27 Animefreak Alternatives In 2023 For Free Anime

With online streaming services becoming increasingly popular, animefreak has become one of the most talked about platforms.

But there is also a considerable amount of other alternatives out there to consider as well. In this article, we explore 27 alternative options for users looking to stream their favorite animes in 2023!


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What happened to Animefreak?

For those who may not know, Animefreak has been scrutinized for illegal activity. Unfortunately, in 2021, they were forced to shut down due to their actions, and now there is an influx of other streaming services trying to capitalize on its demise.

27 Sites Like Animefreak For Anime Streaming In 2023

1. Animebee


Offering a wide selection of shows, free HD quality content, and compatibility across multiple platforms, such as Android and iOS, Animebee is a must-have for fans of Japanese animated shows.

With weekly content updates and accessible search features, this platform has all the necessary ingredients to become one of the top alternatives 2023.

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2. Voiranime


Voiranime stands out from other anime streaming services with its robust catalog, which contains classic animes and modern favorites.

Furthermore, their exclusive library categorization ensures you won’t get lost while looking for something specific to fit your mood.

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3. Animekarma


Embracing the idea of pushing technology forward, Animekarma provides access to a great selection of anime titles from Japan’s channels and production companies.

The site also offers exclusive features such as forum discussions and advanced search capabilities, making it possible for users to quickly narrow down their choices according to genre or personal preference.

Special attention is given to the recency and diversity of the content, ensuring users a great user experience.

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4. Zoro.to


Stemming from years of quality assurance in anime streaming, Zoro has always offered dependable fulfillment, especially when bringing attention to new and lesser-known animes!

With their fantastic web design, which organizes all available titles and easy access to manga readings, safety is assured while browsing potentially dangerous territory!

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5. Animeflv


Manga fans rejoice! Currently the most extensive manga library within anime streaming services, Animeflv offers many titles, such as Bleach and Gintama, amongst other classics.

Furthermore, their unique user comment system guarantees great content recommendations via accepted opinions from fellow members – ultimately ensuring all users get what they paid for.

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6. Justdubs


Known primarily due to its wide range of localizations, Justdubs offers a great selection of foreign content. Whether users are looking for Brazilian animes or Hebrew manga, they can find it on this platform – even in English!

Their massive bilingual library makes the entire experience much more accessible and hassle-free, mainly due to their numerous filter options.

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7. Masterani


Boasting the title of ‘’Best Anilist Streaming Experience’’, Masterani is quickly becoming the holy grail of anime streaming search engines.

With their expansive selection — ranging from childhood classics to intense action epics; it’s no surprise they are one of the best animefreak alternatives.

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8. Kayoanime


A great contender for watchable fun, kayoanime stands out due to its specialized focus on delivering a wide variety of niche content, including genres such as horror and drama.

Their streamlined user interface makes jumping right in easy without any extra setup.

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9. 9anime


An excellent alternative with features such as episode lists, reviews, and advanced search functionalities, 9anime makes finding the perfect show for binge-watching a breeze!

Furthermore, their multiple server offerings ensure reliable low latency while streaming, so users can seamlessly enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience that rarely stutters or loses performance quality.

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10. Kickassanime


As the name implies, this service certainly lives up to its lofty title. Not only does it boast a grand selection of titles, but every episode can be streamed in full HD without any buffering issues or lags!

Furthermore, their user comment system makes discovering new content easy due to intelligent opinions from peers- no more tedious searching for something interesting within that massive pool of shows!

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11. Animefenix


Comparable to the likes of Netflix, Animefenix offers superior streaming performance in both mobile and desktop environments.

Their dedicated customer support staff quickly responds to users’ requests, ensuring a smooth experience for all regardless of their technical prowess with computers, etc.

Not only that, but they also offer a sleek web design that employs explicit categorization attributes, so fans can easily find what they’re looking for without any hassle!

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12. WCOForever


Considered an excellent tool for finding hidden gems, WCOForever allows users to discover little-known animes off the beaten path.

The service also offers episode summaries and brief descriptions of each show alongside its unique user ranking system – allowing viewers to decide if something is worth spending hours on!

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13. jkanime


Offering an extensive selection of manga and anime titles and subtitles in up to 6 languages, jKanime stands at the top regarding streaming quality.

In addition, their custom player allows users to quickly pause or rewind any show they are watching with a single click of a button—making it much easier to access details that would otherwise be overlooked!

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14. Animixplay


Animixplay stands out as one of the most comprehensive streaming services around, boasting an impressive library of international content.

