the bus or your friends to arrive with nothing to do in the meantime? The next time it happens, you will no longer have to gaze into the sky while anxiously waiting for these moments to pass. What we’re about to present is a comprehensive list of 7 types of apps designed to keep you entertained and perhaps even learn something new along the way. Let’s dive right in!

1. Casino and blackjack apps

If you’re the type of person who never says no to some adrenaline-inducing action, be sure to give the best apps to play blackjack with real money a try. Unlike typical mobile games, these involve real money so it will be hard for you not to be on the edge. With that being said, you should learn the art of practicing responsible gambling. In essence, this means setting a budget and sticking to it. In no event should you start making larger and larger bets just to make up for the money you’ve lost. It’s much better to prolong the experience by only risking the kind of money you’re potentially prepared to lose. As the old saying goes, slow and steady wins the race!

2. Streaming apps

Does it ever feel like a waste of time to watch TV while at home? Thanks to apps like Hulu and the advanced state of 5G technology, you can now keep in the loop with your favorite series while on the go. If you’re not sure what to watch, feel free to take advantage of personalized recommendations these streaming apps often come with. These are based on algorithmic suggestions the app makes by observing what shows you tend to gravitate towards. In case you start watching a show and something interrupts you in the middle of it, you can simply hit the pause button and continue watching later.

3. Restaurant apps

If you’re standing around waiting for time to pass, why not put some of it to a good use and see if there are any restaurants nearby or in an area you’ll be visiting today? That way, you can decide in advance what you want to eat and even book a table or order a takeaway meal. In case you’re new to the area and aren’t sure what restaurants serve the best meals, be sure to check their ratings and reviews. If budget is a factor, a typical restaurant app will let you filter the results based on the average price you’ll be paying by eating at that particular restaurant.

4. Dating apps

Single and ready to mingle? Unless you’re living in the middle of a desecrated desert, chances are there are people nearby who would be more than willing to set up a date with you. While there are more than a gazillion dating apps and services out there, not all of them have a large enough user base to make it worth the effort. Therefore, the best way to go about it is to research what dating apps are popular in your area and try a couple of them out. For the most part, Tinder seems to be a widely-used universal choice around the globe. At its core, it works just like a game. In essence, you set up a profile, upload a few pictures, then randomly browse through other people’s profiles by swiping either right (if you like that person) or left (if you dislike them).

5. News apps

Flicking through news apps is a great way to keep in the loop with what’s going on in the world or your industry. The great thing about it if you’re an Android user is that you don’t necessarily need to install any additional apps, as Android devices come with a built-in news feed that’s custom-tailored to your likes, preferences, and interests. On most Android devices, you will find it if you keep swiping right until it appears. You can also install dedicated, niche-focused news apps designed to gather the most relevant industry news based on what interests you the most.

6. Quiz apps

One of the coolest ways you can keep boredom at bay is to keep yourself entertained with quiz/trivia apps. That way, you’ll accumulate a wealth of new knowledge by engaging in what feels like playing a game. Although you’ll easily find more than a fair share of general quiz apps, you can also try to narrow down your search by looking for something more specific. For example, celebrity quizzes or wildlife quizzes. If you can come up with it, it probably exists!

7. Chat apps

By using a chat app, you can either strike up a conversation with one of your friends or family members or use any of the apps like Chat Roulette that randomly pairs you up with another user. Of course, you can always opt to switch to another if you run into someone weird or someone you’re simply not vibing with (and let’s be fair, you’re going to find a fair share of those). As it goes without saying, remain cautious when chatting with strangers on the internet and never share any sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained while waiting. Whoever you’re waiting for will be there before you know it!