26 Top Dramacool Alternatives For Free TV Shows [Updated 2024]

Dramacool is home to TV shows in different languages that is available to everyone.

Korean, Taiwan, Chinese, no matter the language, you will find all the Asian content under one roof.

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What Happened to Dramacool?

Dramacool is operational right now. You can get access to the latest shows of different regions like Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hongkong. Sometimes, the site goes down due to technical issues or maintenance issues.

During this time, you cannot open the site and access the site to enjoy your favorite shows. Moreover, the site has been shut down in previous times due to the legal status of the content present on it. So, it is safe to have some alternatives to the site to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of entertaining dramas and movies.

Dramacool Official Site: https://dramacool9.com.co/

Top 5 Dramacool Alternatives: Editor’s Pick

  • Couchturner: Home to tons of TV dramas and movies of the cinema world.
  • Solarmovies: Popular choice in the era of cord-cutting to watch free movies and TV dramas.
  • Putlocker: Perfect place to enjoy free movies and TV shows with your close friends.
  • Hotstar: Legal and safe alternative to enjoy the loved gems of the entertainment world.
  • Yomovies: Dreamland for fans to watch free TV dramas and movies.

100% Working Dramacool Alternatives In 2024

1. Spacemov


Spacemov is a safe Dramcool alternative where you can enjoy TV series and movies at zero cost. You get a complete alphabetic list on the landing page that you can use to filter its collection according to your custom needs. You can create an account to save your favorite titles and watch them anytime you want.

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2. Couchtuner


Next on the list is Couchturner. The platform is dedicated to TV shows. You can enjoy the latest episodes of tons of TV series online without any extra expenditure. Moreover, the platform has expanded its reach and included the latest movies too.

You can find any title in a jiffy and enjoy them with your family and friends. You get a separate list of the Top IMDB titles to enjoy the loved gems of the entertainment world.

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3. Solarmovie


When it comes to diving into the latest dramas and movies in the entertainment world, Solarmovies is one of the popular choices among fans.

It is free and comes with a responsive site that runs smoothly ok different screen sizes. Offering a wide collection, it fulfills the entertainment needs of everyone regardless of age factor.

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4. Putlocker


Putlocker is another working alternative to the Drama Cool platform. You can watch both completed and ongoing TV series on the platform at zero cost.

On top of that, you can tune into the latest movies of the cinema world and enjoy them comfortably on your smart device. You just need a good internet connection on your device to open the site and enjoy its collection. 

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5. 1movieshd


1movieshd is a free Dramacool alternative that you can use to enjoy TV dramas and movies. It comes with a responsive site and interactive UI.

Anyone can navigate through its massive collection of titles and find something entertaining according to his/her mood. You can log in to your account with your credentials and bookmark your favorite titles.

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6. Bflix


With Bflix, you can discover the loved gems of the entertainment world without any trouble. You can watch TV shows and movies at zero expense through this outstanding platform.

Besides having an online presence, the platform offers an app for iOS and Android devices. You can install the app and watch the content anytime, anywhere, with a stable internet connection.

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7. Snagfilm


Snagfilm is an excellent portal to enter the entertainment world at no expense. You can explore its colossal collection of entertaining titles without any account registration.

Simply open the official site of the platform on your device and pick any title to watch it peacefully. If you create an account on the Snagfilm platform, you can save your progress and sync it to all devices.

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8. Losmovies


Losmovies is a spectacular site to enjoy dramas and movies of the entertainment world. You can open the site on any smart device and access the trending dramas and movies around the world.

The best thing about the platform is that you can search for any title by searching it on the platform and watch peacefully with your friends and family.

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9. Afdah


Afdah is a simple and clutter-free platform to enjoy movies and TV dramas of different genres. Action, History, Suspense, no matter the domain, you can find something on the platform and watch it with your family and friends.

You can search for any specific title and fetch it in a matter of a few seconds. There is no need to create an account to access the collection of Afdah.

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10. m4ufree


M4ufree offers a wide collection of free movies and Tv series. In the ear of cord cutting, you can opt for this excellent portal to watch anything for free. The landing page contains several filters that you can use to pin down the required results. You can change the theme of the site with a single click of your mouse button.

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11. 0123movies


Comedy, Romance, Action, no matter the genre of the title you want to find, 0123movies will tend to your needs properly.

The platform comes with a massive library of movies and Tv shows that is available for everyone at zero expense. There is no need for any registration. You can open the official site of the platform on any smart device and enjoy the content anytime you want.

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12. Vmovee


Vmovee offers a huge collection of free Tv shows and movies. There is no need to subscribe to the portal to access its collection. You can search for a specific title to fetch instantly or explore the collection to pick something randomly to entertain your mood.

Moreover, you can bookmark your favorite shows and movies easily once you create an account with the platform.

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13. Hurawatch


With Hurawatch, you can stay in tune with the latest gems of the cinema world. The platform comes with a separate section for movies and TV dramas.

