Factors That Have Resulted In The Rapid Growth Of Online Casinos In Netherland

The online casino industry is booming around the globe; if it’s growing at the same pace, in 2025, it will become an estimated 112.5 billion $ industry!

More businesses are opting for an online presence these days; due to its demand and uninterrupted services, online businesses hold a unique opportunity to thrive and accelerate at an unmatched pace. The same happened with the casinos business. They adapted the online frame of work, and the results were extraordinary; their sales skyrocketed, more people were gambling, and anyone placed their bet 24/7 without any restrictions and closure.

The ease of playing online from any place with a stable internet connection makes it a thriving business. Anyone can play online by visiting the casino website, playing the game on social media platforms, and installing dedicated mobile apps.

Multiple factors are involved in the rapid growth of online casinos businesses across the globe; governments are regulating them. The Netherlands government is also putting efforts to regularize it and trying hard to provide the best games to play at the casino in the Netherlands. Let’s look at factors that make online casinos a successful business!

Factors Which Is Responsible For The Rapid Growth Of Online Gambling:

The influx of the big online gambling industry compelled the Government to make and amend laws related to online gambling. However, the Government believes in its citizen’s freedom in all aspects of life. Still, when it comes to gambling, they have a backward/conservative approach to give its citizens protection, safety coverage and keep them away from any fraudulent activity. But after seeing its popularity and growing pace, back in 2019, they presented a bill to legalize it completely.

In 2019 remote gambling bill secondary legalization was presented and approved by the parliament; it addresses all the laws and regulations regarding online gambling, safety cover net to citizens, rules related to marketing, bonuses, and regulations against money laundering. And, these rules and regulations have played a key role in the success of gambling sites. 

Let’s have a look over all the factors which have influenced the rapid growth of betting sites in the Netherlands:

  • Issuance of iGaming License:

With effect from October 21, online gambling lovers can select any online casino from a government-approved list and play risk-free, without any hurdle and fear of getting charged by the Government. Check the list of all the licensed online casinos. The casinos that applied for the license are also mentioned to avoid ambiguity.

Online gambling enthusiasts who love to play poker and wagering can now play legally after the Government approves the reworked Remote Gambling Bill. Almost ten iGaming platforms were awarded a license to operate and provide their services. Player protection laws are also implemented for the safety and security of citizens. To make online gambling less addicted iGaming platforms are instructed to implement specific tools and policies described by the Government.

  • Taxes on Gaming Platforms:

Taxation on online gambling platforms is considerably high in the Netherlands, and the Government is taking approximately 30% in form taxes from the gaming service providers under the new gaming laws. It gives the players confidence to play, and they know they can cash out their winnings any time they want and have safe coverage from the Government.

The money won from gambling does not come under the tax net, the Government doesn’t charge any penny from the player’s winnings, and in fact, online casinos are heavily taxed.

  • Suspension for Unregistered Online Casinos:

In case if any unregistered gaming platform is operated, it will be banned for two years; similarly, if any online casino doesn’t follow any rules and regulations, then its license will be suspended for two years. It favors the players to know that registered casinos must follow all the laws and regulations, which provide leverage to players and protect their rights.

  • Fast and uninterrupted Internet Connection:

A fast and uninterrupted internet connection is necessary for a seamless and good online gambling experience; with fast internet service providers and innovation in fast internet technologies, players enjoy playing. They can connect and play from anywhere they want; the ease and flexibility it provides are unmatched. Now gambling lovers can bet all the time without going to actual physical casinos.

  • Introduction of Blockchain technology:

Blockchain technology provides a solid and safe pathway to your transactions; introducing this in the casino business will eventually eliminate the risk of having your transactions hacked or mishandled. It also makes the transactions faster, safer, and without the involvement of any third-party service providers. It’s cheap and reliable. Many online gaming platforms are now adopting blockchain and cryptocurrencies for their payment models.

  • Marketing Campaigns:

The popularity of these online gaming platforms is the extensive marketing campaigns that they regularly launch across all the platforms. Today, the market share of handheld devices is more significant than any other device, marketing campaigns targeting these audiences with attractive offers, eye-catching images, cash backs, and discounts. The majority of the public and gambling lovers get attracted and start registering on one of these online platforms and playing in their free time.

  • Discounts and Bonuses:

Lucrative offers and the number of advertised bonuses get the attention of players. They lured themselves into opting for online gambling; they found it more fun than expected. Online casinos offer huge bonuses in different forms and ways. You can sign up for free and, in return, get a bonus. Similarly, you can start playing without any cash deposit and start winning; you get a bonus by investing a fraction of the amount and get double your playing amounts in return.

The important thing here is to choose these offers as terms and conditions are involved carefully. Nothing comes free, and there is always a hidden agenda to attract and engage more customers.

  • Wide Range of Games Availability:

In a land casino, the number of games and options are limited to some extent, but in the online world, these numbers are enormous; anyone can play any game of its like, even the same game is available in several different versions to appeal to audiences. These casinos make the online gambling experience more addicting and fun to play, which is the reason behind the tremendous success of online gambling sites.


Online Casinos are in popular demand due to the options and ease they provide to their customers; the reason behind their popularity in the Netherlands is the regularization of these platforms by the Government. 

New laws and regulations are made and implemented to provide a secure environment for the citizens and protect their rights. It gives the general public confidence to play freely and enjoy online gaming; the government tax net increased by large numbers, and they are implementing further steps to improve regulations on these gaming platforms.