20 Audiobookbay Alternatives To Download Free Audiobooks In 2024

Finding the time to sit down and read a traditional book nowadays can be quite challenging as it does not provide us with the ability to multitask.

Hence, more and more people are choosing to listen to audiobooks.

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Top 20 AudiobookBay alternatives 2024

 Open Culture

One of the AudiobookBay alternatives we found useful is Open Culture. This website has hundreds of audiobook selections that are free to download or stream online.

There is a collection of new audiobooks on this website but you will find that this audiobook source still offers the classics.

Moreover, suppose you are looking for an AudiobookBay alternative that not only provides you with entertaining audiobooks but also gives you access to learning materials. In that case, this is the site for you.

Housed in Open Culture are cultural and educational materials that range from foreign languages to online courses from prestigious universities.

More reasons to choose Open Culture as an AudiobookBay alternative:

  • Audiobook titles are organized alphabetically
  • Open Culture offers other media like podcasts, ebooks, and even movies
  • All the contents that you can access on this website are free

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LibriVox is also a great AudiobookBay alternative to download free audiobooks where you can get a wide array of genres. The most exciting feature about LibriVox is that the audiobooks are read by volunteer readers from the public domain.

This design helps LibriVox add even more content to its already huge selection. If you want to help expand their selection or simply fancy listening to an audiobook with your voice, you can check this link to see more details about their recording guidelines.

More reasons to choose LibriVox as an AudiobookBay alternative:

  • You can listen to a specific chapter
  • You can enjoy listening to audiobooks in your native tongue as LibriVox provides audiobooks in 35 languages
  • Audiobooks can be downloaded to either iOS or Android devices
  • Contents are free but if you want to get more audiobook choices, you can opt-in on their monthly subscription for a tiny fee

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You’ve probably heard of Audible by now as it is one of the best places online where you can access a plethora of audiobooks. Audible offers a 1-month free trial where you can get any audiobook of your choice and in addition, you get to download 2 original Audible audiobooks.

After your free trial is up, there is a monthly subscription fee of $14.95. Of course, you can cancel your membership before your trial is up but one thing like about Audible is the fact that you can get any audiobook regardless of the price.

If you constantly listen to audiobooks and are always on the lookout for new releases or bestsellers, the monthly fee might be a small price to pay.

Reasons to choose Audible as an alternative:

  • You can search for just about any title you can think of
  • Download audiobooks using your iOS or Android device

Visit this site.


Formerly known as Librophile, Digitalbook.io is another great alternative to AudiobookBay as this website collates audiobooks both from LibriVox and Audible.

Even though some of the selections here come with a fee, you can still download a vast selection of great audiobooks that are free of charge,

One notable thing about Digitalbook.io is the website’s clean and user-friendly interface. Not sure what audiobook title you wanna listen to? That’s not a problem! You can easily click on the trending link found on the website’s homepage to see what audiobooks other people are currently enjoying.

More reasons why Digitalbook.io is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • Vast selection of popular titles
  • Titles are categorized by genre and language
  • You can listen to audiobooks as podcasts through iTunes
  • You can also get titles as ebooks

Visit this site.


Overdrive is a website that allows avid readers to borrow free audiobooks and partners with local public libraries and schools. You can check Overdrive’s website to see which local public library uses the website’s service.

This amazing collaboration is made possible by the app called Libby. To get started, all you have to do is get a library card and that’s where Libby comes in. Just download the Libby app either through the iOS App Store or Android Play Store and Libby will help you secure a library card.

You don’t have to stress about returning the audiobooks you’ve borrowed as the titles will be automatically returned once your loan period is up.

Reasons why Overdrive is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • An extensive selection of audiobook titles and genres
  • Libby is free to use
  • Audiobook titles can be streamed or downloaded for offline listening

Visit this site.


Storynory is a great source of audiobooks that are tailored for children. This website offers a vast selection of audiobooks with kid-friendly genres such as fairy tales, myths, poems, and even educational materials. Audiobook stories are also narrated in a way that kids may find pleasant and enjoyable.

Storynory is an amazing source of audiobooks for parents who are looking for additional ways to keep their kids entertained on a long drive or for parents who are simply looking for new bedtime stories.

More reasons why Storynory is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • Audiobooks have texts included
  • You have the ability to listen to audiobooks free from ads by downloading the app from the iOS App Store

Visit this site.


NewFixtion definitely makes the list as one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks in 2024 because of how unique the platform is.

By the name itself, this website does not offer any classic titles nor does it have bestselling titles but what you will get are original stories produced and offered daily, narrated by professional voice actors – think radio dramas with a twist.

The only downside here is that the titles are only available for streaming and can’t be downloaded.

