Complete Guide: Fake GPS Location on Phone Using Dr. Fone Virtual Location 

Do you wish to change location on your phone so that you can access certain applications or enjoy games that will not otherwise be accessible in your country? Needless to say, there are numerous apps online that profess to help you fake GPS location easily. The issue with many such apps is that they do not work properly with all gaming applications or other websites and then you will end up disappointed. After reading this article, you will understand how to spoof location on iphone with a renowned tool – Dr. Fone Virtual Location that is preferred by gamers all across the globe because of its universal application and superb efficiency. 

We will directly start with providing you a step by step process of using it to spoof iPhone location. Then, we will introduce some crucial features of the software, along with the pricing and availability so you can ascertain whether the product is worthwhile for you or not. In the end, we shall try and clarify some doubts about the compatibility and usage of the software that will let you fake your location. 

Detailed Process to Change GPS Location on iPhone using Virtual Location

Before we discuss the features and pricing, let us give you a detailed description of how you can change GPS location on iPhone. 

Step 1 – Download, Install and Launch the software on your computer

As a first step, you need to download Dr. Fone Virtual Location, install and launch it and then you need to select Virtual Location on Dr. Fone’s dashboard.

Step 2 – Connect the iPhone to the desktop or laptop

The second step is to connect your iPhone to your desktop or laptop using a USB cable once and hit the mouse on Get Started. 

The benefit of connecting to your computer using the USB cable is that later on you can do so with the help of a simple WiFi connection. 

Step 3 – Select the mode of your choice for changing the GPS location on the phone. 

Once you have selected the mode, in the window that will pop up, your present location will be shown. You have to then switch on the teleport mode which you can do by hitting the third icon which you can find on top right.

The only thing that remains for you to do is to tell the app which location that you desire the phone to be in. this needs to be entered in the upper left field. 

For example, you select your location of choice as Miami, Florida. Once you enter this, you click on ‘Move Here’. 

Voila, your location has changed to Miami, Florida.

Simulate GPS movement between two pre-set locations

Apart from allowing you to mock your GPS location so that you can play tons of games, this app also lets you simulate GPS movement between two preset locations. Here’s a step by step guide on how you can use Dr. Fone Virtual Location to do so. 

Step 1 – Activate the “one-stop mode” by selecting the appropriate icon that is the 1st one in the upper right.

Step 2 – The next step is to select a destination spot which is the place where you wish to go. Once you have selected your destination, a pop up box will tell you the distance between the two points.

Step 3 – All you need to do is drag the slider in the bottom part of the screen and set the speed with which you wish to move (walk, cycle or drive) and then hit the mouse on ‘Move here’. 

Step 4 – A fresh pop up box will emerge, wherein you can enter the number of times you wish to move from the two places. Once you enter this, you can click on March to start the simulation of the movement. 

Why is Dr. Fone Virtual Location Your Best Bet?

It is a complete package when we talk about helping you alter GPS position on both Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android Operating System. It is often touted as a one stop solution for changing GPS location. A blend of simplicity and useful features is what makes this your best bet. 

Features of Dr. Fone Virtual Location 

Now that we have got the basics covered, let us try and ascertain some of the interesting and utility based aspects of the software.

  1. Fake Location With Ease- As the name suggests, you can change and fake your location with convenience and ease that you cannot imagine. Not only does this feature help you change location, it also opens the floodgates for location based games.
  2. Stable Platform – When it comes to location based games like Pokemon Go which interacts with the fundamental features such as location, it is necessary that the back end is strong. This does exactly that.
  3. Automatic marching – As the name suggests, this feature will let you select a pace for the GPS location of your iPhone to move. Further, you can also decide the direction in which it will keep moving.
  4. Keyboard control – Another interesting feature which you do not find easily on other apps. People who use laptops exceedingly well will know that keyboards are your best friend. This feature lets you change or update your GPS location with the help of arrow keys on the keyboard and alphabet keys like A, D, S, and W.
  5. Trick All Location Based Apps – A lot of location based apps make it difficult to change your location. Not with this app though. It allows you to trick all location based apps as there is no compatibility issue with any app.
  6. 360-degree directions – This feature allows you 360 degree movement which can be controlled using up and down arrows.
  7. Mock GPS location with customized speed – If you are one of those who is not satisfied with static GPS mocking, then you have come to the right place as developers of the app are already one step ahead of you. With the mock GPS location with customized speed feature, you can decide a route with some stops along it. Then, you simulate your location to move as if you were walking, cycling or driving. 

Pricing and Availability 

One of the most loved features of Dr. Fone Virtual Location is the fact that its pricing model is very economical and user friendly. Available for purchase in the following three plans from which you can select the one that works for you: 

  1. Monthly plan – $9.95 monthly
  2. Quarterly plan – $6.66 monthly
  3. Annual plan – $4.99 monthly 

In all these plans, you can avail all the features described above in a maximum of 5 phones and 1 Personal Computer. Last but not the least, you can also try the app using a trial version which lasts for two hours during which you can use all the features of the app. 

As regards compatibility and availability, this wonderful software can be used on both the widely used operating systems in the world developed by Microsoft and Apple. However, the app does not support interoperability among the two operating systems as of now. 


Having elaborated on the process of GPS spoofing on the iPhone, it is obvious that a lot of you might have second thoughts on using software that fakes the location on your iPhone. To answer that, one needs to remember that Dr. Fone is a trusted software provider and Virtual Location is completely safe to use without any viruses or suspicious plugins. 

Most importantly, the unique selling point for this software is that one can check out the trial version of the software for free which will let you get a glimpse of the complete tool so it is easier for you to decide for yourself.