How To Never Forget a Birthday Ever Again

A birthday is a special occasion for everyone to celebrate the day they came into this world. It is one of the most incredible days to celebrate, and you should make as grand an occasion as possible.

Unfortunately, we live such busy lives that forgetting a loved one’s birthday is something that happens more often than you would think. It is impossible to remember everyone’s birthday, but you can remember the birthdays of those closest to you.

If you do have problems remembering other people’s birthdays, the following are some tips to ensure you never forget a birthday ever again:

Use Reminders

We live in a golden age of technology, so it is a wonder how little of it we use if we cannot forget loved ones’ birthdays. A simple tip to never forget a birthday again is to use your calendar and set a reminder for every date you would like to remember.

Everyone with a smartphone can do this, and it would also be a good idea to have a backup reminder on your laptop. Use an online calendar and mark the birthdays you would like to remember. Ensure that you set the reminder to occur yearly.

The reminder will not only remind you of birthdays, but it will also help you organize birthday parties to commemorate your loved ones’ special days.

Buy a Gift

A great tip to never forget a birthday is to buy gifts that are delivered automatically such as flower subscription gifts. Even if their birthday falls on a special occasion like Valentine’s day, there are still times one can easily forget a loved one’s birthday. 

If their birthday does fall on such a day, there are lovely limited edition Valentine flowers you can request to make it extra special.

Even if you do forget the birthday, doing this is an excellent idea because you will be well-prepared, without too much effort or thought.

Gifts make birthdays special, so you should ensure that the present has sentimental value. An affordable but thoughtful gift will always be better than an expensive thoughtless one. 

Use Related Dates to Remember Birthdays

A helpful tip, especially for committing birthdays to memory, is to relate them to other important dates. Therefore, every time you think of a date, you automatically remember that someone’s birthday is right before or after that.

We live in a society with many norms, and there are dates that we collectively celebrate; hence we cannot forget them. Use these norms to your advantage and never forget a birthday ever again.

For example, if someone’s birthday is around Christmas, find a way to relate their birthday to Christmas and start planning their birthday party alongside the Christmas party. It is a good memory technique because of the associative nature of the human brain. Or if a favorite movie came out during their birthday, it can be easy for you to remember it by association.

Make A-List

If all else fails, you should create a list of all the important dates in your life. You are guaranteed to have vital events that you will want to celebrate annually, and it is a perfect opportunity to include loved ones’ birthdays on the list. 

Take a day and write down every important date in your calendar. You will include events such as anniversaries, memorials, and birthdays, among others. Call everyone you care about and ask them when their birthday is, adding the dates to the list.

Keep the list close or somewhere openly visible so you can have a constant reminder of the dates.

Birthdays are crucial to show the ones we love that we value them and appreciate the day they came into our lives. Use the tips above, never to forget a birthday ever again. The key is to find a system that works specifically for you.