Chrome Beta V78 Supports Calling from Desktop to Android Phone

Recently Google added a new feature in chrome application for your desktop. It allows you to share website links from desktop to your smartphone or vice-versa. After a great response on this feature the company took a step forward and experimented on sharing phone numbers for enhanced user experience.

We often look for phone numbers across websites on desktop and dial it on the handset. As reported by android police, Google is planning to make it easier and improve the connectivity between android smartphones and google on your desktop. All you need is google chrome on your desktop and you can share phone numbers from your desktop to your android smartphone directly. The feature is currently available in Chrome Beta v78.

It works when you click on the hyperlinked phone number or highlight the phone number on the website. Now, you need to right-click on the selected number and a prompt open “Call from your device”, then a list of the linked devices appear , where you can choose the smartphone from which you would like to make the call. The number will be sent to the phone. You will receive a notification of the digits of the number on the selected phone and in a click, the number will be copied on the dialer app.

The feature is currently supported by Android 8 (pie) and Android 10 smartphone devices. The “Click to call feature is enabled by default on the Chrome Beta v78”. If you’re unable to access it, enable it with the flag chrome://flags/#click-to-call-context-menu-selected-text.

Copy the link to your address bar and activate the “Enable to call” feature on desktop. Restart the browser to use the updated version.