Here are more reasons to checkout NewFixtion:

  • Access to a unique and original library of audiobooks
  • Daily content
  • You can listen to your daily audiobooks on your browser, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

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Much like Overdrive, Hoopla is another groundbreaking audiobook source that collaborates with local public libraries. All you need is a valid library card and use it in a public library that supports Hoopla, and you are good to go.

Hoopla not only has a great selection of audiobooks but also provides a wide array of digital media. You can stream audiobooks, movies, ebooks, TV shows, and music but you also have the option to download what you want to borrow to enjoy offline.

Like Overdrive, we also appreciate that with Hoopla, audiobook titles or whatever digital media you have borrowed will be automatically returned when your loan period is up.

More reasons why Hoopla is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • Audiobook titles can be streamed or downloaded for offline listening
  • Huge selection of devices supported (iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, etc)

Visit this site.

 Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg’s main focus since 1971 is to convert public domain books into digital formats especially in the form of eBooks. Run by volunteers, this website also offers a great selection of audiobooks that are free to listen to either by streaming online or by downloading to your chosen device.

Since these eBooks and audiobooks have been digitized public domain books, most of these were published before 1923. Project Gutenberg also features audiobooks from LibriVox so you have more title options.

We would like to note, however, that the audiobooks on Project Gutenberg are either human-read or computer-generated.

Here are more reasons why Project Gutenberg is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • Thousands of audiobooks titles
  • You have the ability to listen to chapters only
  • No fee or registration

Visit this site.


Sync is a short annual audiobook event that runs every summer. This event is presented by AudioFile and Overdrive. During the 13-week program, teens and even the young at heart can get access to a total of 26 free Young Adult audiobook titles.

To keep things light and fresh, SYNC also features different themes for each of the weeks the event is running.

To start, all you have to do is register your email address on the AudioFile website (which is free of charge) to get further instructions.

If you want to know how to use Sora for the first time or if you’ve it set up but don’t know how to access the YA audiobooks offered, you can head on over to Overdrive’s blog post for more details.

Here are more reasons why SYNC is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives:

  • No registration fee required
  • Teen-friendly genres and categories

Visit this site.

Learn Out Loud

Most of the AudiobookBay alternatives we have listed here do provide learning materials but the majority of their contents are fiction audiobooks. If you are only looking for a straightforward website that offers educational materials, Learn Out Loud is the best audiobook resource for you.

Learn Out Loud offers a wide array of educational digital media with categories spanning from Religion and Spirituality, Politics, Business, to Arts and Entertainment, and more.

Their massive library offers 50,000 audio and video learning tools with various formats like documentaries and podcasts.

Just note that with the quality of materials available for access on this website, not all audiobooks are free but most of them are.

More reasons to choose Learn Out Loud as an AudiobookBay alternative:

  • Once you get on their website, you can download the audiobooks straightaway without the need to create and register an account
  • Vast selection of educational titles

Visit this site.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive boasts of its thousands of audiobook contents with Classic Literature, Poetry, and Philosophy as its major genres.

Currently, the Internet Archive houses more than 20,000 audiobook titles, and upon loading the website, you already get a full view of what they offer including free content from LibriVox, Project Gutenberg, and even from the website users.

One feature we appreciate about the Internet Archive is the fact that they add a view counter for each of their titles to give you an easy way to tell how many people have enjoyed the particular audiobook.

Not only that, you can easily sort titles too from the most viewed to the least viewed which is something that not all audiobook resources have implemented.

More reasons to choose Learn Out Loud as an AudiobookBay alternative:

  • You can download chapter by chapter or download the entire audiobook
  • Vast selection of audiobook titles

Visit this site.

Loyal Books

Another great audiobook resource and alternative to AudiobookBay is Loyal Books. It used to be called Books Should Be Free (we totally agree) and most of its content is focused on Children’s Literature, Fantasy, and Mystery.

You can easily browse this website’s selection by clicking the top 100 audiobooks or by searching specifically for the audiobook’s title, author, or keyword.

The majority of the audiobooks offered on this website are free but if you want to get access to more audiobook selections, you can browse their paid books section too that have categories like Best Sellers and Oprah’s Book Club.

Here are more reasons why Loyal Books is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • Over 7000 free audiobook titles
  • There are multiple languages supported
  • The left-hand side panel of categories for ease of access

Visit this site.


Lit2Go is another AudiobookBay alternative where you can download free audiobooks and has features that set it apart from the rest of audiobook resources online.

For one thing, Lit2Go has a massive collection of rare poetry audiobooks that you can’t get from other catalogs online. The website also features materials for readability tests and are categorized by readability levels.

Lit2Go also enables users to download PDF formats of audiobooks that can be used in learning settings.

Here are more reasons why Lit2Go is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • You can easily navigate the website and locate titles
  • Collections tab shows you audiobooks under a certain topic, not just genres
  • You are not required to create and register an account

Visit this site.

