28 Animekarma Alternatives For 2024

Animekarma was once the go-to place online to watch anime series, but it’s not available anymore. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives out there that will fill the void left by animekarma.

Here we present a list of 28 animekarma alternatives for 2024, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.


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What happened to Animekarma?

Animekarma was a free online streaming website that provided unrestricted access to all kinds of animated content from Japan and other countries worldwide.

Unfortunately, it had to shut down its service in 2021 due to copyright infringement issues.

Since then, many anime lovers have been searching for an equally popular alternative site where they can watch their favorite series.

28 Best Animekarma Alternatives In 2024

Anime Master:

Anime Master

Anime master is a comprehensive streaming platform that integrates music, manga, games, movies and even radio programs.

High-quality content is updated weekly, and they offer a 7-day free trial period so customers can get an ample sampling before committing. Subscriptions are reasonably priced as well.

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Offers one of the largest anime selections, with more than 40,000 different pieces available. Most can be streamed in high-definition or even 4K when appropriate. It also has a 7-day free trial and discounts for specific occasions and holidays.

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With their focus on mobile content delivery, this platform offers convenience in spades. The layout is primarily designed to fit smartphone devices but also optimized for desktops.

All subscriptions are payable via PayPal only, and to help protect the user’s anonymity, no additional information is required during registration.

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Boasts an extensive library with more than 100,000 different titles and series worldwide. Their HD streaming resolution works great on multiple devices of any size.

The pricing scheme is also straightforward; they only offer a single subscription plan at $3 per month with access to all content in their database without any ad-displayed memberships available as well.

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It provides a vast selection of classic content and the latest anime, with attractive layouts to make browsing easier. Subscriptions offer access to all shows without ads at reasonable prices.

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Animebee is an ideal platform for Otakus seeking exclusive titles and more in-depth stories than other streaming platforms.

Both subscription and free membership plans are available, where subscription members gain access to video commentary from top anime experts across the world monthly.

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It offers a wide selection of titles and helpful recommendations on shows you should watch. Providing members access to exclusive content such as live events and early releases, this platform will surely excite fans wanting the latest information regarding their favorite anime series.

Subscription plans are reasonably priced and include features like ad-free streaming for all platforms, including mobile devices.

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An incredibly diverse library offering something for everyone, no matter which genre they prefer! Categories range from action, comedy, and romance to nonsense, horror, mystery, and more. Subscription plans provide access to all database content without ads or limits.

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Features an inclusive collection of classic titles alongside recent releases hitting their library daily! Offers paid subscription plans and free memberships with limited streaming capabilities (Ads will be displayed).

Great for fans seeking specific series unavailable elsewhere due to distribution rights issues.

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Launched with a mission to allow users more control over their streaming experiences, this platform will enable members to filter out unsuitable genres or titles they may not be interested in. Subscriptions are affordable and provide access to all content in its comprehensive library without ads.

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One of the best video-on-demand platforms for classic Naruto fans! Packed with exclusive collections from renowned manga artists like Masashi Kishimoto and selections from new fans, this is great for reliving the glory days of Shonen anime.

Paid memberships provide access to all databases, content, and bonuses, such as exclusive fan meetings.

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Kimcartoon specifically tailored for the Western animation audience, ensures viewers can easily watch their favorite cartoons and anime shows.

It also allows users to leave comments on any series of viewable profiles, making them feel part of a close-knit community of like-minded fans regardless of location or nationality.

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This fantastic site offers high-definition streams in 1080p resolution plus an array of international titles from Japan and East Asia not commonly available elsewhere. Subscriptions provide unlimited access to its expanding database with features such as exclusive interviews and news items.

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Serving over 60 countries, VoirAnime is a popular streaming site dedicated to anime titles from Japan and Korea.

One of its most prominent features is that you can easily watch dubbed or subbed versions of shows without switching back and forth manually.

The database contains various genres, making it possible to find something for everyone, regardless of their tastes! Subscription plans include discounts on premium membership offers plus access to exclusive content such as news and previews.

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This streaming platform has an extensive library of classic series from Naruto to Death Note, plus a comprehensive selection of new titles released monthly!

WCOForever also offers free membership options for those who can’t commit to a paid subscription plan yet still want access (with ads playing during viewing). Subscribers enjoy ad-free streaming as well as discounts on merchandise in their store.

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Animeflix is the perfect platform for those searching for the latest anime series. All their content is carefully curated and listed intuitively, making it easy to find something specific even if you don’t know its name. They also have excellent HD options with no buffering whatsoever!

