DIY Wedding Preparation: How to Design Your Own Invitations

Making invitations for weddings is not nearly as difficult as it sounds; all you need are some basic supplies and a little time. Invitations don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but they should display who you are and what the event is like. They should say what’s going to happen and why people should attend.

The best invitations also make guests eager to see your wedding and celebrate with you. To do this, they’ll need a few pieces of information: the date, time, and location. Innovative invites for weddings will include more details to help guests plan their schedules. In addition, your invitations should contain a little about you and your partner so that your guests will feel connected to you.

Your invitations should also complement the theme of your wedding, so keep that in mind as you choose the materials and wording. The more effort you put into your invitations, the more likely guests will attend your wedding.

There are many types of wedding invitations, from casual to elegant. You can choose one that best fits your unique event. 

If you want your invitations to stand out, put effort into the wording and design. The more effort you put into wedding invitations, the more likely people are to attend.

Materials for Wedding Invitations

People choose all sorts of different materials for making their invites.

  • Paper

Handmade paper is a beautiful base for invitations. Embossed or engraved card stock is another lovely material to use for creating wedding invites.

Make sure the invitation fits with the rest of your theme and is appropriate for what you’re having and where it’s taking place. In addition, invitations should suit your personality.

The texture of the paper you choose is a crucial part of making invitations. Choose a type of paper that reflects the theme of the wedding. You can use embossing folders to add different shapes and textures to your chosen paper, which will make an excellent finish.

  • Embellishments

Embellishments can be anything from glitter to ribbons to stickers. They should reflect your personality and the theme of the wedding and match other supplies for making invitations.

Lace or doilies are an elegant addition to invitations, which you can also stamp with ink for texture. Felt or fake flowers are other options. You can use hot glue to attach these embellishments to your chosen paper for making invitations.

  • Card stocks

Thicker card stocks are the best choice for making invites because they’re not easy to bend and therefore less likely to get ruined in the mail. The thickness should depend on what you’re using the invitations for and what you plan on doing with them.

Using different colors of card stock can give your finished invitations a lot of personalities and help tie them in with other elements like the flowers at the wedding. Using thicker card stocks makes it easier to create interesting textures and stamp images onto them.

  • Envelopes

Another option is to use envelopes made from materials such as handmade paper or recycled postage stamps. Personalized envelopes are a lovely touch, but they require more work. Envelopes can convey texture and character that help you send invitations that reflect your personality.

  • Fabric

It’s easy to make fabric invitations, especially if you have quilting skills. Quilt squares are perfect invitations for weddings because they allow guests to feel the texture of a quilt.

You can also use fabric from clothes you’ve worn or from scraps to make invitations for weddings. This is a great way to recycle old clothing, and it reminds your guests of your wedding day.

Fabric invitations are perfect for garden weddings, which usually have a casual feel. In addition, they’re not as likely to get damaged in the mail.

Printing Invitations

Your invitations can be handmade or store-bought, depending on your budget and schedule.

If you’re printing wedding invitations yourself, it may save you money but require more work than just buying them. The most important thing is that your printer can accommodate heavy card stocks and that you have good printer ink. Some stores and websites offer invitations for weddings. However, choose carefully to ensure that they fit your budget and schedule and reflect your wedding theme and personality.

To save money on printing wedding invitations, consider using recycled paper for the invitation itself, or choose a thicker paper to make it less likely the invitation will get damaged in the mail.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to make invitations that reflect your wedding theme, are appropriate for what you’re having and where it’s taking place, and suit your personality, be meticulous about the materials you will use. Most importantly, they should be easy on your wallet and shouldn’t require much work.

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