Content And Activities That Deserve Attention In World of Warcraft

WoW developers thoroughly approached not only their main project but also thoroughly expanded and finalized it, we will offer the player a lot of mechanics that will diversify the gameplay of any gamer, unless, of course, he wants to.

Things to do in World of Warcraft


This is the best source for telling the history of Azeroth and all the events that have taken place in it over the course of many major updates.

Of course, quests are both a source of experience and gold, as well as a great opportunity for game developers to teach you all the key aspects of the game simply by using the tasks that local NPCs will give you.

Don’t forget to check the rewards before accepting the quest – of course, the quest can always be canceled, but it’s better to get into such things right away in order to learn to separate useful quests from the waste of time.

You have to pump up to lvl 60 in order to go to the Dragon Islands – the new World of Warcraft content, where you will finish the remaining 10 levels.

Of course, you can just order wow boosts and immediately move to the islands when the service is completed.


You can ignore the entire leveling system that World of Warcraft offers in any of the updates to devote yourself entirely to grinding.

This is a leveling method that involves mass destruction of monsters in order to gain experience, gold, and potentially rare rewards while hunting, including resources for various kinds of crafting and potential equipment and weapons.

In order for the grinding method to be successful, the monsters must be several levels higher than you, but not more than 8 levels, otherwise, the chance of trophies falling out will be minimal, and the potential to die from a couple of hits is maximum.

Go on a raid

Find a group that lacks exactly your class, or gather your own.

Raids are a great source of action-packed battles against tough monsters and bosses to gain experience and unique gear and weapons that often can’t be obtained any other way.

Raids are divided into difficulties:

  • Base
  • Heroic
  • Epochal

The higher the difficulty, the more players must be in the squad to enter, and at the same time, both the strength of the boss and his lethality will grow. Mythic raid almost never forgives mistakes.

To move to the next level of difficulty, you need to win the previous one, you will not be able to jump.


This is a new, or rather returning old concept, where the developers come up with a unique temporary zone, a mythic raid level, in which 5 people are enough to enter and clear.

These instanced zones will be more difficult because a 5-player squad will go to the potential for large groups, but the reward will also be split into 5 participants, and not a huge squad.

The raid is called Dawn of the Infinite, and it is quite possible that Blizzard will begin to actively implement such dungeons in World of Warcraft – if the community welcomes the new mechanics well.

Fly on dragons

When you reach the Dragon Isle, and study their history and reasons for hiding the islands from attention for so many years, you can reach the capital of the kingdom and tame your own dragon, giving it the appearance of one of the dragons you met as part of the storyline. It can be the element of wind, fire, ice, or earth.

You can fly the dragon, teach it tricks and make the creature more flexible and responsive to your commands and progress as a rider yourself, staying in the saddle longer even with the full impact of opponents.

In the future, aerial combat on dragons is unavoidable, so be prepared.

By the way, you can customize your pet as you see fit.

Master crafting and the order table

Starting from the moment you create a character, you will constantly come across resources to collect, which in the future can be used for crafting and earning on it when moving to a new level.

When you get to level 60 and go to the Dragon Islands, you will find an order table in the capital – this is a new tool.

Now players without crafting skills can give all the necessary resources to the master for personal production under the control of the World of Warcraft system in order to avoid cheating.

The crafter will have only half an hour to complete, otherwise, the order will be canceled.

You will be able to set criteria for craftsmen who will be able to take an order and assign an amount that you consider fair for such work.

In fact, you can even stand at the order table all day long and fulfill the instructions of the players, earning gold.

Of course, you will also need the minimum skill of the chosen profession, which will develop during the execution of assignments.

Take up archeology

Many players forget that World of Warcraft is a very well-thought-out MMO RPG with a lot of mechanics and the potential to explore the entire history of Azeroth that has happened to the continent throughout the release of all the updates.

Archeology will help you explore memorable places, earn new achievements, and receive unique rewards.

To start excavations, you need to find the corresponding icon on the map and send it to it to start work.

You can get unique mounts, passive unique characteristics, and just have an interesting and unconventional time.

Look for PVP

World of Warcraft is based on the canons of PVP and battles between two factions, so opponents can be found literally in all adjacent game locations.

Attack enemies and earn special coins of valor that will help you acquire PVP equipment and weapons with enhanced stats specifically to fight against representatives of the enemy faction.

Do not try to run around in the primary locations and look for newcomers – the game system will not reward you for such murders, and the chance that a punitive squad will be assembled against you is high.

Go fishing

If you are tired of grinding, pumping, and PVP – buy a fishing rod from a fisherman and go fishing, which will be different depending on the type of water and the place where you will be fishing.

You will come across two types of fish – ordinary and special.

The usual one is useful in cooking and will add stats to the character if you use it as a dish – every player can learn cooking without restrictions.

Special fish are crushed into reagents and are not suitable for food – they can be sold to inscribers and alchemists.

Do not sit down to fish along roads and monster patrols – you will be killed either by representatives of the enemy faction or wandering creatures.