How to Make a Hopper in Minecraft: Step by Step Guide

Minecraft is loved by adults and kids alike. You can unleash your imagination in the creative mode or play the survival mode for some action. 

A hopper in Minecraft is a block that acts as a helping hand to catch and transfer your stuff from one chest to another.

For all the Minecraft gamers who are beginners, it is essential to learn the steps to make a hopper in Minecraft.

Hopper Usage

Once you learn this skill, you will have a crafting ingredient and a major Redstone component.

A hopper consists of 2 holes. The first hole is always facing upwards, ready to pull in items in intervals of 400 milliseconds.

The second one lies at the bottom. You can change its direction depending on your requirement and can make it face down or sideways.

As we had mentioned earlier, you can use the hopper to transfer items from one chest to another chest.

You can connect the second hole to the chest, which will receive the items from the first one.

Simply aim for the chest in which you want items to be transferred while placing the hopper.

Pistons cannot move hoppers. Besides, they act as an attached block that is not solid but can be useful to trap levers, rails, tripwire, and Redstone.

What all do you need to make a hopper in Minecraft?

Before you begin making one, ensure that you have all the essential materials.

You have to include five iron ingots and one chest in your inventory before starting this task. And to obtain the iron ingots, smelt some iron ore or procure some from underground dungeons, chests, strongholds, and villages.

Also, you may look for it in woodland mansions, treasure chests, jungle temples, desert temples, and shipwrecks. You can make a chest using eight wooden planks on a crafting table.

Step to make a hopper in Minecraft

Now that you have all the materials to begin your Minecraft adventures, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Pick a 3×3 grid in your crafting menu or crafting table. 

Step 2: Now, place all your materials into this grid and follow a specific pattern. Otherwise, your attempt may be unsuccessful. The first row of the grid should have one iron ingot in the first and the third box. 

For the second row, there should be one iron ingot in the first and the third box. Also, add one wooden chest in the second box.

For the third row, place one iron ingot in the second box leaving other boxes empty.

Step 3: After placing all the materials in their correct places, you’ll be delighted. You should see the hopper icon in the box on the right side of the crafting table.

Step 4: Now, move this into the inventory, and it is ready to use.

Have fun playing and making automatic potions or simply catch stuff with these!