16 Best Torrent Search Engines In 2024 [100% Working]

The power of torrents certainly has revolutionized the digital world as it offers easy access to almost everything, from movies, TV series, games, apps, books, and a lot more, for free but what remains a challenge to users is where to access these treasures.

Rest assured as we have searched the net to find the best torrent search engines out there that could bring you the latest movie, TV series, games, application, or book that you are looking for. 

Before downloading any torrent, make sure to hide your IP by using a VPN to stay safe from online threats.

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16 Safe Torrent Search Engines [2024 Updated]

1 . The Pirate Bay   


The Pirate Bay is the king of all torrent search engines that launched on September 15, 2003, by a Swedish think tank Piratbyrån.

It is dubbed as the galaxy’s most resilient BitTorrent site due to its unrelenting effort to serve its patrons despite experiencing hundreds of issues concerning the legality of actions through piracy. 

Their office was once raided in Stockholm and a trial was concluded in 2009. Despite that, their website is still up, constantly changing their proxies now and then to evade authorities and bypass restrictions.

Armed with a very powerful search engine, users can enjoy hundreds of thousands of torrents to download on their websites as their indices still stay up to this day. Just make sure you’re using a VPN to protect yourself from hackers and authorities that might have an interest in your data and activities.


2. Kickasstorrents

Kickasstorrents is considered one of the best torrent search engines out there as well. It is home to millions of torrent indices and uploads new ones every day. It hosts the latest and old movies of any resolution, games, apps, TV series from all around the world, and many others.

What makes this site great is they have a panel at their homepage where you can see categories you may like, the trends, and different types of files that you can access with just a click. 

Although their search engine isn’t highlighted on their homepage, it packs a punch as users can use it to search over whatever they need.

Using a simple interface makes the process of searching and downloading your favorite movies and series easy.  It sports a clean and gold web design, so it’s quite easy on the eyes. 

On the left side of the screen, it shows you options wherein you can connect to the admins of the website. It gives you multiple options, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Just like The Pirate Bay, Kickasstorrents also faced some legal and piracy challenges so they changed their proxy server once in a while and it would be safe to use VPN whenever you download any torrent.


3. Torrentdownload

Torrentdownload might look very at first glance but it hosts millions of torrents that you might need. It highlights its search engine as the homepage only features the latest and trending ones in its categories. 

The latest uploaded torrents can be seen in categories showing the best on every category and it even has a table for the top torrents for the week if you just scroll down a bit.

The minimalism of the homepage will catch any user’s attention that they would eventually turn into a constant visitor. 

With no ads, banners, and unnecessary things anywhere, this site sure is the epitome of simplicity when it comes to torrent search engine website designs.

Other than the fact that it has a very simple design that minimalists would love, it is powered by a robust search bar that you can use to find what you need.

Keep in mind that a VPN is a good choice for this kind of protection because it hides your IP and places it in another country. 

This way, hackers cannot identify the packets as yours because your IP address is situated in a different place other than where you are.


4. Zooqle

Zoogle might not look very interesting because of its pale interface but it packs over five million verified torrents and is constantly increasing every day. 

It is a host to movie torrents, series, games, applications, apps, books, anime, and others which you can easily access with a click beside the search bar. The search bar is very powerful in that you can find what you need in a single search with no hassle.

To keep you on the trend, the homepage showcases the most popular torrents for TV series and movies, some even date back to years as long as they stay as popular. 

The site also is very helpful by showing the most seeded torrents through the right panel to help users download it faster as thousands are seeding for it.

It is advised to use a VPN whenever downloading anything in Zooqle to avoid detection as well.


5. Idope

Idope is getting much attention right now because it prides itself on the security it offers. It claims you can download anything safely on its site and not worry that hackers and authorities might track you down without using a proxy or VPN. 

This perk indeed makes the user experience very convenient as it takes away the hassle of setting up your security by changing proxies and running VPN before downloading your favorite torrents.

The homepage goes as frank as any pragmatic person would want, a huge and powerful search engine and a caption below that says it. It has a panel that helps you access the most popular and the most recent torrents which you can access just in the upper left corner of the website.

The only downside maybe is some redirections that may occur once in a while as you click and browse.


