Hot Trends in Portugal: Online Gambling and Casinos

What are some of the latest trends that you are aware of in the gambling sector? The industry has been adopting some of the latest trends that make gaming better and enable them to provide the players with the services they need. 

Many people have also developed a passion for gaming, making the online casinos in Portugal experienced a surge in the number of gamers. New entrants in the market make the existing companies apply better methods of tapping new customers and keeping the existing ones.

Due to covid 19 and lockdown, many people are now at home, and gaming has become part of them. The government restrictions have also seen the gamers reduce their visits to the land-based casinos.

What are some of the trends dominating the online gambling sector? We linked up with our top gamer Victoria Oliveira (check profile), who shared some of the casino trends that are dominating the sector. Here are the hot gambling trends in Portugal.

Modern payment options

Most of the gamers were born in an era where cash transactions were the order of the day. They were using traditional methods of transactions to access vital services from the online and physical service providers. But that changed with time due to innovation. Today, there are many options, such as the use of credit/debit cards and direct bank transfer.

There are casinos that have gone as far as accepting the use of cryptocurrency. Players only need a crypto wallet to transact to the casinos hence convincing them, unlike the traditional methods that required them to fulfil lots of procedures.

Crypto transactions also guarantee complete anonymity, thus proving to be among the most reliable and safe methods of transacting. Unfortunately, the earlier forms had loopholes that made it easier for cybercrime to take place.

Rise of Mobile applications

You no longer have to travel to your nearest land-based casino to play your favourite game. Innovation has made it possible for gamers to download the apps of their favourite gaming sites, allowing them to access the gaming services they need from anywhere.

The game developers have created mobile applications compatible with the mobile operating system, making it convenient for gamers to access the games. Availability of mobile apps and mobile compatibility are some of the features that experts use to rank various Portuguese online platforms listed on

Better methods for enhancing privacy

Do you know of a perfect method of preventing a third party from accessing your data online? The internet has been a great solution provider, especially to problems affecting humanity. However, it’s no longer a haven for the majority of the people.

Many cybercriminals are after the users’ data and funds. They have various mechanisms that they use to make their mission successful. For instance, some use malware, others use phishing methods to steal from unsuspecting users.

Fortunately, the online casinos in Portugal have put better measures such as end-to-end data encryption methods to prevent the users’ data from access by the third party.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology ranks among the top online gambling technology that will change the majority of things in various industries. Apart from powering crypto transactions, it’s also helping in other ways, for instance, it eliminates various forms of fraud.

Gamers currently enjoy transparency at the casinos because all the loopholes that could have been used by fraudsters have been sealed. That encourages them to play more with confidence.

Live dealer gaming

In the past, gamers were enjoying traveling to the land-based casinos that were near them. They had the privilege of interacting with other gamers from their studios. It also allowed them to share their gaming experience with the other players.

But, that became impossible while gaming at the online casinos in Portugal. Fortunately, through innovation, there are currently many live dealer games that make it possible for the players to interact with the dealers when they are in their game studios. Some of the live dealer games include blackjack, baccarat, and video poker.

Above are some of the hot trends that you should not miss if you are an ardent gamer, as they are what makes gaming exciting today. If you plan to invest in the Portugal gaming industry, don’t hesitate because the casino trends are making the industry better daily.