How To Bypass GamStop: 7 Easy Ways To Get back Into The Casino

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that helps players overcome their addiction to casinos. If you were persuaded or coerced into signing up to this site, you simply made a mistake at one time and are looking for ways around Gamstop, then you’re on the right page. Below we will tell you all the working methods to bet again on your favorite games, which will allow you to overcome the self-exclusion program.

How to bypass Gamstop blocking: Top 7 Guides

The self-exclusion process is bad in that it makes it impossible to log in and register on gaming sites that comply with the rules set by the UKGC. The blocking period is half a year to 5 years, so for many players it becomes too long, so they look for alternatives. Overall, there are several methods that despite the UKGC and Gamstop trying their best to provide absolute security for UK players, work.

Register with a site that does not participate in GamStop

There are many gaming sites on the internet that have not been licensed by the UKGC, hence do not participate in Gamstop. They don’t pay big taxes to the regulator like UK online casinos do, so they have a lot to offer their visitors. It’s a wide range of games, odds, markets (if you like betting) that you won’t find in UK establishments. Signing up at the same isn’t very time consuming, but the presence of good bonuses makes the game more interesting.

Play casinos without verification

These are unverified casinos that allow visitors to spin the reels, play poker without having to be verified. Such establishments allow self-excluded players to continue playing again, as the Gamstop system will not find their name in the database. Some of these casinos will still require some sort of authentication when it comes to withdrawing winnings from a deposit, so always read the internal documents of the site (Terms of Use, Rules, etc.).

Use a bitcoin and cryptocasino account

The problem with Gamstop is that it finds players by identity, so online cryptocurrency casinos can get around this problem. These gambling operators don’t need KYC paperwork, paid bill references with registration verification and self-exclusion profiles. The most important thing is to have a cryptocurrency wallet and a positive balance on it. Such establishments often use bitcoin as their primary currency, but many have gone further by accepting other types of cryptocurrency as well. Before making a deposit, make sure the site allows not only anonymous deposits but also withdrawals.

Take a trip to a land-based casino

There are reasons why players are increasingly opting for online casinos, such as the convenience of playing on a mobile phone at any time of day or night, low betting limits, a wide range of bonuses and other things. They tend to avoid land-based establishments. But if you’re in the Gamstop program in the UK, a land-based casino can be a great alternative. They haven’t signed up to the blockchain programme, they accept all visitors, and depending on where you live, this option could be the quickest and easiest way to get back into the game.

Use VPN software

Virtual private networks allow players to change their geographical location online. This way, players will appear as if they are playing their favourite slots and poker games from another location on the planet. Casinos and betting sites that are traditionally blocked to UK residents will be available to such users. Not all online casinos work this way, and many may penalise players if they find out they are using a VPN, so always check this point before registering at a new gaming site.

Ask a friend to open an account under their name

Also considered an easy way to beat the Gamstop blocking – simply change your account to a new one and play under a different name. Just never do this without the person’s knowledge.

Just wait until the blockage expires

If all the above didn’t work for you, just wait until the self-exclusion period has passed. Gamstop’s voluntary registration scheme gives you a choice of 3 exclusion periods – six months, 12 months and 60 months. Once you have signed up for this service, you will not be able to cancel your decision.

Remember that you cannot simply get out of blocking mode, even if your blocking period has expired. In order to do that you need to contact Gamstop support service to unregister. Only after that, the service will delete the player’s personal data from the database. You will be able to use all the sites and accounts that were previously available to you again.

The option to wait a while is not the best option for players who have been on the 5-year exclusion list, which is why they are looking for other ways to deal with this issue. Use our recommendations to get back in the game. We advise you to take a closer look at the most popular way – registering on foreign sites with international licenses.