How to Bet on IPL Matches?

Who does not want to get a chance to win in the IPL. Everyone knows the IPL will resume soon. This means, a lot of people are waiting to try their luck through betting in the cash-rich tournament.

You can get as many opportunities into IPL betting as possible with the help of legal betting platforms and bookies. However, when it comes to gambling, you should know that effective ways to profit are essential.

When it comes to online IPL betting, there are numerous ways to gain an advantage with either resources or knowledge. One such platform that can help you with this is Parimatch IPL cricket betting.

Continue reading further to know more about some free IPL betting tips that can help you get started on your betting career.

  • Set a Betting Budget

Before you start analyzing your bet, you need to decide how much money you want to put aside as your betting budget. Be aware of the limitations in advance, as online gambling means you have to deposit funds before you start gambling. That is highly indispensable for safe and responsible gambling.

  • Look at IPL Betting Odds

After you have set an acceptable budget, you will need to look into the odds. When betting online, you should become familiar with odds because they determine the possibility and profit associated with winning a bet.

  • Get to Know the Teams

Proper betting and profitability for IPL include research and additional studies on it. Without this, betting is executed on pure theory, and it might hardly bring you the desired results.

A significant part of the research you must do should be on the teams playing in the league. Focus on their strengths and weaknesses and their performance in previous competitions.

If you are confused about where and how to research the selection of the team, let us tell you that this online data can get complete thinking per match and every player for IPL.

  • Focus on Skilled Players

If you are new to this game, you should always choose skilled players, be it batting or bowling. It is effortless to select proficient players because the IPL tournament is very long, and you can wisely choose one or two players to bet on for yourself.

Another thumb rule is; it is not mandatory that old players will always do well in the tournaments. It has been seen that a lot of newbies and lesser known players have made a big impact. So choose wisely.

  • Grab Benefit on Live IPL

Live betting can, in a way, lead to higher profits because you can place bets in real-time, depending on the progress of the match. Your betting will not have to be restricted to the start of the game only.

Betting on individual players during an ongoing match can be beneficial since the odds change at times. This happens as the match progresses and shifts to the advantage of either of the teams.

Live betting gives you big profit and also a different experience and excitement to keep your spirits up. But keep in mind that do not lose your senses in enthusiasm, which a lot of people tend to do.


So these were some tips for betting in the IPL. It would be best if you learned these rules well before placing a bet. If possible, master your skills completely before diving in as one correct guess can get you a significant advantage for betting in the IPL.

Apart from this, there are some betting rules in the IPL, which you can discover in Parimatch IPL cricket betting