Claim Compensation After An accident

You are at a traffic light when someone rear-ends you. Or you are cycling to work or study when a car overlooks you, resulting in a collision. But you can also sustain injuries at work or as a result of a dog bite. If you suffer damage as a result, we call this personal injury. In most cases, this damage can be recovered from the other party or its insurance. A personal injury specialist (Dutch: letselschade specialist) can be called in for this.

Who is at fault in a collision?

In the event of a collision, the person who makes a traffic error is to blame. Consider, for example, a rear-end collision. In such a rear-end collision or chain collision, the rear vehicle is in principle to blame for the accident. This person is therefore liable for the personal injury suffered by the victim and is obliged to pay personal injury compensation. (Dutch: letselschade vergoeding).

In the event of a rear-end collision, the rear vehicle is not always at fault for a collision. If the rear vehicle is cut off by the front vehicle or the first vehicle brakes suddenly without a valid reason, then not the rear vehicle but the front vehicle is to blame and liable.

What to do after a collision?

Naturally, a personal injury specialist will help you recover personal injury claims. But as a victim, you can also do a lot yourself in the event of a traffic accident:

  • Always complete a claim form. On a collision damage form, you can provide important information such as the circumstances of the accident and the insurance details of the parties involved in the accident.
  • Ask any witnesses if they would like to make a witness statement. This way you can prove the circumstances of the accident if necessary.
  • Always call the police if you continue driving after an accident. In this case, he or she can initiate an investigation and try to identify the perpetrator.
  • Always have your injuries checked by a doctor and have the doctor record complaints and injuries in your medical file
  • Never claim personal injury compensation yourself but have this done by a personal injury specialist. You can then be sure that you will receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Personal injury due to an industrial accident

An accident can also happen to you at work. For example, due to a fall from a ladder or because you slip on a slippery floor. In several cases, the employer is liable for the damage you suffer as a result of an accident at work. Namely, if the employer can be blamed. For example, because the stairs you fell from were defective because there was no warning about a slippery floor.

Personal injury caused by a dog bite

You can also be injured by a dog bite. This is dangerous because there is a risk of a dangerous infection. That is why it is wise to always see a doctor if you have been bitten by a dog. But you can also claim personal injury after a dog bite. It is the owner of the dog who is liable for your personal injury.

Have you been injured in a traffic accident, work accident, or dog bite? Know your rights and claim compensation. It is more often possible than you might think.