Goblin Slayer Season One Review : Controversial Yet Intriguing

‘Goblin Slayer’ is one of those shows where you’re not sure whether you love or hate it, and it makes you keep watching. Although that may be the point of the series, this isn’t just an internal debate for me as the anime community is also as equally divided in their opinions.

On the one hand, the storyline is pretty weak. On the other hand, the series doesn’t hold back when it comes to graphic violence and rape scenes which makes it very controversial. I guess this explains the negative reviews from fans who cannot live with this kind of entertainment. Whereas for fans who enjoy dark fantasy series like me, you could probably stomach the whole season and find it entertaining.

goblin slayer

Goblin Slayer Review: Not Meant For Everyone

Now let’s take a brief look at the plot. The main character, the Goblin Slayer, has dedicated his life to slaying goblins due to losing his whole village to goblins as a child. The show begins when he appears to save an unnamed 15-year-old Priestess who was set out on her first quest to take down some goblins.

Travelling with a bunch of newbie adventurers, the Priestess soon came upon some goblins and was overpowered. Immediately there were scenes of violence and rape as the Priestess’s party were brutally raped and killed. Goblin Slayer comes in the right timing and saves the Priestess. She soon became the first member of his Goblin slaying party, and their adventures begin.

As I mentioned earlier, there are mixed feelings about this series. On the positive side of things, I enjoyed some of the characters such as the Shield Maiden and Cow Girl. All the female characters were also portrayed as strong, capable women.

Although I was quite disappointed that there was not more of Cow Girl, it could’ve provided a great story since she faced the same trauma as the Goblin Slayer with losing her family to Goblins when she was younger. On the negative side, the other characters in the series were also as mundane as the storyline. Yes, the more exciting parts are action-packed with fighting and gore, but it only occurs in bursts along with a boring storyline.

I guess this is why fans like myself are still torn on whether or not the series is actually worth the watch.

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