Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date, Time, And The Latest News

Are you desperately for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero release date to be announced?

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Release Date

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date Speculation

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” was released on June 11, 2022. It is the twenty-first animated Dragon Ball feature film and the twenty-second overall. The film was produced by Toei Animation and written by Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Cast Details

The cast of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero includes some familiar voices that have become iconic in the Dragon Ball universe. Masako Nozawa will reprise her role as Goku, while Toshio Furukawa will be voicing Vegeta. Aya Hisakawa will be taking on the role of Bulma.

Additionally, Ryō Horikawa will voice Piccolo, and Takeshi Kusao will return as Gohan. These stellar cast members have lent their voices to these characters for many years, enhancing the authenticity and nostalgia of the movie.

Their history with the series ensures that characters will maintain their original essence, making the experience even more enriching for long-time fans.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Cast Details

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: What Will Happen?

While the complete details of the plot remain a closely guarded secret, the movie is expected to build upon the events that followed Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Given the title Super Hero, there’s speculation about new hero-centric arcs or potential new characters that might be introduced. Fans are anticipating significant events, twists, and perhaps some unexpected character returns.

Rumors hint at a possible powerful adversary, and with the tradition of introducing mightier foes with each sequel, this one promises to be epic. Regardless of the specifics, the Dragon Ball community is sure to be in for a treat.

How Many Episodes Are There In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is not a series with episodes, but a standalone animated film

How Many Episodes Are There In Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Do We Have A Trailer For Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Yes, there is an official trailer for “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”. You can watch it on platforms like YouTube and IMDb. The trailer provides a glimpse into the exciting adventures that await in the movie.

What About A Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Spin-Off?

The context does not provide details about a Dragon Ball spin-off related to the upcoming movie. Nevertheless, Dragon Ball has a rich history of various series, movies, and spin-offs. Over the years, we’ve seen series like Dragon Ball GT and numerous movies that explore different timelines and characters.

Fans can always hope for more content in the future, given the franchise’s enduring popularity. The potential for spin-offs is vast, and the creators have never shied away from experimenting with new ideas.

What About A Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Spin-Off

How To Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

While the exact platforms for watching Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero have not been detailed in the context, movies from the Dragon Ball franchise typically see worldwide releases in theaters. It’s common for these movies to be showcased in major cinema chains across different countries.

Additionally, streaming platforms or TV networks may acquire rights for broadcasting. Recently, many of the Dragon Ball movies and series have been available on popular streaming platforms, making access easier for fans.

However, for this movie, fans are advised to check local cinema listings or official announcements for viewing options. Advance bookings might be available given the expected high demand.


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set to be the latest addition to the beloved Dragon Ball franchise. Scheduled for release on June 11, 2022, this sequel to the 2018 Dragon Ball Super: Broly has fans on the edge of their seats.

With iconic cast members like Masako Nozawa and Toshio Furukawa returning, and under the direction of Tetsuro Kodama, expectations are high. The Dragon Ball series has always surprised its fans with every new release, and this movie promises to continue that tradition.

While the complete storyline remains under wraps, the title hints at a hero-centric theme. As the release date approaches, fans worldwide will be eagerly awaiting more news, trailers, and eventual viewing options for this anticipated movie.