Electric Eel that can deliver a massive shock found in Amazon Basin

In a shocking discovery, scientists have discovered a new species of Electric Eel capable of delivering a massive shock of 860 volts in the Amazon Basin.Given a scientific name of Electrophorus Voltai , the species electric shock voltage is greater than the previously highest recorded 650 volts.

With such massive electric potential the species is slated to be the highest bio electricity generator.

Earlier it was assumed that only one species inhabit the Amazon Basin, with a recent research by , de Santana a zoologist and his team proving otherwise.With advanced scientific techniques such as DNA sampling from over a 100 samples, they found that three species coexist: the already known Electrophorus electricus, along with Electrophorus voltai and Electrophorus varii.

All the three species have varied electric output according to the habitat that they are living in.The electricity generated by E.voltai helps it in highland waters where conductivity is low.

Electric eels use electricity for a variety of purposes from defence , hunting prey to navigation.