Big Time Gaming Integrates Future Anthem’s AI to Optimize Its Slots

Big Time Gaming is a leading innovator and trendsetter in online slots development. The company’s latest big move is its partnership with the Data Science specialist Future Anthem. The partnership is meant to optimize the developer’s games using artificial intelligence to understand gamblers’ behaviours and optimize the developer’s portfolio to offer the best experience. Future Anthem’s Anthemetrics has previously been applied to Relax Gaming products, and things appear to be soaring for the gaming company.

Big Time Gaming seeks to integrate player behavioural modelling in its releases using Future Anthem’s Data Science platform, Anthemetrics. This system predicts games’ performance, how players respond to them, and identifies optimization opportunities that benefit gamblers and the software developer. This is the second major deal made by Big Time Gaming in recent times. The first was with Microgaming involving their Megaways technology, a mechanic that will be featured in the upcoming top-dog’s releases.

How It Works

Future Anthem’s Anthemetrics is the first-ever Data Science platform in the gambling industry. The system listens to the game data to identify any improvement opportunities that can make the player experience better. Ordinarily, it would be nearly impossible to track these elements with hundreds of online vendors, thousands of games, and billions of spins running every day. Even if the data were collected, it would be overwhelming to sift through. Anthemetrics steps in to solve this challenge by understanding gameplay using data to create an engaging and responsible gambling experience. The platform’s machine learning models run at any scale in production environments and analyze data to produce real-time predictions of player and game behaviours.

Anthemetrics uses its AI capabilities to provide recommendations based on the predictions it makes. The tabled submissions point to strategic areas that identify growth opportunities for the player experience and maximize the generated revenues. Anthemetrics works because it is a scalable, secure platform ready to ingest data in limitless formats. The engine provides real-time feed from games and systems and gives it to the software developer’s team to make decisions with clear insights. The system goes beyond this functionality to provide;

  • Player level insights

The success of Anthemetrics’ provided data depends on the software developer’s ability to leverage and query it after its arrival. This mechanic offers an intuitive way for software providers and casino operators to visualize and understand game and gambler behaviours. The platform’s complex data schema is built on solid foundations at a player-level and works with interactive screens. These screens offer a fast and straightforward approach to highlighting the challenges and performance of games, players, and markets.

  • Data-driven professional service

Considering all the priorities lined up for software developers and casino operators, it is becoming increasingly complicated to handle the management and growth of game portfolios. Most software companies have a busy internal team, or they lack adequate game data expertise and capacity. Future Anthem’s data scientists step in to help with game performance optimization by predicting gambler and game behaviours, identify challenges and improvements, drive up bonus efficiency and margins, and stay in-the-know of the latest regulations.

  • Personalization

Anthemetrics’ automated real-time feeds used for game recommendations and bonuses target gamblers intelligently. This automatically improves the studios and operators’ portfolios and performance to engage their audiences responsibly. The engine works to retain players for more extended periods by eliminating any friction on their journey and recommending the right indulgences at the right time. The platform also personalizes and improves the player experience in real-time by reducing free spins leakage and targeting them intelligently.

  • Responsible gambling

Gambling addiction is a global crisis rising fast as the activity continues to be adopted by more people. Future Anthem incorporates solutions in Anthemetrics with the gambling solution Safer Play. This system uses machine learning to boost safety for players, game providers, and casinos by detecting in-session betting behaviours. It is the first independent solution of its kind, and the results are used to indicate the Markers of Harm. The collected stake-level data helps Future Anthem conduct an in-depth assessment of playing patterns that equip studio and casino teams with the ability to detect risks in real-time. The engine proactively points gamblers that are at risk and intervenes before the activity becomes harmful. The platform also limits problem gamblers from accessing promotions and communications and tracks the games and features that trigger pathological gambling behaviours.

  • Data-driven design

Anthemetrics works with a driven approach to game design for optimum results on the market. The platform leverages game and player data to determine the best traits and features that appeal to targeted client groups and categories. Future Anthem still maintains a responsible game design approach by acknowledging the elements that trigger the Markers of Harm and lead to gambling addiction. It weighs both sides to provide investment and roadmap recommendations that maximize the chances of success. Accordingly, the data-driven design proactively works to meet gambler needs while driving up studios and operators’ take-up, launches, and sales.

  • Dilute the online betting limits’ footprint

Game developers and casino operators face significant impact from online stake limits, such as revenue losses. Anthemetrics steps in to offer a solution by applying its AI models to identify areas of potential revenue loss and the affected gamblers. The platform also provides projections by theme, feature, game clusters, and individual games’ network loss. The Data Science approach assesses billions of slot spins to recommend the ideal games mix beyond stake limits. Additionally, it identifies the best game parameters that come in handy to retain gamblers and revenues.

  • Jackpot optimization

Jackpots are the most rewarding features in online casinos, with the potential to offer life-changing amounts as high as tens of millions. Future Anthem allows the software developer to get the most from these games by using game data to improve jackpot engagement for profit-generation and gambler retention after the payout. The platform recommends the best financial construct by taking a statistical approach to pot seeds and contributions modelling. It also retains players by using behavioural models that point out how punters interact with jackpot games and fine-tune them to meet their requirements.

The Bottom Line

Big Time Gaming’s partnership with Future Anthem demonstrates that optimizing its game portfolio is at the top of its priorities list. Anthemetrics solution is bound to work for the operator by inspiring intelligent actions in real-time.