Carlos Slim Net Worth in 2023 – How Did Carlos Slim Get Rich?

As of 2023, Carlos Slim’s net worth is estimated at US$84.5 billion. Let’s find out how Carlos Slim made his money.Carlos Slim

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What is Carlos Slim’s Net Worth and Earning In 2023?

Carlos Slim Helú, renowned as the wealthiest individual in Mexico and the fourth-richest globally, has amassed a staggering net worth of US$84.5 billion by March 2023.

His diverse portfolio of business ventures and astute investments across various sectors such as telecommunications, real estate, and construction, has significantly bolstered this enormous figure.

How Does Carlos Slim Make Money?

Carlos Slim’s source of wealth is an intricate blend of various profitable ventures. His diversified interests in telecommunications, retail, and construction have made him a global name.

As the chairman of Grupo Carso, Slim directs a conglomerate that sees a mix of businesses both domestically in Mexico and on an international scale. This conglomerate has helped him build a steady stream of income.

His strategic mindset and ability to identify potential growth sectors and invest wisely has been instrumental in his financial success.

How Does Carlos Slim Make Money

Carlos Slim Business Ventures & Investments

Carlos Slim’s primary source of wealth stems from his leadership of Grupo Carso. This conglomerate is multifaceted, having a vast reach across different sectors. In the telecommunications sector, Slim’s influence over major companies like Telmex and América Móvil has solidified his position.

He also holds substantial stakes in the retail sector, which includes investments in various shopping malls and retail chains. On top of that, his ventures in construction projects, both residential and commercial, have contributed significantly to his vast earnings.

Carlos Slim Assets

Beyond his business interests, Carlos Slim has amassed a remarkable collection of assets. This includes prime real estate properties situated both in Mexico and around the world.

These properties, often located in high-value areas, not only serve as luxurious residences for Slim and his family but are also vital investment assets, frequently appreciating in value, thereby adding to his wealth.

Carlos Slim Career

Carlos Slim embarked on his business journey with an uncanny knack for spotting lucrative investment opportunities. He started with a modest investment and steadily built his empire, focusing on sectors that showed potential for growth.

His relentless drive and acute business sense enabled him to expand his empire exponentially over the decades. This growth and expansion have rightfully earned him the title of the richest person in Mexico and one of the wealthiest individuals globally.

Carlos Slim Career

Who is Carlos Slim?

Net Worth US$84.5 billion
Monthly Income Varies based on business performance
Date of Birth January 28, 1940
Gender Male
Height 1.73 meters
Profession Businessman and Philanthropist
Nationality Mexican

Carlos Slim Lifestyle

Carlos Slim, despite being one of the world’s richest individuals, is renowned for his relatively modest lifestyle.

Unlike many billionaires, he avoids overt displays of wealth. He leads a life that, while luxurious, is marked by simplicity and an emphasis on family and work. His main focus remains on expanding his business empire and contributing to charitable causes.

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

Carlos Slim shared a deep bond with his wife, Soumaya Domit, whom he was married to from 1967 until her demise in 1999.

Together, they were blessed with six children. The Slim family, especially the children, play active roles in different facets of the vast business empire, thereby ensuring its future continuity and growth.

Carlos Slim Lifestyle


What is Carlos Slim known for?

Carlos Slim is primarily recognized as the chairman of Grupo Carso, a multifaceted conglomerate spanning sectors like telecommunications, retail, and construction. Additionally, he is known for his philanthropic contributions, wherein he has donated billions to multiple charitable causes.

How did Carlos Slim achieve his wealth?

Carlos Slim’s wealth has been accumulated through a combination of strategic investments, business acquisitions, and establishing new ventures across diverse sectors. His ability to foresee industry trends and his astute business decisions have played pivotal roles in building his fortune.

Where does Carlos Slim rank in global wealth?

As of 2023, Carlos Slim holds the position of the fourth-richest individual globally, testament to his business prowess and investments.

Is Carlos Slim involved in philanthropy?

Indeed, Carlos Slim is deeply involved in philanthropy. Over the years, he has committed billions of dollars to various causes, ranging from education and health to the arts and culture.

What is Carlos Slim’s approach to business?

Carlos Slim is known for his strategic mindset. He focuses on long-term growth rather than short-term profits, often investing in industries and sectors that show potential for sustainable expansion. This approach has been a cornerstone of his business success.