Blue Bloods Recap Of All Seasons So Far

Cop shows are a dime-in-a-dozen on cable TV, but very few of them have as lasting an impact as the now-iconic CBS drama Blue Bloods. The show has been on the air for ten whole years! That is definitely no ordinary feat.

CBS Blue Bloods Cast

Tom Selleck top-bills this story of an Irish-American family in the city of New York as Frank. Together with Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes, who play his children Danny, Erin, and Jamie, they form an otherwise typical family whose lives are irretrievably intertwined with the field of law enforcement. They are crime fighters both day and night but are members of the same family first and foremost come Sunday dinnertime. Here is the entire cast of Blue Bloods:

Actor Character
Donnie Wahlberg Detective Daniel “Danny” Fitzgerald Reagan
Bridget Moynahan ADA Erin Reagan
Will Estes Sergeant Jameson “Jamie” Reagan
Len Cariou Commissioner (ret.) Henry Reagan
Tom Selleck Commissioner Francis “Frank” Xavier Reagan
Jennifer Esposito Detective Jackie Curatola
Sami Gayle Nicole “Nicky” Reagan-Boyle
Amy Carlson Linda Rose Reagan
Marisa Ramirez Detective Maria Baez
Vanessa Ray Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko-Reagan


Executive producer(s)

Leonard Goldberg

Brian Burn

Mitchell Burgess

Robin Green

Siobhan Byrne O’Connor

Ian Biederman

Kevin Wade


Fred Keller

David Barrett

Production location        

New York, New York


Craig Dibona, ASC

Donald E. Thorin, Jr.

Gene Engels


Charles McClelland

Brice Bishop-Pullan

Thomas R. Moore

Jackeline Tejada

Running time                     

60 minutes

Copyright. CBS Television Distribution

Blue Bloods Mega Recap & Summary of Every Season So Far

For the past decade of its run, the show has consistently ranked well among its viewers. Ten years and counting, there is still no sign of it slowing down. The current season is set to end on May 1, 2020. Let’s take a look back at all we need to know before we dive in on the season finale:

Blue Bloods Season 1 Recap

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The entire series kicks off with Jamie’s graduation from the Police Academy. Like his grandfather, father, and siblings before him, he joins the New York Police Department and begins to take on the job of solving some harrowing criminal activities that take place in the city.

While the Reagan family faces many different cases each episode, they also deal with the death of one of their brothers and son, Joe, who passed away due to mysterious circumstances before the series started. Jamie has launched his own private investigation as to what caused his brother’s death, and it has led him to such sticky situations.

As the eldest among the siblings, Danny always makes an effort to keep his little brother out of trouble. The group Blue Templar proves to be a menace to the lives of the Reagans all throughout the season. It is only until the penultimate episode where it is discovered that this organization was formed by corrupt cops; whose members are responsible for the death of Joe.

Blue Bloods Season 2 Recap

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With the ghosts of Joe’s past finally laid to rest, Jamie is back on the police force and is given undercover assignments. Throughout the next few episodes, we begin to see just how much power and influence the patriarch of the Reagan family has over New York City.

Things do not become more manageable for the Reagans. With great power comes great responsibility. Again and again, Danny is made to live up to the noble standards expected of him because of his last name. As the youngest of the group, Jamie continues to struggle with the hardships of his job.

Everything almost comes to a halt when their grandfather Henry, played by Len Cariou, suffers a heart attack on Thanksgiving eve. As the cases keep coming, the Reagans are forced to deal with the memory of another death in their family—that of their mother, Mary.

Even though the cases they encounter become more and more personal each day, the Reagans only come to a realization by the end of the season. Their jobs must also go beyond them. This is evident when Frank races to prevent a biological weapon attack on their beloved city, and Danny and Jamie resolve a conflict that has plagued them both since childhood.

Blue Bloods Season 3 Recap

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In Season 3, we are introduced to a character played by Sebastian Sozzi. Vinny Cruz is Jamie’s new partner on the job. They get off to a rough start, and doubts on Jamie’s part do not help their relationship as the cases continue to come in. They continue to work with what they’re given, though, and it is evident that their efforts pay off.

Meanwhile, Danny is having problems with the family including his wife Linda, who is portrayed by Amy Carlson. In addition to money troubles, their son suffers a head injury, which almost cost him his life. Being a police officer is obviously no easy job, and the stress of it takes a toll on the Reagan men.

While things seem to be going great for Erin, the only Reagan girl, it is only on paper. Although her years of work in the legal profession has led to her appointment as Deputy Trial Bureau Chief, this position proves to come with its very own set of consequences.

In the end, Vinny is killed while on assignment, and the events of his murder lead to even more conflict among the Reagans. With unhappy citizens on the rise, can it be said that they are doing enough as law enforcers? Despite the negative press, Frank orchestrates a raid to solve one of the most prominent cases on their list. And, for a moment, all seems well for the time being.

Blue Bloods Season 4 Recap

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Erin’s new job puts her at odds with the rest of her family. Nevertheless, blood remains thicker than water. The siblings may be full-grown adults now, but they continue to be there for one another, and Frank continues to be the father they need.

Jamie’s inexperience when it comes to the profession remains an issue for all of them. All the while, the overachieving Danny goes on to efficiently solve one case after another with his reliable partner Maria Baez, played by Marisa Ramirez.

The Reagans continue to put their lives on the line for the sake of their work. Often, they are called to go beyond their line of duty. At times, they are forced to go around one another in order to make ends meet.

A case brings them all together at the end. Danny and Erin try to take on the investigation of a prostitution den in Atlantic City, albeit through different angles. When they find that their work both led them to the same conclusion, the two join forces to prove the existence of a cover-up.

