26 Animebee Alternatives For 2024 – Best Anime Streaming Sites

Anime fans enjoy using streaming services for easy access to their favorite shows. Although animebee is well-known, many other options have emerged in 2021.

This article will give an overview of 26 reliable, ad-free platforms where users can stream both new and classic anime without any lag.


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What happened to Animebee?

Animebee, sadly, has not been available since the summer of 2020 due to legal issues with copyright infringement.

Fans have searched for alternatives to enjoy their favorite shows while avoiding any potential litigation or consequences of illegal streaming services.

The good news is that users can continue enjoying their favorite content in multiple reliable ways without taking massive risks in 2021 and beyond.

26 Animebee streaming Alternatives In 2024

Anime Sama

Anime Sama

Anime Sama is one of the leading platforms for antimetastatic fans looking to stream subbed and dubbed versions of all the latest series releases.

It features highly convenient features, such as quick loading time and many dubbing choices, such as English dubbed. A massive library called the “Anime Archive” provides an endless selection of classic series and movies.




Puretoons offers streaming of classic animated shows and new releases from animation studios. It covers popular genres and contemporary cultural topics.

Puretoons guarantees quality with no ads or buffering, and it’s free. You can access it anytime, anywhere.




Animeheaven offers complete access to a wide range of animated series surrounded by tools such as filters, chat functions, and even manga readers for those who are up on the latest content happening in this genre.

It also featured an ongoing battle section that enables viewers to challenge one another on knowledge and Trivia within their favorite program.




Animekimi has been steadily gaining popularity among anime enthusiasts due to its vast selection of episodes streaming, including all main-length series and direct-to-series, and movies within their expansive library available in HD streaming quality with no buffering issues.

Furthermore, free membership allows anybody to join the fun regardless of location!




Soulanime is a popular streaming platform because of its clean design and unique, easy-to-use search engine.

Unlike other anime streaming sites, it doesn’t show ads, enhancing the user experience.




Famous ad-free online video network supporting different types of audiovisual content such as series, movies and much more, all available in high HD resolutions, providing viewers with an impressive streaming experience.

Furthermore, Animeultima provides a community-based tool encouraging user interactions by uploading their audiovisual content.




A site enabling anime fanatics to relive older exclusive dubs and popular titles within its massive selection of 2000+ shows and 1500 episodes in both languages ( Chinese, English ).

It is conveniently sorted on different filters such as category tags, trending material genre lists, plus the usual blockbuster show searches supported with an interactive user support system for queries while streaming.


Anime Master

Anime Master

Anime Master is home to an extensive library of anime titles and episodes that can be streamed free with no ads.

It also provides an “Episode Tracker” tool, allowing users to track their progress and note each episode. The website also has forums where fans can discuss their favorite shows.


Kuro Ani


Collector’s paradise and gateway for discovering classic anime titles similar to what was available a few decades ago in Japan.

Specifically, this service is meant for those users looking for the diversity of a localized market as each title provides details regarding the year, director description, location where the show began, Studio name including Trivia plus fanmade artwork and shout casts upon request.




Its home-style storytelling, if not unique, gives an excellent touch-up to existing material.

Created for the wildfire growth of the Naruto series, Narutoget offers an ongoing selection of current titles plus old ones compatible for legacy viewers to tune in on without buffing or other issues.




Anime Fenix is an anime streaming service that allows users to watch shows in HD quality with no ads. It also has a community feature where users can share and comment on their favorite shows.

The platform boasts one of the most extensive libraries of anime available, which makes it a great alternative to other streaming services.


Duboku TV

Duboku TV

Duboku TV features hundreds of hours of cartoons, anime series, and movies.

They also feature live interaction with users wherein they can review their favorite titles or watch them together simultaneously, providing a unique social dynamic during one’s viewing sessions.




Masteranime is the place to be if one seeks a massive database of free anime content in full HD.

Various titles are available and updated daily, featuring no buffering or ads during your streaming sessions, permitting users to experience every detail within each episode.




Toonily is a great option for those looking for niche genres like horror and adult content. It hosts lesser-known shows that bigger platforms often overlook.

Additionally, Toonily uses images to depict entire plot lines, including synopses and episode details, which helps users alongside the usual search filters.




lacartoon is a free streaming platform that offers fans an extensive library of classic and modern anime titles in HD quality without ads or buffering.

