Dressing Guide for Casinos

If someone were to ask you to picture the dress code of a casino, you would surely imagine some James Bond-looking men surrounded by beautiful women in outrageously expensive dresses. But you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most casinos have become quite relaxed when it comes to dressing codes nowadays. This is why it is sometimes difficult to know what to wear when visiting a casino.

You don’t want to be underdressed nor do you want to be overdressed. If you’re the one guy in the whole room wearing a tuxedo while everyone else is wearing t-shirts and jeans, you’re going to feel out of place.

With more online casinos like Virgin Games popping up every year, you might even prefer playing games from the comfort of your home. Whatever the case may be, let’s take a look at the types of dress codes, some of the more popular casinos in the world, and what their dress codes entail.

An Intro to Casino Dress Codes

When you’re thinking of visiting a casino you should probably check their website first. Most of them have information about their particular dress code.

Be mindful of the fact that if you’re attending a special event the dress code might be completely different than the regular dress code the casino has.

Here are the most common types of dress code to keep in mind:

White Tie

This is the top tier of formality that you will generally see in movies. Most modern casinos don’t have this as a requirement unless they’re holding a special event like a benefit or a competition with big prizes. 

For Men:

  • A fitted black dress coat with tails and trousers
  • Wing collars
  • A white vest with a white bow tie (matching does matter)
  • Black leather shoes (nothing too flashy)
  • Studs for your shirt or cuff links (again simplicity is the winner, nothing too extravagant)

 For Women:

  • Exquisite jewelry (try to match these with the rest of your outfit)
  • The smallest purse that you own (for example a clutch bag)
  • Gowns and ball gowns (the longer the better)
  • White gloves and fur wraps (mostly optional but they can add a lot to an outfit)

Black Tie

This is the dress code you’ve probably heard the most about. While more common than the white tie, most modern casinos don’t generally require it.

It is typically reserved for evening events, special events, and VIP lounges.

For Men:

  • Your typical dinner jacket and a pair of matching trousers (you should generally go for black but other colors like burgundy or navy blue will also work)
  • A buttoned-down collar shirt
  • A bow tie or tie
  • Formal shoes and black socks

For Women:

  • Generally, go for a floor-length gown but an elegant cocktail dress can work just as well
  • Evening shoes that have heels
  • Opt for dark or rich colors
  • Don’t overdo it with accessories, generally less is more


Finally, we are getting into the lighter types of dress codes. This category offers a lot more options and you don’t have to spend a fortune when trying to accessorize.

Semi-formal dress is normally reserved for events that take place before noon because daytime attire is usually less formal.

For Men:

  • Say goodbye to that tux and choose your favorite type of suit (you can opt for wool or cashmere)
  • You can skip the tie altogether
  • A pair of trousers, jeans, or khakis are still a no-go

For Women:

  • A cocktail dress 
  • A long skirt with a nice blouse (careful how you match them with the rest of your outfit)
  • As far as shoes go you can try heels, sandals, or even flats
  • When it comes to colors aim for something lighter during the day and darker at night

Business Casual 

Business casual is what most of us are generally accustomed to wearing. This is how you should be dressing for your office job or for a job interview. Business casual is when you want to look nice but don’t want to end up being overdressed.

Commonly, this is how you should be dressing in most casinos around the globe.

For Men:

  • A blazer or sports coat
  • You can wear your khakis or slacks
  • Any type of shirt is generally appropriate  (no t-shirts with holes in them though)
  • Loafers

For Women:

  • Any type of skirts, pants or khakis are ok
  • Stockings aren’t necessary 
  • Any type of shirt, sweater, or blouse

A List of Casinos and Their Dress Codes

Here are a few examples of casinos and what their particular dress codes require of visitors.

Casino Monte-Carlo

The main dress code in this esteemed casino is simple: no shorts and no flip-flops. Keep in mind though that if you’re planning to visit a VIP lounge they have a more strict dress code.

If that is your aim go for something closer to a black-tie event.

Venetian Macao

This is one of the biggest casinos in the world but when it comes to dressing codes they are not very strict. Their main guidelines are no sunglasses, no shorts, no flip-flops or sneakers, and no hats.

You should generally go for something that fits into Business Casual or above and you’ll be fine.

Borgata Atlantic City

While the Borgata does not have a very strict dress code, they do have some requirements when visiting their restaurants: no jeans and no sneakers. Aside from that if you stick to Business Casual you will fit in just right.


Depending on the casino or casino event you are looking to attend, the right dress code can mean the difference between getting in, standing out of the crowd, or blending in. Figure out which option is the best for you and dress accordingly.

Most casinos have a pretty casual approach to how visitors should dress, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember, your main goal should be to have a good time and maybe even meet a few new friends.