8 Creative Hobbies To Try When You’re Feeling Uninspired

Sadly, for some, we are quickly drifting out of the summertime and the days will begin to get darker in a few months. Everyone handles this in different ways—some feel deflated at the reduced amount of sunshine, others enjoy the cozy, colder, and darker days and nights, not to mention the holiday season. For those that thrive off of the sunny period, it can feel like our inspiration and creativity has taken a huge hit during this time, so it’s important to work harder to ensure we’re feeling like our same old creative selves. Here are our top creative hobbies to try out for counteracting these negative feelings.

Take Your Cooking To Another Level

Try to embrace the holiday atmosphere from October to December with themed cooking using traditional and seasonal ingredients. You may feel like you’ve got your cooking skills to a state that you’re more than confident with, but there are so many ways in which to improve your ability as well as new recipes to learn and perfect. Not only are you going to improve your repertoire and efficiency in the kitchen as well as your diet, studies show that cooking at home can actually improve your mental health. Good nutrition, creativity, and a sense of accomplishment and productivity all go towards reducing stress and anxiety.

Give Painting A Go

As with most hobbies, painting can provide you with health benefits and also serve as an outlet for handling stress and mental health disorders. Having a way to express the way you’re feeling via a canvas can be incredibly therapeutic. Painting is a good way of stimulating creativity and there’s no wrong way to do it. Find your style and get started. You’ll be surprised at all the different ways in which a hobby like this can improve other elements of your life too. Better motor skills, problem solving, and even a boost to your memory are all documented ways in which painting can help you.

Take A Shot At Photography

Setting up a great shot on your new camera or even a good quality smartphone is not only incredibly rewarding in itself, but it’s also a great way to record the memories of your favourite moments in life. You’ll find that once you start photographing everything, including seemingly mundane walks or events, you will begin to notice the hidden beauty in the world. Our lives are constantly in motion and the idea of stopping to take everything in is becoming lost on our society more and more. A snapshot of life from photography can enforce some downtime to stop and truly appreciate the world around us.

Become A DJ

Music is a great go-to for choosing a new hobby, as there are so many choices you can make for your preferred instrument. If you’re a general fan of music and the production and mixing side of things however, you could consider DJing as your new pastime. Whether you want to develop your skills to become a professional or just enjoy your own mixes and creations, beginner DJ setups aren’t as complicated as you might think. It also doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive either. Find some helpful guides and tutorials and learn from the experiences of other DJs online to really get to grips with this hobby.

Write A Blog

If you consider yourself to be a natural writer but aren’t sure how to implement that into a hobby, especially if you spend a lot of your time writing for work, consider starting your own blog as a place to showcase your talent and discuss your interests. There is, of course, an abundance of blogs online but for a good reason. Professional blogging has become very profitable when done right, as you can be paid to use your talents as a writer to incorporate product links in your articles to be viewed by your audience. Turning a hobby or natural talent into a means to make profit, and potentially your full-time career, is an ideal use of your time.

Start A Workout Routine

There’s no better way to get fit than by turning your exercise into a fun hobby. Finding the drive and motivation to even get started working out can be a chore, let alone following through with the entire session until the end. Taking up specific activities that improve your fitness and health is a great way of disguising your workout too, such as cycling, swimming, or a sport like tennis. Unless you really enjoy using gym equipment, getting out can be a very easy way of improving your physical and mental wellbeing whilst having fun too.

Knit Some Winter Clothes

As the days get darker, they also tend to get colder too. One productive hobby that has become much more popular today is knitting. Create some unique custom wintery clothes to beat the cold and tackle restlessness at the same time. While it can be complicated and overwhelming to start off with, just as with any hobby, eventually you can get to a stage where you can comfortably knit and split your focus. Knitting is a really great way of reducing anxiety while you’re trying to relax and is also said to help with other health issues. Often, we can find that we’re feeling restless, and our minds aren’t able to switch off, even when we’re doing something that is seen as restful such as watching TV or listening to a podcast. When you add a repetitive task to occupy your hands though, it can stop the mind from wandering and can even release serotonin, boosting your mood.

Scented Candle Making

As with other crafting hobbies, making scented candles is another wonderful way of giving yourself a productive focus. Knowing that you’ve created something that can be enjoyed by other people as well as yourself is a brilliant feeling. The level of creativity that you can imbue your candles with via near-limitless colour, design, and scent combination will serve to inspire and relax you. Scents are also said to have an impact on our mood and creating candles that induce a sense of calm or even nostalgia is incredibly beneficial to you and those around you.