Besides allowing customers to watch their favorite shows, users can create their own “watchlist” documenting when new episodes have been released and personalized notifications so they don’t miss out on upcoming updates.

Additionally, the website provides dedicated forums for seasoned professionals and casual viewers to exchange opinions, critiques and fan art.




Wcofun offers users an ever-expanding selection of anime titles with new episodes added daily. Several helpful filtering options are available to make it easier for viewers to locate their favorite series, such as genre, year and language.

The website also hosts its podcast network featuring reviews, interviews and behind-the-scenes information covering significant releases in the industry.




Kissanime is a well-known streaming destination for anime fans. Laden with an impressively extensive library filled with all genres plus comic books, movies and, for instance, webtoon episodes, this platform provides users with everything they could need in one spot while keeping ads close to none.

Wrapping it up also included 3rd party externalization options such as resizing the screen automatically or brightness alternation for those looking for a comfortable level of luminosity.


Anime Planet


Anime Planet is a highly qualified anime streaming service with a user-friendly layout permitting anybody to get the most out of experience watching shows.

Furthermore, its library continuously updates new content as it becomes available, offering social engagement clubs & spoilers plus manga reviews by members only.



Masterani is a great site for watching the latest series and movies. It offers tools to find new content, like a search system, recommendations, and a filter for fan-made artwork. Everything is organized by debut date, helping you stay updated with trends.




Crunchyroll is considered one of the longest-running streaming services, powering 15 million people worldwide till 2021.

Serving avidity fans regarding exclusive animated series with special simulcasts from Japan along 14 different languages, original content comes with no delay, making it easier to share favorite scenes within the community interactively.




Jkanime is another animes streaming giant frequently updating new titles every week and has an amazingly diverse selection of classics plus classic hits series.

Furthermore, all users are granted a free plan granting access to almost every content along interwoven connections between other users discussing & critiquing any areas, which helps create diverse anime online culture surroundings for adequate enjoyment in virtual spaces.




JustDubs is a website designed exclusively for streaming dubbed anime.

It allows users to watch their favorite shows without having to deal with pesky subtitles, as each episode can be observed in English or Spanish while portraying actual HD quality resolution within their library’s catalog content range.




Kayoanime is an online platform that allows viewers to stream exclusive content from Japan, including movies, series and much more to pick up from.

A unique feature of this service is the selection of genres, making it an excellent alternative for those wishing to explore titles outside the mainstream market.

It sorts categories according to content tags such as “Romance,” “Hack-and-Slash,” and download options without registration, providing additional versatility.

Kayoanime » News, Reviews & Updates of Anime



Tappytoon offers a diverse library with user-friendly guides to help find the best titles based on user recommendations. New webtoons are added every week.

It also features a catalog of new and popular series adaptations that might not have reached Western audiences otherwise.




Netanime offers an astonishing selection of premium original content and subbed and dubbed anime shows with distinct style categorization, making it easier to drift into any type.

Other audio settings are available differently from each title, plus a friendly user -interface allows swiping back and forth while playing caps during the show, invoking a smooth binge-watching experience for the community.




Animekage is a one-stop shop for fans of classic anime titles, modern series and sought-after original content.

It provides exclusive Swiss knife tools, allowing users to follow new releases plus download episodes offline with no registration or payment required, making this alternative popular amongst its licensed providers.

Its dedicated team unites efforts daily alongside search filters that help discover pertinent materials from the past decade, even some going further ahead.



Is animebee Legal?

Animebee is no longer available due to copyright infringement issues. Therefore, streaming or distributing its content can lead to legal repercussions in some jurisdictions; hence, users are not advised to engage with this platform.

Is animebee Safe?

Given the legal issues surrounding Animebee, it is not advised to visit or stream content from the website due to the potential risk of prosecution.

How to Safely Stream animebee?

The safest way to enjoy streaming anime is by using one of the alternatives listed in this article, which don’t involve any risks and are all legal.

What is the best VPN to Stream on animebee?

The best VPNs for streaming on Animebee can be found in various user surveys, reviews and comparison sites such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Private Internet Access (PIA).

These offer reliable services with superb encryption protocols, no-logging policies, and fast connection speeds.