6. Xtorx

Xtorx prides itself as the fastest torrent search engine on the internet. Being a search engine, it searches through a lot of domains for your desired torrents, from the old Pirate Bay to Kickass and others, and shows you the most popular and safe ones.

The homepage bears a very simple UI with just a search bar and a few words below it. The search bar is known to be so powerful that it could go over all the best domains out there to search for the torrent that you want. 

Once you enter the torrent that you’re searching for, the site will automatically return the links of the best results it got from its search across all domains.

One thing that makes it awesome is that it runs smoothly and users can freely use it without the trouble of aggressive popping ads.


7. Snowfl

Snowfl is another search engine that could blow your mind. It has a very simple interface that even a senior can use anytime he wants to search a torrent.

It uses a very unique search bar that could let users narrow down to what they are looking for based on their preferences. 

Users can use a keyword for anything they want to search and some dropdowns to filter on the top torrents for the last day, week, or months which all can be sorted based on size or number of leeches that can be indicated in another dropdown. 

Users can also filter out Not Safe For Work content or not with a click of a button.

In case users are confused on how to navigate the search bar, there’s a quick how tutorial just down below the search bar which you could say


8. Torrentzeta

Another powerful torrent search engine is the Torrentzeta. It is empowered by a strong search bar that searches over 30 websites for the torrent that users want.

The homepage is very simple where the first thing users will see is the search bar and the list of torrent websites that the site will search over in an attempt to find your torrent.

Because of the simple design, the website loads faster than other sites thus it helps the user experience very conveniently.

The websites where the site searches and extracts the torrent that users search for are also safe. But it won’t hurt using VPN or proxy in downloading torrents to avoid authorities in tracking your activity that could be flagged illegally or hackers that could potentially penetrate your system and extract your info. 

There were a lot of victims that suffered before, you don’t want to be another.


9. Veoble

Veoble is a torrent search engine that users may find intimidating because of its black interface but it does its job quite well. It searches over tens of websites for the torrent that a user is searching for and returns the best results for the user to choose from.

Powered by Google, it also acts as a general search engine and users can switch over the torrent search engine and the general search engine in a click. 

Because of this, some users prefer using the site as it gives an easy experience in surfing the net while having a standby torrent search engine whenever the need to search one arises.

Because of its plain and simple design, it loads pretty fast which makes the user experience excellent. With a click of a button in the navigation bar, one can easily switch to the torrent search engine or a search engine powered by Google.


10. Torrentz

Torrentz has been around for some time and it sure has evaded the authorities pretty well. Whenever its domain is blocked, they ingeniously change to another with a similar form. They all work pretty well nonetheless.

Launched in 2018, it boasts that it has indexed over 31 million torrents that they search over a hundred million pages in 50 domains. It is fast and powerful as it is a meta-search engine that combines results from other search engines.

The homepage may look plain, the search bar carries it all. In an easy search, the torrent you are looking for will be there in less than a second as it loads fast thanks to the simplicity of the pages that it doesn’t have to load a lot of things at once.



If you are looking for a torrent search that has a personalized feel, then RARBG is the one for you. You can set up a profile and the site’s machine learning will automatically help you out with your torrent preferences once you have established your profile.

It has a newsfeed where you can check the latest news and you can check torrents by category with a click of a button on the left side of the panels. Overall, the feel of the website is basic that even seniors can use and navigate with ease.

You can check and view the latest torrents, the box office hits, catalogs, top 10 torrents, and the news with easy access buttons on the screen. The site may redirect you to an ad site from time to time so make sure you have AdBlock installed or just be patient with it.



Torlock gives a similar vibe to Kickass but it has a more refined look. It also has a top banner that displays all the top shows, categories, and searches so you can easily access them with a click. Without the right panel that was in Kickass, the site gives a really clean and organized look.

Amazingly, it displays the fresh and popular torrents first on its homepage so you can check it out yourself and not be left out in anything. The newest torrents, number of seeds and peers, torrent size, and even the health of the torrents are displayed so you can decide if it’s a good torrent to download.

The website boasts an index of over 8.4 million verified torrents. The site might feel safer than others but it is always a good practice to have your VPN up before downloading anything.


13. AIO Search

Aio search is a torrent search engine that comes with a vibrant feel yet with a touch of simplicity. The search engine will scan through twenty-two top torrent domains to search for the torrent you are looking for.

