Egyptian Themed Online Games

Humans have played games since the dawn of time, whether to entertain or educate children, or simply pass time. The oldest game pieces found were carved, painted stones found in southeast Turkey and dating back over 5,000 years.

According to records, a variety of games were played in Egypt, dating back as far as 3100 B.C. One of these was Senet, probably the world’s oldest board game, which is still sold in modern sets today.

Themed games aren’t anything new either. Card games from the Middle Ages depict many different themes.

Why Egyptian Themed Online Games Are So Popular? 

When casino developers began programming slots for online games, they looked to something tried and tested. Programming games is expensive, so they wanted something that had worked in land-based casinos. 

Egyptian-themed slots had been popular in pubs and land-based casinos for years. People were already familiar with the symbols and characters, so it seemed like a good choice.

Fast forward to 2021, and Egyptian-themed slot games are by far the most popular games online. When you consider that 48% of players choose slots, that translates to millions daily.

Book of Ra Slot

Fans of online slots will know one of the biggest games on and offline, Book of Ra. If you want to see one of the world’s favourite games, you can find loads of info here

God of the sun, believed to be creator of all life forms, Ra is a figure from Ancient Egyptian mythology. He has now been immortalised in game form by creators, Novomatic, and released online in March 2005.

Players play the role of Archaeologist and head off on an epic quest to find treasures once considered lost. Although it’s set in the modern day, players will encounter historically accurate symbols such as the sarcophagus and scarab beetle.

Book of Ra features a classic five-line format with five reels and five-win lines. Watch out for the Book of Ra symbol, as it is a wild card and also a scatter symbol.

Novomatic made their name with this game and have recently added Book of Ra Deluxe to their portfolio. There’s a real chance for loyal players to win big here, with an RTP (return-to-player) ratio of 96.99%.

New Game – Scroll of Egypt

Another developer, Inspired, introduced their latest Egyptian-themed game in November 2020. Called Scroll of Egypt, this game will also entice those who like explorer-led games, seeking a desert adventure. 

An intrepid female character is the lead here, on the hunt for the elusive artefact. The gameplay is straightforward, and the music is much like other Egyptian-themed online slot games.

Scroll of Egypt is accessible to players with all budgets, with a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum of $500. The RTP here is 95.5% but the game really stands out with its special features. 

Free spins seem to be found everywhere in this game, triggered by scroll symbols. When you land on five, you can get a pay-out 200 times your stake.

Whenever you land a win more than five times your stake, you can gamble your winnings by spinning a wheel. You can also get bonus free spins, so the winning continues.

For Beginners – Eye of Horus

If you like the idea of Egyptian-themed games, but are unsure where to start, then choose Eye of Horus. This is widely considered the least complicated game, which is why beginners like it. 

Horus was another ancient Egyptian god, who symbolised protection, health and power. This game was released in 2016 by Reel Time Gaming

The game is easy to install on a variety of devices, from PC to mobile and doesn’t require any plug-ins. This doesn’t impact on the graphics, with high-end symbols such as the royal guard dog and golden Egyptian bird. 

Eye of Horus can be played for free until player familiarise themselves with play. When you do start playing, the progressive jackpot with a maximum of 10,000 times your stake can be won. 

The game also has a unique feature of a free spins bonus, triggered by three or more golden doors landing. This gives players 12 free spins.

Spoiled for Choice

Players who love to play Egyptian-themed slots have hundreds of options online. You‘ll find your favourite characters and can even choose the type of adventure. 

There are even specific sub-genres – from games set around the Pyramids to games where you meet the Pharaohs. Infamous queen Cleopatra has a whole sub-genre to herself, with games such as Cleopatra’s Gold and A Night with Cleo.

You can even find an ancient Egyptian sword-fighting game against zombie mummies.

Spoiled for Choice

From classics like Book of Ra to newer games that with more features, different options mean more fun. With their rich colours, fascinating characters and mysterious treasures, it’s no wonder Egyptian-themed games are popular with players.

Online slots are the most popular gambling option in an industry that is expected to double in the next decade. As long as people play slots, it’s expected that Egyptian-themed games will be the most chosen genre in these games.