David Siegel Net Worth – How Did David Siegel Make Money in 2023?

As of 2023, David Siegel’s net worth is estimated to be $7.3 billion.

Let’s find out how David Siegel made his money.

What is David Siegel Net Worth and Earning In 2023

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What is David Siegel Net Worth and Earning In 2023?

David Siegel has an astonishing net worth of $3.5 billion as of 2023. He amassed this wealth through his extensive career as a real estate developer and hotelier. David’s primary source of income is Westgate Resorts, a prominent timeshare company he founded.

Currently serving as the CEO of Westgate, David has successfully expanded the company’s reach. The significant profits from owning reputable properties like the Palazzo Las Vegas and the Mirage Las Vegas have also played a pivotal role in boosting his net worth.

How Does David Siegel Make Money?

Real estate and hotel ventures have been the cornerstone of David Siegel’s financial success. As the visionary founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts, David saw the potential in the timeshare market early on.

His keen eye for lucrative deals and strategic investments in luxury properties, such as the Palazzo and Mirage in Las Vegas, have made him a notable figure in the billionaire club.

How Does David Siegel Make Money

David Siegel Business Ventures & Investments

Throughout his career, David’s business acumen has been evident in his ventures and investments. Westgate Resorts is a prime example of his foresight, transforming the way people view luxury timeshare vacations.

His strategic investments in the hospitality industry, with iconic properties in Las Vegas such as the Palazzo and Mirage, have ensured a continuous stream of revenue, strengthening his financial standing.

David Siegel Assets

A significant portion of David Siegel’s net worth is tied up in his vast array of assets. These range from luxury resorts to prime real estate properties scattered across the nation.

Owning such high-valued assets is a testament to his strategic investment skills and deep understanding of the real estate and hospitality industries.

David Siegel Assets

David Siegel Career

David’s journey to amassing a billion-dollar fortune began with Westgate Resorts. Through innovation, strategic decision-making, and a passion for real estate, he expanded his business holdings.

Over the years, he has added numerous high-profile properties to his portfolio, each of which played a role in steadily increasing his wealth and cementing his reputation as a key player in the real estate and hospitality sectors.

Who is David Siegel?

Net Worth $7.3 billion
Monthly Income Not Specified
Date of Birth May 3, 1935
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 8 in
Profession Real Estate Developer, Hotelier
Nationality American

David Siegel Lifestyle

The billionaire lifestyle led by David Siegel is nothing short of grandeur. Being deeply entrenched in real estate and hospitality, it’s no surprise that he indulges in the finest luxuries that life has to offer.

From upscale properties to exclusive events, David’s lifestyle serves as a testament to the heights he has achieved through dedication and hard work.

Family Siblings

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

David Siegel has been married a total of three times. His first wife was Geraldine Florence Sanstrom. They were married in 1961 and had a total of 3 children together. His second wife was Bettie Irene Tucker, whom he married in 1970 and divorced in 1997.

They have a daughter named Susan “Stacey” Siegel. David Siegel’s third and current wife is Jackie Mallery Siegel.

They were married in 2000 and have eight children together, including her adopted niece Jonquil who came to live with them after her mother died, and one daughter from a previous relationship, Victoria.


How did David Siegel begin his career?

David Siegel embarked on his career journey in the realm of real estate. With a vision and an unparalleled work ethic, he founded Westgate Resorts, setting the stage for a prosperous future in the timeshare industry.

What are some notable properties owned by David Siegel?

Some of the most distinguished properties in David Siegel’s portfolio include the Palazzo Las Vegas and Mirage Las Vegas. These iconic establishments not only enhance his reputation but also add significant value to his net worth.

What is the main contributor to David Siegel’s wealth?

The primary contributors to David Siegel’s immense wealth are his ventures in real estate and the hotel industry. Westgate Resorts, in particular, along with other luxury hotel properties he owns, form the backbone of his financial empire.

Where are Westgate Resorts located?

Westgate Resorts has multiple locations across the United States, providing luxury timeshare vacations in popular destinations, enhancing David’s portfolio and influence in the hospitality sector.

Is David Siegel involved in philanthropy?

While this article mainly focuses on David Siegel’s financial journey, like many successful entrepreneurs, David has often given back to the community. The specific details of his philanthropic efforts aren’t covered here, but it’s an integral part of his legacy.