Hiring for Future Success: Identifying Candidates with Growth Potential

With employee turnover rising to new heights, many businesses are now focusing on workforce retention strategies. While it might be a case of doing too little too late for many organizations, you can take this as a warning sign to improve the hiring and operational practices of your business.

One of the best ways to decrease employee turnover is to hire people with a plan for future growth. When you treat them right, these candidates are more likely to stick with your organization for a long time and may even help you lead it to new heights of success. 

To help you discover these hidden gems of the job market, here is how to identify candidates with growth potential.

Prioritize Candidates Who Focus on Their Career

Many employers use job agencies to find ideal candidates. But whether you go this route or not, you need to look for applicants who focus on their long-term careers instead of short-term jobs. Typically, these applicants hold the most potential for growth in the future. 

These candidates have a few identifying traits, including but not limited to holding additional certifications, participating in recreational activities, and collaborating with local community projects. This makes their resume stand out from many other applicants and makes it easier for you to prioritize them for your shortlist. 

Use Screening Tools to Your Advantage

If your business does not have any red flags that may scare candidates away, there’s a high chance for you to receive an abundance of applications for a single job posting. This can make it more challenging to keep track of all the applicants, let alone discern them by their potential for growth. 

That’s where you can use screening tools to your advantage. With solutions such as cheap background checks and resume filtration services, you can make your way through the myriad of applications and shortlist those who seem most likely to be in it for the long run. 

Go Beyond the Usual Interview Questions

No matter if you hold your interview in person or through a conference video call solution, you need to make sure that you go past the usual interview conversations. This requires you to dive deeper into understanding each applicant and their dedication to building a career out of the presented opportunity. 

By asking questions about the applicant’s plans for the future, their overall career direction, and their dream job, you can assess if they are likely to stay with your organization.

Learn What the Candidate Feels About Your Business

Whether you want to enhance your customer service experience or boost your sales in the future, you should ask candidates what they think about your organization and its current processes. 

If a candidate shows an inclination to help you improve and grow your business, they might be in for the long haul. But if they come empty on suggestions, you may assess that they might not be the right fit for you. If you use an online job portal to find candidates, you can also make these questions part of your pre-screening process.

Do Not Compromise Just to Fill a Position

When you plan to fill a high-profile vacancy, especially for a long-term role, you need to ensure that you are taking your time to find the right candidate.

To make sure that you don’t make a hasty decision and lower the risk that you’ll hire someone who is not a suitable fit, you can keep an eye on your objectives through a goal management tool. This helps you determine if a candidate has met all of your basic requirements or if you need to continue your search for a better fit. 

These steps allow you to get the most out of your recruitment processes and help you hire the ideal candidates for future growth. In turn, your business continues to benefit from what its newest members have to offer in the long run. 

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