How Do Megaways Slots Work? An In-Depth Guide to Megaways Slots

Any list of the top slots from the past year will include a lot of Megaways slots. Even though this form of slots was not present a few years ago, Megaways have come a long way in a short space of time.

Experts in online gambling suggest that Megaways will be remembered throughout history as changing the way slot machines work. If you thought the change from three reels to five was a milestone, Megaways can feel like an entirely different world.

What Are Megaways Slots?

Most people know about slot machines and how they work. Reels spin and when you have the same number, word or symbol in all three spots, you win a prize. 

Slots have set paylines, which means you place a bet of a certain quantity and then hope to win the jackpot. There are games with free spins and bonus rounds, but those are not a part of the core game. 

Megaways slots at Mecca Games differ greatly from traditional and video slots. When you play standard slots, you can win money when you achieve a combination of reels. These wins are consistent with the payout listed on the game’s page, along with how much money you put into the bet.

When you play Megaways, you can win through varying pay lines each time you roll the dice. There are no set payouts for Megaways, which may confuse a lot of people when they are playing for the first time.

Understanding How Megaways Slots Work

Megaways slots were started by Big Time Gaming a few years ago. The company has a long history with gambling, including the slot machines and games it sells to top brokers in the UK like William Hill, Paddy Power and 188Bet.

Even though some slots purists are not huge fans of the work done by Big Time Gaming, they are coming to appreciate Megaways. These slots may not always be available at the places where you go to shop, but you can play them online and have a lot of fun.

The first Megaways came around 2015 when Dragon Born came out on smartphones and tablets. Another game that helped popularize Megaways is Bonanza in 2016. Now taken over by Evolution Gaming, Big Time Gaming and its Megaways slots titles are still performing excellently.

Megaways uses a random reel modifier, which means a person could win thousands of different ways on each spin. Rather than having to wait hours to win big, players can achieve success through one or two Megaways rounds.

Players press the button to play, and the random reel generator decides how many symbols should appear for that spin. Sometimes there could be as many as 117,000 different variations when the reels are spinning.

Keep in mind that getting so many options and ways to win is not commonplace in Megaways. While it is a possibility that you randomly open up the game and get a spin with many ways to win, you should not count on it either.

How to Win at Megaways Slots

Winning at Megaways is a lot easier and more rewarding. While you only have a single way to win with most classic slots, you have many more options at your disposal while playing Megaways.

Every spin has unique ways to win, which also makes the game very interesting to the neutral. Contrast that with regular slots, where you have three reels in a row that should have the same symbol, if you want to win big during that game.

Winning with Megaways is a lot easier. Players win more frequently and earn higher sums of money as they are able to take advantage of the varying multipliers, ways to win and bonuses during each bet. 

Why are Megaways Slots So Popular?

When people find a game that allows them to make a lot of money with each spin, they would want to know as much about that game as possible.

Megaways poker and roulette games are huge around the world. People are beginning to realize why playing Megaways slots is the smart move.

A typical game of slots can net you 1,000 times the present bet you placed within the game. While that may seem like a lot of money, many people are now aware of how much more they can win if they are playing Megaways slots.

Taking home even 500 to 600 times more money than you earned may seem like an outstanding deal. The problem is that you do not have such a cap when you are buying Megaways slots.

With those games, you can win up to 100,000 times the bet you make during the game. Such a game can take a long time to finish, but it is well worth the wait, as you can access some of the best quality art in the world.

Have Fun While Playing Online Slots

If you want to shake up your experiences of playing online slots, you may want to look at Megaways slots. These games do take up a lot more time, but they are often accompanied by massive winning potential.

Most of the tactics that apply to regular slots will also apply to Megaways slots. You can use the same strategies to achieve an outstanding outcome when playing Megaways slots.

Now that you know all about Megaways and its earning potential, you could be curious about the best way to maximize your earnings. Place aggressive bets each time you have a good hand, remain neutral if your hand is middle of the road, and know when to fold so that you can fight another day.