Subscription plans offer access to exclusive audio commentaries from Japanese voice actors on multiple titles and ad-free streaming privileges regardless of the device used.

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Dedicated exclusively to anime but packed with various titles, Animeland is an excellent option if you’re looking for an ever-evolving source.

While the parent domain animelandaemon doesn’t offer any download options, it does contain detailed visual guides and information regarding upcoming releases. offers Premium subscriptions provide ad-free streaming along with access to audio commentary from creators and industry veterans monthly.

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It is the perfect choice for anime lovers who prefer their subtitles dubbed! WCOAnimeDubTV is the go-to for viewers who don’t want to stress over translations, as all their content is already dubbed and ready to go!

It also offers access to exclusive audio commentaries from voice actors in collaboration with famous industry veterans. Subscriptions come at an affordable monthly price range with no ads during streaming or downloads.

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With a library of over 25000 titles consisting of both classic and newer releases, Masteranime is the perfect destination for any anime fan. It keeps updating its database with new titles every week.

Subscribers can extend their access to exclusive content such as visual novel scenarios starring your favorite characters, interviews and audio commentaries from industry veterans!

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Providing comprehensive coverage of all popular Japanese shows without paying extravagant subscription fees makes AnilinKz an excellent option for budget-minded viewers.

This platform supports free and premium subscriptions and offers services across multiple device platforms, plus discounts to those willing to commit long-term.

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive streaming platform with an extensive library of high-quality content, then Animepisode is the right choice. Their primary focus is offering access to thousands of series from East Asia and America without extra payments.

Subscriptions afford members additional benefits such as ad-free streaming privileges, exclusive interviews with industry veterans, and insider news updates.

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Offering an immense variety of genres from classic series to original works, YugenAnime is a comprehensive streaming platform that allows viewers the best anime content curation experience to satisfy any fan’s thirst for their favorite shows.

Subscriptions offer access to audio commentaries and interviews with celebrated animators monthly, plus exclusive collaborations and merchandise discounts.

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As the name suggests, this streaming platform exclusively covers all things Naruto-related, from the classic series to new fan-made works.

It also provides access to exclusive interviews with voice actors and artists connected to the series, plus content recommendations based on your interests regarding anime or manga in general! Subscription plans start at $5 per month, providing an ad-free experience.

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One of the most expansive databases available, AnimeLon offers thousands of shows in dubbed and subbed versions!

It also has many other exciting features, such as exclusive interviews with industry veterans, insider news updates regarding upcoming titles, visual novel scenarios featuring characters from well-known shows, and music clips to accompany your viewing.

Subscriptions come at an affordable monthly price range with no ads during streaming or downloads.

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A highly efficient platform that allows users to search by release year/genre and popularity makes this platform easy to use.

This streaming site also provides exclusive audio commentaries from celebrated animators, interviews with voice actors and advisors, plus access to previews of upcoming releases.

Subscriptions offer ad-free streaming privileges across multiple device platforms for an affordable monthly price range.

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Perfectly tailored for viewers looking for something older or more obscure, AnimeFLV is the best choice! Its database contains various classic series and movies emphasizing fan favorites.

Subscriptions offer access to audio commentaries from industry veterans plus discounts on merchandise in their store

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Ideal for viewers who prefer mobile viewing, AnimeSuge offers a great-looking interface and excellent content curation features.

This streaming site also provides exclusive interviews with industry veterans, insider news updates regarding upcoming titles, and visual novel scenarios featuring characters from popular shows!

Paid subscription plans start at $5 per month, providing an ad-free experience across all platforms

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Split into two distinct sections for East Asian and American content, AnimePark offers a comprehensive library suitable for any taste.

It also provides access to exclusive interviews with industry veterans, insider news updates concerning upcoming shows, plus previews of new titles! Subscriptions come at an affordable monthly price range with no ads or limits on streaming quality.

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Is Animekarma legal?

Yes, Animekarma was a legitimate streaming service that allowed users to watch anime for free without copyright infringement issues – but unfortunately, it had to shut down for other reasons.

Is Animekarma safe?

The original site had several safety protocols to protect its users’ data. Still, as it is no longer active, we can’t be sure that the above alternatives offer the same level of security and protection.

We recommend you do some research before using any streaming service online.

How to safely stream Animekarma?

As mentioned earlier, all 28 Animekarma alternatives listed in this article are legitimate and safe. However, we highly recommend using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while streaming online – as it encrypts your data and helps keep your activities hidden from prying eyes.

What is the best VPN to stream on Animekarma?

Many reliable VPN providers are available these days, so you should choose one based on personal preference or features that suit you best. Some of the most popular ones include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark.