Artificial Blood Has Been Developed For Patients with Any Blood Type

Artificial blood has been developed by some Japanese researchers. According to the researchers, the blood can be injected into patients regardless of the blood type the patient might be having. It can greatly enhance the chance of survival for any seriously injured patients.

A team of scientists, especially from the National Defense Medical College, is responsible for the creation of artificial blood, stated that the blood has proved effectual during experiments on rabbits. For applications on humans, artificial blood can easily solve the problem of identifying the blood types during emergencies.

The team’s artificial blood comprises platelets and red blood cells. Each element is put inside liposomes obtained from the cell membrane to prevent bleeding and transferring oxygen. For over a year, artificial blood can be stored.

In remote regions, it’s very hard to stock a huge amount of blood for transfusions. This is where artificial blood can be of great help. It would be able to save the lives of people.

When 10 rabbits suffering from serious blood loss were tested with artificial blood, six of the rabbits survived. Also, no negative side effects like blood clotting were reported.

During a blood transfusion, knowing the patient’s blood type is important. However, with artificial blood, the blood type won’t be an issue. Artificial blood can be transfused into patients easily.