Customise Neon Signs To Add A Personal Touch To Your Home

Our homes seem to be coming off a production line. Have you given it a thought? The similarities are sometimes so staggering, that you can miss your neighborhood, find a house that looks like yours, use your keys, go right in, and sit on your couch … or on a couch which looks just like yours. I truly wonder how posties find their way around.

You could try to be a tad more personal in your choices, but there is not much leeway. Houses are made by the same architects. Sofas are made by the same factories. TVs all come from China. It’s like we are living Orwel’s 1984 nightmare.

Thankfully, we are not there yet. Each of us can freely express ourselves. The problem is HOW? How can we show our individuality in and around our homes? How do we add a personal touch to our home?

The Solution

Thankfully, there is a budget way of giving your home a personal touch. Neon lights and customised neon signs do just that. A lot of us use them around Christmas, but this is not the solution. Then the neon signs and neon lights are just as standard as anything else. However, these may be used around the year exactly as a way of self-expression. 

Imagine the wall in your living room with a giant sign with your favorite inspirational quote. Or waking up to a huge “Life is Good” motivation sign. You can actually use neon signs and pictures for home decoration, personality statement, motivation, and even branding the house you live in. There is little chance of someone doing the same, or at least – not using your exact neon sign.


Should you be worried about the latter, you can go all the way and make a truly custom neon sign. You can either provide your personal motivational quote or use any picture which provides the personal touch which you require to obtain truly unique custom neon signs. 

Neon displays not only provide individualisation to your home. They can help provide a personal touch even to your special moments. Picture saying, “Will you marry me?” on the bedroom ceiling. Then again see the smile in your kid’s eye when she sees the “We are proud of you!” on the study-room wall. 

Give A Unique Neon Personal Touch

You may actually give any event a unique neon personal touch. Birthday wishes need no longer be expressed just in a postcard. The “Happily Ever After” sign can glow on your front porch on your wedding day. Even your Christmas decoration may get a personal neon touch with a clever picture, sign, or a combination of the two.

It is not only your home, which can benefit from neon decorations. They are absolute client-catchers for small businesses – advertise your barbershop, your tattoo studio, or your pub.

In short, neon décor is a novel designer-level, budget, and quick to install way to provide your home, business or event, the personal touch which all of us need.