Mind Webs

Part of the Internet Archive, Minds Webs is a collection of short Science Fiction audiobooks that are mostly 30 minutes in length. Like NewFixtion, Mind Webs audiobook formats are like old-timey radio shows with a modern twist.

This collection of Science Fiction audiobooks was originally aired on a radio network in Wisconsin but is now all available to stream online or to download to your device.

Here are more reasons why Mind Webs is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • Mind Webs offer multiple download formats you can choose from
  • You have the ability to change playback speed from 0.5x to 3x

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Light Up Your Brain

Light Up Your Brain is another free audiobook website that is geared toward children. Like Storynory, Light Up Your Brain also offers a vast selection of audiobooks with kid-friendly genres such as fairytales and myths.

This website also provides free and fun coloring pages for your kids that you can print out and there are loads of designs you can choose from.

Not only that but they also feature Brain-teaser games that can improve your child’s mental skills.

Here are more reasons why Light Up Your Brain is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • Audiobooks are transcribed so that kids can read along
  • Audiobooks are kept short to keep the kid’s attention

Visit this site.

Thought Audio

If your audiobook interest is all about self-improvement, then Thought Audio is the best Audiobook Bay alternative for you.

Thought Audio boasts of its massive library focusing on audiobooks that provide wisdom from various religions, philosophical works, and prayers. Thought Audio also has classical titles included in its impressive catalog.

This website is able to provide user’ access to its contents through the donations they receive and it also helps that, like LibriVox, users can volunteer to narrate audiobooks.

Here are more reasons why Thought Audio is one of the best AudiobookBay alternatives to download free audiobooks:

  • Enables users to download PDF formats of the audiobooks
  • Vast selection of titles
  • Enables users to either stream or download audiobooks

Visit this site.


Yes, Spotify not only streams music and podcasts but also has a collection of free audiobooks you can listen to. Currently, Spotify has a library of over a hundred audiobooks. That may not sound much to you but there are actually audiobooks available on Spotify that are over 200 minutes in length.

Much like how Spotify’s current streaming works, all you have to do is create an account and you have the option to keep your account free without purchasing a monthly subscription.

However, the ability to download the content for offline enjoyment is only available for premium members but you can still stream the audiobooks without paying anything.

Here are more reasons to consider Spotify as an AudiobookBay alternative to download free audiobooks:

  • You can stream audiobooks on any pc or smartphone
  • You can save the entire playlist to your library for easy access

Visit this site.


As we all know, YouTube is a media giant that primarily allows users to upload, download, and watch videos and also has recently added the function where members can stream live videos.

Since audiobooks are not its main content, much like Spotify, Youtube has a very limited selection of audiobooks that you can choose from.

If typing and searching the word audiobook does not come up with anything you’re interested in, this subreddit has your back and will tell you specific titles to look for.

Other reasons to consider Youtube as your audiobooks source:

  • You are not required to pay anything
  • Creating an account is not required before listening to the audiobooks

Visit this site.

Free Classic Audio Books

You guessed it, Free Classic Audio Books has a massive selection of classic titles and many more genres. You can get titles like Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Romeo, and Juliet, and even the entire King James Bible just to name a few.

Free Classic Audio Books provides users with two format options for download which can either be MP3 or M4B.

Browsing through titles is also made easy thanks to the website’s search bar, collections link, and popular downloads page.

Other reasons to consider Free Classic Audio Books as your audiobooks source:

  • You can easily navigate the website and locate titles
  • You are not required to create and register an account

Visit this site.


No matter the genre of audiobook you enjoy listening to, there is definitely a website you can go to and get your fix. The websites we have compiled in one list are worth checking out.

Just a friendly reminder that if you choose to download audiobooks from sources other than the ones we have listed here (torrent sites), please proceed with caution and protect yourself from malware.


1. What are other safe online sources of audiobooks?

  • Bookbeat – You only get 2 weeks of free access and have to pay a membership afterward of $17/month.
  • Kobo – similar to Audible, you also get 30 days of free access before you pay $12.99/month.

2. Can I get free audiobook titles with my Amazon Prime subscription?

  • Free audiobooks are no longer given to Prime members.

3. What are the top 3 best alternatives to AudiobookBay to download free audiobooks?

    • LibriVox
    • Open Culture
    • io

4. Is AudiobookBay down?

The site has had lots of issues, and URL changes, and isn’t as reliable as it was for an audiobook source.

5. Are AudiobookBay alternatives free?

Most of the websites listed here offer free audiobooks but some either charge for certain titles or charge a monthly subscription fee.

Listen to your favorite books while driving, eating, running, and cleaning. Here are the best sites where you can listen to your favorite authors for FREE!