Not to forget, top IMDB, Rating, and Most Viewed are some of the other sections that allow you to explore the wide collection of Hurawatch. You can use the filters to narrow down the results and pick something with ease.

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14. Ifvod


Want to enjoy Chinese TV dramas and movies under a single roof?

Downt worry. Ifvod platform is here to the rescue. You can access the site for free and watch anything on your smart device with a stable internet connection. Besides the indigenous entertainment collection, you can enjoy the loved gems of Hollywood on the platform and enjoy it with your kids.

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15. Myflixer


Myflixer gives you a safe place to enjoy online TV dramas and movies without spending anything from your pockets. You can watch the content in Full HD quality on any screen size.

The UI is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Anyone can explore the wide collection and funnel down his/her favorite picks to enjoy in his/her leisure time.

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16. Himovies


Are you looking for a free alternative to the Dramacool platform to enjoy movies and TV dramas online? Stop searching here and there and opt for Himovies. The platform comes with a large collection of entertaining titles and several perks for the fans to enjoy the content peacefully.

You can create an account with the platform to save your favorite titles and sync the progress across all your devices. You can resume your title on any device you want.

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17. Pubfilm


With 20 million site visits per month, Pubfilm is a reliable platform for most movie and TV show lovers. It has a highly functional interface that allows everyone to access their favorite visual content easily.

Having an extensive library of amazing TV shows, movies, documentaries, WWE, anime content, and much more, Pubfilm will become your go-to website for everything.

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18. Sidereel


Sidereel is your ultimate pick when looking for the best Dramacool alternative. Since it has a gigantic collection of movies and TV shows, you can watch anything at any time.

Sidereel’s user-friendly interface makes it a perfect choice for many flicks lovers. Its one-step login/signup allows you to keep track of your preferred content in a hassle-free manner. You can keep an eye on the calendar to know about all TV show timings on a daily basis.

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19. Popcornflix


This Cooldrama alternative is a trustworthy option for all looking for a fully legal video streaming option. Having a user-friendly interface, it will also feel amazing to watch everything in the best video player quality that requires no subscription.

The best part is that you will find very few ads, which means your video viewing experience will never get hampered.

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20. Sflix


With a colossal content library, Sflix.tu is your exclusive movies and TV show partner with awesome video quality. Offering free content with minimal ad experience, you will fall for it instantly.

To add the cherry on top, there is no need for any registration or subscription to have fun on this site. This helps maintain your privacy at all times.

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21. Einthusan


Being a premium South Asian platform, Einthusan is a leading platform with all the brilliant features in one place.

Its massive collection of all the latest and old content makes it a superb pick among all other options. Also, its free version also promises no ads, which has helped it in earning a big name in the market.

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22. Vumoo


As a famous Dramacool9 alternative, Vumoo is recognized as your ideal movie and TV show buddy. Its simple and minimalistic user interface helps in hassle-free navigation.

Along with this, this platform comes with a search bar to help you reach your favorite TV shows and movies in just a few clicks. So, you can rely on it for its noteworthy viewing experience.

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23. Hotstar


Hotstar is one of the largest streaming platforms with a huge collection of movies and TV shows. This Dramacool alternative has gained a huge name and fame worldwide owing to its unique features.

This platform caters to the needs of viewers with its high-end video quality as well as subtitles. Once you get its premium subscription, you can even watch your favorite cricket and Football live streams.

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24. Yomovies


Your best choice when finding a top-notch movie and TV show junction, Yomovies helps you in enjoying all the latest flicks and even download them in excellent quality.

Its search bar is helpful in quick movie searches be it Hollywood or Bollywood. Besides this, this free platform is renowned for its popularity among movie lovers across the world.

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25. Iomovies


Looking for the top Dramacool9 alternative? If yes, you can opt for iomovies which enables you to swiftly locate your favorite movies and TV shows and enjoy them for free.

Not just this, you have the option of choosing the content based on its release year and genre. This helps you in accessing your desired content and enjoy great video quality.

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26. Vexmovies


A terrific space for all your entertainment content, Vexmovies is your popular site, with millions of visitors every month.

Its content is categorized into different genres and their year of release for faster access to the title you are looking for. In case you don’t have any ideas, you can choose any title from the random section. As a free platform, you can get all your preferred content on demand.

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Is Dramacool Legal?

The Dramacool platform is legal. However, the legal status of the content present on it is still debatable.

Is Dramacool working or not?

Currently, you can access the Dramacool platform by opening the official domain on your smart device.

Is Dramacool safe?

Dramacool is completely safe. You can enjoy several dramas and movies for free. Still, you should use all the security measures at your disposal to protect your data security and privacy.

How to safely stream Dramacool?

You can use VPN to protect your identity while accessing the content on the Dramacool platform.

What is the best VPN to stream on Dramacool?

The Dramacool platform works best with ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost. You can explore the other options available on the internet and pick the one that caters to your needs.