How Sweepstakes are Redefining The Online Gaming Experience

Sweepstake casinos are currently at the forefront of online gaming in the United States. The online gambling world is always changing but the addition of sweepstake casinos is one of the biggest changes we have witnessed in the industry for many years. 

Sweepstake casinos are continuing to rise in popularity and have become an important topic of discussion for anyone interested in playing online casino games. There is no doubt sweepstake casinos are redefining the online gambling experience but in what ways are they altering the industry?

Online Gambling Laws

The concept of sweepstake casinos means they can avoid falling under regular online gambling laws. At the time of writing, only six states in the US have legally accepted online casinos and that means playing online casino games for real money is unavailable to most American people. However, sweepstake casinos are legally available in most US states because they do not use real money to play casino games. 

Sweepstake casinos use virtual currency and there are two types of virtual currency at every sweepstake casino. Gold coins are the most common and the coins can be purchased for real money but they have no real-world value. However, when buying gold coins, you can also be awarded sweeps coins and these can also be used to play the games at sweepstake casinos. 

Sweep coins cannot be purchased but they can be redeemed for real cash prizes, so it is possible to win real money when playing games at sweepstake casinos. It quickly becomes apparent how sweepstake casinos are redefining the gambling experience by legally offering people the chance to win real money playing casino games but without having to obtain the same license as a real money online casino.

Social Interaction

Another element of sweepstake casinos that is redefining the online gambling experience is the social aspect. Most sweepstake casinos have a social element that gives players the chance to communicate with each other. 

Real money online casinos offer live dealer games and this offers some interaction between players and the dealer but communication between players is not encouraged in the same way as sweepstake casinos. 

It is possible to send virtual gifts to other players at sweepstake casinos and participate in friendly competitions. Players can even choose to form a team to enter competitions together and the gaming experience is more engaging thanks to the social interaction available at sweepstake casinos. When playing at real money online casinos, it is mostly a single-player experience, without any interaction with any of the other players who are using the casino. 

For a lot of people, they want to be left alone to gamble and have fun but for others, the social interaction element of sweepstake casinos offers something different. It feels friendlier for those who may be new to playing online casino games.


Both real money online casinos and sweepstake casinos offer welcome bonuses to players and they are similar in that respect. However, the welcome package offered by sweepstake casinos differs slightly in that the bonus is split between two different virtual currencies. 

Most sweepstake casinos offer no deposit bonuses made up of gold coins but sweeps coins are often included in the welcome promotion. As explained above, sweep coins can be redeemed for real cash prizes having played games using them at sweepstake casinos, so in some ways, it is like being offered the chance to win money without having to make any initial payment. 

There are plenty of no-deposit offers to claim at Sweepstake casinos and the Sweepstake casino site has a guide to no deposit bonus offers. Some real money online casinos also offer no deposit bonuses but one of the many features people enjoy about sweepstake casinos is the continued bonuses they give to players. It can be possible to continue playing at sweepstake casinos using gold coins without ever having to spend any real money to buy gold coins. 

There are often daily, weekly, and monthly competitions running at sweepstake casinos that award gold coins to lucky players. As mentioned above, players can join forces to enter competitions and can win gold coins to continue playing games.

Sweepstake casinos are redefining the gambling experience by bringing the opportunity to win real prizes by playing casino games to states where real money online casinos are illegal. The social interaction element is also changing the way people play casino games online and sweepstake casinos are an exciting alternative to traditional online casinos.