How Intact360 Can Assist with Your Fasteners Manufacturing Needs

Intact360 Fasteners are Engineered and Manufactured to work in the most Demanding Environments

Intact360 has earned itself a stellar reputation for being a leader in several products and services within the industrial manufacturing industry. They are most known for their manufacturing and exporting of height-quality industrial fastener products since its inception.

Intact360 currently serves clients all around the world with a home base in India. For big and small businesses alike, the company’s goal is to provide a fair and competitive price for their products and provide the best of their clients’ best.  They are the best fasteners manufacturers in India.  

As one of the best manufacturers of steel fasteners, carbon fasteners, and stainless-steel fasteners in India, Intact360 offers their clients numerous products that will serve several different industries, items, and uses for their own companies. The products engineered and manufactured by this company are of the best quality and among the world’s best and widely distributed to many clients globally.

Intact360 is proud to introduce its new line of fasteners and screws to the market. We have focused on building quality into each and every one of our products, to ensure that your construction project runs smoothly and safely. Our range of fasteners are manufactured from the highest quality materials available in the market, and is guaranteed to last through the toughest jobs. Our new line of fasteners is guaranteed to never slip or loosen, and is designed to meet or exceed all of your construction needs.

Intact360 is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners in India. We are into manufacturing stainless steel fasteners, we also provide our product design services in order to meet our customer’s expectations. In the industrial world, there is no replacement for the strength of a steel nut, bolt or screw. The fact of the matter is that thousands of components, including nuts, bolts and screws are used in a wide variety of applications. These include commercial aviation, aerospace and defense, maritime, alternative energy, mining, oil and gas, heavy manufacturing, public works, and construction, to name just a few. 

As a manufacturer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the products you’re producing are accurate, safe, and reliable. That’s why it’s so important to have a system of checks and balances in place. A quality control inspection is one of the best ways to ensure your products are being made to the highest standards.

Our Fasteners Manufacturing Range Includes:

  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Studs
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Washers
  • Rivets
  • Circlips

Here is a list of some of the various products that they offer their clientele:

  • Marine accessories
    • Link chains
    • Stainless steel jaw swivel snap shackles
    • Stainless steel rope cleats
    • Mooring bollards
    • Marine fasteners
    • Foundation bolts

Through Intact360’s marine accessories, several companies have completed their products with the highest standard of materials. This promotes their own company’s success and helps with maritime safety. Intact360 prides itself on the achievements of its marine industry and other important areas of production.

  • Lifting and Rigging:
    • Polyester webbing slings
    • Chain slings
    • Ratchets
    • Wire rope clamp
    • Bow shackle nut bolt and screw pin type
    • Eye book
    • Eye bolt
    • Swivel
    • Link chain
    • Turnbuckles

Intact360 works hard to create the finest and strongest materials to help clients successfully lift and rig within their operations. Using solid materials and proven production methods, customers return satisfied and become repeat customers due to the highest quality of customer service and presentation. 

  • Types of springs
    • Compression
    • Torsion
    • Extension
    • Garter
    • Valve
    • Special ordered springs

High-quality springs are another specialty of Intact360’s. Several clients use these springs to complete the manufacturing of their products. The proven methods and materials create long-lasting and robust springs, ready for any use our customers might need of the products. 

  • Fasteners
    • Leading supplier of DIN
    • ISO standard fasteners like nuts, bolts, studs, threaded rods, screws, washers, anchor bolts, rivets, and customized features

Intact360 is best known as premier fasteners manufacturers in India.  With a wide range of particular fasteners with uses in several industries, the company is proud to be one of the best, if not the leading, producers of fasteners in India. Clients worldwide order from Intact360 because of their quality products and the pins’ ability to perform any job required and withhold normal wear and tear. 

  • COVID-19 Safety Materials

During these troubling times, Intact360 has even stepped up to provide key PPE for companies that continue to operate their facilities. From gloves to masks, clients worldwide have remained protected and performing no matter what has happened in the last year. 

Among their products, their most impressive are their fasteners. There are several different types of pins that the company creates and delivers to their clients for particular purposes.

Industrial Fasteners

The use of industrial fasteners ranges across several different industries. Their fasteners manufacturers in India make all products with quality materials. Some of the many sectors that Intact360 helps customers through their supply of fasteners include the following:

  • Automobile
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Food Processing Plants

These fasteners are built to last and created to withhold enormous strength and weight. Intact360 employs experts who work hard to maintain the highest standard of quality for these industrial fasteners. These fasteners are offered at market-leading prices as well. 

Clients have the option to choose any number of applicable fasteners for their uses in their industry. Some of the best and most popular pins are the following items:

  • Mild Steel and Carbon Steel
    • Grade 4.6
    • Grade 5.6
    • Grade 8.8
    • Grade 10.9
    • Grade 12.9
  • Stainless Steel
    • 302
    • 304/A2-70
    • 304/A2-80
    • 316/A4-70
    • 316/A4-80
    • 316L
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Zinc Plated Steel
  • Aluminum

All fasteners manufacturing for Intact360 is completed in Mumbai, India. Many of the fasteners that have been mentioned above are used in the automobile and agriculture industries. In particular, steel fasteners are used in these industries:

  • Automobile
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Food Processing Plants

Why Choose Intact360?

There are many reasons you should choose Intact360 to be your fastener manufacturer globally. 

Many Products

One of the main reasons is their wide range of products. Unlike other companies you might encounter, they work to service multiple clients in several different industries. Their goal is always to provide the highest quality product and meet their customer where they need products.

Globally Successful

Intact360 is also globally recognized as a leading manufacturing company of fasteners. There are clients all around the world that rely on their products to complete their own production needs. Without Intact360’s high-quality products and excellent customer service, they would not be nearly as popular. You can trust that they have worked to maintain high standards within their firm.

24/7 Customer Support

Unlike other manufacturing companies, there is 24/7 customer support on their website. No matter your problem, Intact360 is prepared to help you overcome any challenge and answer any question that arises. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Intact360 is committed to providing optimal prices for its clients. They work hard to ensure that they maintain good relationships, sell their products at market value, and ensure that every product is worth the price they offer to sell them for.

True Experts

You can trust that Intact360 is a veteran in the fastener manufacturing industry in India. With years of experience, they have collected meaningful experiences to know how to operate their business optimally. They have worked hard on their production, customer service, and even sped up their delivery and improved their quality management. Their commitment to their customer exceeds all others in the industry.

To reach out to Intact360 to find out more about what products will best suit your needs, check out their website to learn more and get in touch with a representative.