HHC Carts – What Are They and How Do They Compare to CBD Carts

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What Is A HHC Cartridge?

Hydrogenating THC transforms it into hydroxy hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), the key component in a vape cartridge. HHC is what gives the vape its kick, as it is the main concentrate in the product. 

It’s no easy task to get your hands on pure HHC – this cannabinoid is notoriously hard to come by since it occurs in such low amounts in hemp plants. That’s why scientists turn to the lab and often resort to transforming hemp-derived CBD into THC, an extraction procedure that has become pretty common these days.

The manufacturing process known as ‘hydrogenation’ adds hydrogen molecules to THC (delta 8 or 9), ‘transforming’ it into HHC. It then creates HHC carts.

Disclaimer: “Please make sure you educate yourself about cannabis product consumption and possible dangers associated with it here.”

How About HHC Vs. CBD?

When it comes to HHC versus CBD, there are a few significant differences. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Let’s explore these distinctions and see what makes them unique.

HHC can sound pretty similar to THC and CBD at first, but the effects it has are quite different than THC or CBD. First, CBD has no intoxicating qualities or hazardous side effects. Plus, it’s legal too, so if you’re looking for something from cannabis to give you some zen vibes or relief from tenderness, CBD is your go-to!

Benefits to Therapy

HHC research is in its infancy. Scientists are studying it with fingers crossed that it could one day prove to be a medical holy grail. HHC typically shows some effects similar to THC and CBD in lowering pain and inflammation effects. However, we suggest you meet with your physician before using this product for any serious ailments or wounds.

The Effects of HHC

HHC, a metabolite of THC, has the same potential to get you high. However, watch out for some unwanted side effects; paranoid thoughts, anxiety, dizziness — not to mention the lack of sleep. Nevertheless, these effects only show when a higher dose is ingested.

Can You Puff on an Hhc Vaporizer Legally?

In line with the 2018 Farm Bill, you can take it to the bank: HHC Hemp products are legit! If their Delta-9 THC content is 0.3% or less (on a dry weight basis), these hemp products are okay to be sold.

How to Do HHC Carts Stack Up Against CBD Vape Carts?

Typically, HHC carts are synthetic cannabinoids derived from hemp and don’t have that much 

THC or CBD – but they give a similar mind-bending experience without the same amount of impairment or detection on drug tests. If you’re looking for downtime, vaping HHC might be a great way to relax and recover from any stress.

What’s the Recommended Dose of HHC Carts?

Generally, it is recommended that you try a few drags and give it 15-30 minutes before you assess the results. If need be, the dosage could always be stepped up – it really depends on how your body reacts. 

Everyone has different goals, so to ensure you get exactly what you want, it’s best to seek advice from your physician. Also, remember what might be working for another person might not hold true for you.

Can I Put HHC Carts in Any E-Cig Battery or Mod?

Most HHC carts feature the 510 threading – the same used on most vape pens and batteries. This convenient setup makes switching back and forth a breeze.

Before you fire up the HHC cart, double-check that it’ll be compatible with your device – compare and contrast the specifications of both.

Could a Drug Test Turn up a False Positive With HHC?

Usually, saliva, urine, and blood tests won’t be able to tell the difference between THC and some of its derivatives. More than that, THC-COOH – which is produced by both THC and HHC – can show up in drug tests too. So we suggest you be more careful on this front if you have a drug test coming up.

Wrapping It Up!

Bear in mind, folks: this info is no substitute for the advice of a qualified doctor. So, if you’ve got questions or worries after reading what we’ve shared above, consult your healthcare provider and an expert advisor before buying anything.