Their wide selection caters to multiple genres, such as romantic comedies and horror; their advanced search engine makes finding any anime a breeze!

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15. Soul Anime


As a forum and streaming service rolled into one, SoulAnime provides more than just great entertainment – it also allows users to become part of a welcoming community!

With a focus on social media, users can stay connected to their favorite titles and discuss them in real-time with other fans—providing an enriching experience beyond traditional streaming methods.

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16. Chia Anime


Aimed at those looking for classic anime series, ChiaAnime offers everything from 1980s cult favorites to modern-day giants such as Naruto Shippuden.

In addition, its advanced cataloging system allows viewers to find exactly what they are looking for without any fuss, even allowing users to narrow their searches according to language and much more!

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17. Netanime


Offering a vast selection of animes from Japan, Korea, and China—including dubbed versions where available—NetAnime is considered one of the best sources for finding rare titles.

With consistently updated content, such as exciting new series, movie releases, or specials—users are guaranteed great entertainment from the moment they sign up!

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18. Animefire


Packing an impressive selection of thousands of titles, Animeinsomnia offers something for everyone.

Specializing in live-action film and drama series, users will find plenty to choose from when looking for unique content -with popular shows such as Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball a certainty!

The site also comes with advanced search capabilities, which makes finding obscure anime much easier than ever before.

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19. Gogoanime


Popular amongst anime fans, GGoAnime appeals to all age groups – having both child-friendly shows and much darker content for those looking for something a bit more mature.

Users can access an expansive selection of series and movies and read fan translations before they start watching!

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20. LaCartoon


It is an excellent alternative due to its specialized ‘Animated features. LaCartoon provides access to a great selection of cartoons, animated movies, and classic series—allowing viewers to relive their childhood favorites or expand upon them!

The site also has advanced filtering capabilities so you can quickly narrow your selections according to genre or age rating.

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21. Tioanime


With streaming-focused services on the rise, TioAnime stands out as one of the most reliable anime sources online.

Whether users look for traditional series or the newest releases, they can find it all on this platform, with episodes and films updated almost daily!

Their frequent server check-ups also ensure top-notch streaming performance, which reduces buffering time to a minimum.

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22. Duboku TV

Duboku TV

Offering an unparalleled selection of quality anime entertainment, DubokoTV stands out as one of the most comprehensive sources.

Not only does it offer access to an expansive library of shows and movies, but it also comes with advanced features such as automatic subtitling in multiple languages – so users can enjoy their favorite titles even where no native subtitles exist!

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23. Kuro Ani


Specially catered to those looking for non-mainstream productions inhabited by lesser-known actors, KuroAni provides a novel selection that offers both old and new anime alike.

With dedicated TV coverage—allowing viewers access to interviews and unique news briefs—this alternative is worth mentioning when finding exclusive anime content!

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24. Narutospot


Billed as the place for passionate Naruto fans, Narutospot stands out due to its highly dedicated focus on a single series.

As one of the most comprehensive sources regarding all things ‘’Naruto‘’, users will find everything they need on this platform – allowing them to take their fandom to a whole new level!

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25. Anilinkz


Aiming to provide quick and easy access to content, AniLinkZ leverages the power of multiple servers to deliver steady streaming experiences for its users.

Furthermore, it also offers real-time notifications—allowing members to stay updated with their favorite shows or movies while completely controlling playback features!

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26. Animesuge


One of the oldest services, Animesuge, remains a strong contender for streaming anime series and movies.

Boasting an extensive selection that features anything from classic titles such as Bleach to new favorites like The Promised Neverland—users will surely be able to find whatever their hearts desire with just a few clicks!

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27. Darkanime


Built on top of its eye-catching design, DarkAnime stands out as one of the few ultra-modern streaming services around.

Users can access an impressive selection of anime titles and receive recommendations—and personalized top lists—based on their previous selections!

Furthermore, their adaptive streaming technology guarantees seamless viewing regardless of the device being used or user location!

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Is animefreak legal?

Unfortunately, animefreak was shut down in 2021 due to the company engaging in illegal activities.

Is animefreak Safe?

Because of its questionable background, we would not suggest using this platform as an alternative for streaming content.

Plenty of safer and legal options are available for streaming content online – such as the ones mentioned above!

How to Safely Stream Animefreak?

If you decide to use any of the alternatives mentioned in this article, we highly recommend investing in a quality VPN to ensure optimal protection while streaming.

What is the best VPN to stream on animefreak?

Currently, two of the most trusted and widely used platforms for safe and secure streaming are NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Both offer reliable performance with robust features such as IP obfuscation, which ensures top-notch privacy while using any online service!