Blue Bloods Season 5 Recap

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Danny and Maria continue their winning streak as partner detectives. And ever the rebel, Jamie keeps going against the expectations that come with being a Reagan. While some things change, conflicts between Danny and Erin persist as they find their work making them the opposing sides to cases.

As his children get themselves in trouble, again and again, Frank is torn as to what extent he is to be a father to them, and when he must put his position as commissioner of the force first.

This explosive season comes to a head with a thrilling two-part season finale that sees Danny and Maria working on a case that left one of their very own deputy chiefs dead. All hands are on deck, and even Danny’s wife is not safe. The gangs, in this case, follow their victims to the hospital where Linda works as a nurse, and she is shot as collateral.

It takes a lot of work to pack up the mess that the gang The Warrior Kings make, but it all works out in the end as Frank secures witnesses that lead to the case being transferred for prosecution elsewhere. Danny and Linda do not get to join in on Sunday dinner physically, but they take part in it nonetheless through a video call.

Blue Bloods Season 6 Recap

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New York City may be a chaotic place, but there is so much more going on in the world beyond the few blocks of Manhattan. The sixth season opens with Frank going on high alert after a terrorist attack in the Middle East potentially threatens the safety of his beloved hometown.

While a close bond has formed between Jamie and his partner Eddie, who is portrayed by Vanessa Ray, Danny and Linda’s relationship seems to be on the rocks. After being shot, Linda’s worry for the safety of her family has grown exponentially. The dangerous nature of Danny’s job is not helping her concerns.

Joe is gone but not forgotten as Frank continues to remember his life and work while on the job. Erin’s struggle as an attorney is also put on the forefront as she sees her action set forth ripples that later turn into waves. 

In the final episode, the tension between Frank and the city’s mayor reaches a breaking point as sensitive footage attacking the police force’s reputation is released. Erin is made to choose between her father and her boss. Ultimately, she sides with justice as it is revealed that the perpetrator is one of her subordinates.

Blue Bloods Season 7 Recap

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Things do not look good for Danny when Season 7 opens. His work is once again questioned as footage of him shooting a serial killer surfaces. Alas, his work speaks for itself as well when it cannot be denied that he is one of the best men in the team. He thus continues to take on cases with Maria, and so does his family.

In the next few episodes, it becomes clear that Jamie’s partnership with Eddie is more than just about police work as the two cheekily allow their feelings for one another to creep in, even as Eddie continues to maintain a relationship with her boyfriend.

Erin is a witness to all of this as Jamie and Eddie approach her for help on more than one occasion. Her tribulations later come into the spotlight when she is forced to come face-to-face with her ex-husband in court.

Always ones to side with justice, the Reagans put their duties before their lives once more in this season’s finale. Even as Erin refuses to help, Danny does all that he can to take down a drug cartel. As Frank scrambles for suspects, Jamie catches a serial killer masquerading as an informant. 

In the last few moments of the episode, Frank feels that his age may have caught up with him as he offers to step down from his position as commissioner. The mayor stops him from doing so as Frank’s job is not over yet.

Blue Bloods Season 8 Recap

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Danny is contemplating retirement himself as he mourns the death of his wife Laura, but Erin begs him to reconsider. A new mayor butts head with Frank, and it looks like Jamie and Eddie are finally on their way to becoming a real couple.

Scrapping any thought of retirement aside, Danny continues to work with Maria through a slew of cases. Erin’s work troubles do not end with her husband’s case as it becomes evident that her methods do not always jive with that of her co-workers.

Linda’s memory is never too far away from Danny throughout some of the episodes of this season. Although Danny may have had to say goodbye to the love of his life, it is as though Jamie realizes that Eddie is his in the season finale. After a life-threatening situation in which Eddie saves Jamie’s life, Jamie and Eddie announce their engagement over Sunday family dinner.

Blue Bloods Season 9 Recap

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There are changes abound in Season 9. A new relationship status comes with a few changes for Jamie as he is no longer allowed to ride with Eddie as his partner. Erin bags herself a promotion, but her new position has her brothers hounding for help yet again.

As Danny gets the hang of being a widowed father to two boys, Eddie sees herself integrating more and more to the Reagan family, and less and less with Jamie while at work.

Danny seeks personal justice as he believes a drug cartel is responsible for the torching of his house. He pursues an investigation of this all the while juggling his work with Maria.

The Reagan siblings actively strive to rely less on Frank this season, but always find themselves running back to their father in the end. Frank sees no issue on this and takes in Eddie as his own when she marries his son, and it is he who walks her down the aisle.

Blue Bloods Season 10 Recap

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The current season opens with the milestone 200th episode of the series. Danny and Maria are at it again, and Frank continues to go above and beyond his call of duty to help his family and friends.

Jamie and Eddie are now adjusting to life as a married couple, and are taking on even harder questions than before. Are they ready for commitments such as getting a dog and raising kids?

In the last episode, we saw the two teaming up together once again in order to solve a robbery case at a local electronics store. Elsewhere, a new subordinate posed some problems for Erin, and Danny and Maria were on the prowl for a drug dealer who caused the death by overdose of two young models. 

Finale Episode

What does the season finale have in store for our favourite crime-fighting family? Jamie and Eddie are working together again, but things are still looking pretty tense and bleak. In an amazing twist of events, it seems like we’re going to see more of Danny’s son Sean in the next episode. Danny is still on deck, and so is Frank.

Hold on tight, because the long wait is almost over. The next episode of Blue Bloods, “Family Secrets,” is out on May 1, 2020!


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