At first look, it doesn’t give torrent search engine vibes as most torrent sites give a tougher look and design but Aio search omits some kind of fantasy vibes maybe because of the vibrant color choices. 

The site gives its users controls over what domains to search for as well in an attempt to narrow down the search.

The site gives much control of the search bar up to where it should search over for security purposes and results as well. Users can even have more control if they opt to sign up and join.


14. 1337X

Founded in 2007, 1337X gained its popularity in 2018 after one of its major competitors went down. It was listed as the sixth most popular torrent website in 2016 and is continuing to gain popularity over its users.

The look and feel that the homepage emits can easily attract users that want simplicity with purpose and high-level design. 

Some might find its look intimidating but a lot of gamers will surely love it, having great looks without jeopardizing functionality. The way that the categories are listed is fantastic as well, along with icons that are very cool and inviting a click.

What’s lovely with the site is it doesn’t barrage you with ads and sudden redirections as it relies mostly on bitcoin donations for its maintenance. If you want to donate to its cause, there’s a link right beneath the homepage.

Remember to check first if the file or software you are trying to download is free or illegal to be downloaded before deciding anything to be on the safe side.


15. Demonoid

Demonoid is another torrent search engine that users can use. It has an exclusive membership program where you can only join if invited. Nonetheless, you can still search and access the existing torrents that it has indexed without membership.

Before it had banners and pop-ups for ads but thanks to some generous bitcoin donors, the admins have finally decided to take it off for a better overall user experience.

Nothing on the site is hosted and transmitted on its servers and it only shows links that are provided by its members and are shown whenever you search for a torrent. It lists thousands of links to torrents in a single search and you can select the best one for yourself.

The site once again reminds any user to use a VPN in downloading torrents to avoid any trouble. 

Keep in mind to use a VPN. Another threat that you will be exposed to is hackers that will access your information and even your hardware. 

Numerous cases around the world regarding phishing due to BitTorrent have been recorded and you might want to avoid that.

It offers good protection for anyone who is downloading torrents and is making sure that your internet protocol address, or IP address, is hidden or redirected. 


16. TorrentsIndex

TorrentsIndex may have the best user interface on our list. The graphics designer of this website should be very proud of his work. It has a very creative geometric background. 

Each of the geometric entities in the background activates and lights up whenever the mouse hovers and it is fantastic that a torrent search engine has come to this point for the sake of creativity without jeopardizing functionality.

The homepage front is an all-powerful search engine that will be responsible to search for your torrent in over 40 popular domains. The search engine also lets a user search 41 torrents at once which could render faster results for the search.

Users can also sign up and create their accounts for more control over the search engine.



  • What are torrents?

A torrent is a file that is accessed via the BitTorrent protocol, a P2P content distribution system. Users all across the globe contribute to the BitTorrent community once they have the right software. 

Due to the BitTorrent protocol, servers to host the files are deemed unnecessary as computers all over the world serve as the server. 

  • Is it legal to download torrents?

The legality of downloading torrents mainly depends on the legality of downloading the file. If it is illegal to download and distribute the file you are downloading, then it is illegal but if it is free, then it isn’t. 

  • Is it safe to download torrents?

It is safe to download torrents given that you have set up your protection before downloading anything. Accessing the BitTorrent protocol exposes you, your information, and your activities to the authorities that could come after you for legal actions or anything they come up their mind into.

  • What is a VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It hides your IP address to keep your connection and transactions safe. It creates a virtual network that inserts and masks all of your information and labels it in another IP of your choosing.

  • What VPN can I use?

There are several VPNs available in the market right now but the leading ones are OpenVPN and NordVPN. They can be downloaded to their respective websites for free but you can upgrade and buy yourself a premium account for more control over your VPN.

  • I don’t want to use VPN, is my firewall enough protection?

It is always up to you if you want to use a VPN or not, it is your connection after all. 

Firewalls sure offer software and hardware security but it is not enough to secure the information you are sending into the web. It is always good practice to use a VPN whenever one is downloading a torrent.

  • Can I get hacked by downloading torrents?

Yes, your data and information can be compromised if you download torrents without hiding your IP address. 

Hackers can see the information you send into the web such as your address, name, and even the information of your credit card so it is good practice to hide your address at all times whenever you are downloading a torrent.