Grand Blue Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Plenty of Japanese comics have been turned into animated series, and one such is Grand Blue inscribed by Shinji Takamatsu.

This Japanese comedy anime series first premiered in July 2018, containing 12 episodes covering the first five manga volumes.

The last episode aired in September 2018. Since then, several passionate fans, especially the youngsters worldwide, are waiting for the Grand Blue Season 2 release. 

Until November 2019, 14 manga volumes of this series have been published.

So we can say there is still enough content available if the studio Zero-G makes up their mind to launch the sequel. 

When will the Grand Blue Season 2 release? 

Almost three years have elapsed, and the ardent fans are doing everything they can to bring this series back to life.

Various petitions have been filed requesting Zero-G to release the second season.

The anime series also has its subreddit where various fans can be seen strongly showcasing their displeasure on season 3 not being released soon.

Most of the anime series takes at least five years before launching the sequel.

So we think it’s too early to ask for the sequel, and the fans must wait patiently.

No official announcement is out yet, but you need not worry at all. Let the studio take its time. 

As per our sources, it won’t be until the end of 2021 that Zero-G may have something related to the release.

However, Zero-G has few projects lined up and may start with Grand Blue Season 2 sooner than later.

Talking of content, it is available in truckloads, as we had mentioned earlier.

The studio can make even the third season of Grand Blue, considering the amount of content available.

Hopefully, the studio decides to change their minds and come up with season 2 for the eagerly waiting fans.

Keep your fingers crossed till then. 

Season 2: What will be the storyline? 

The story portrays the life of Lori Kithara, a freshman and protagonist of the series.

To seek normalcy, Lori begins his college life and gets in touch with his relatives in Grand Blue Shop.

There he comes across the members of Peek a Boo Diving club and becomes its member after getting an invite.

Despite many troubles, Lori continues with his new college life filled with joy. 

In the Grand Blue Season 2, we will get to see several new faces along with an exciting storyline.

As per the manga, it begins with the diving club members trying to enter Oumi Women’s University to participate in the voice actress concert hosted by Girl’s School.

To decide who will join, the boys contend with each other. The love relationship between Lori and Chisa is expected to improve.

In the end, we might see the group leaving for Okinawa Island if they happen to win the prize money. 

Overall, the plot is going to be pretty enticing. Until then, you can watch the Grand Blue anytime on Prime and treat yourself. 

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