How to Optimize Your PC Browser for Gaming

When it comes to PC gaming guides, much of the spotlight is focused on how to make your computer run top-of-the-line console games. However, this is not the sole domain of computer gaming. Countless millions of us are also fans of browser games, which typically run on HTML and allow for low-commitment, low-spec gaming on virtually any device.

What’s more, you can increasingly play a range of advanced games entirely on your browser, such as Fortnite or CS: GO. So, how can you optimize your browser for the best possible gaming experience? Read on to find out. 

Choose your browser

When playing browser games, it makes sense that your choice of browser would have a significant impact on your gameplay experience. For advanced browser-based gaming, your best choice hands-down is Opera GX. This is the only mainstream dedicated gaming browser out there, one that is fine-tuned to allow you to play all of your favorite online games with minimum disruption. If you would rather work with what you have, then Google Chrome is also consistently ranked as the top platform for browser-based gaming. 

Use secure game libraries

It’s not only your choice of browser that matters but also your choice of games. If, like most browser gamers, you choose games from online game libraries, then choosing a secure site is key. Let’s say you are playing browser games at an online casino platform. You would want to choose something like this casino, which clearly has secure SSL encryption (as indicated by the lock icon in your URL bar) to allow you to safely play hundreds of real money browser games, such as slots, table games, and live casino games. Only ever use a game library that you can trust. 

Adjust your browser settings

Having the right browser is not enough. It also pays to know which browser settings are most conducive to a good gaming session. If you are using a dedicated gaming browser such as Opera GX, then everything is pretty straightforward. Simply go to your settings and switch on the RAM and CPU limiters, adjusting them so that they are at the lowest level.

This will allow you to dedicate maximum resources to your browser gaming session, without anything dragging you down. If you are using a standard browser such as Chrome, make sure to enable override software rendering and also to enable loading IPC optimization for small resources. You can access these settings simply by going to Chrome://flags. 

Shut down background processes

The same principle that applies to any other form of PC gaming also applies to browser gaming. If you are having a slow go of it, close all of your background processes, or at least as many as possible. This also applies to your browser activity.

Close all unnecessary tabs and check that you don’t have any additional windows open that could be stealing precious bandwidth. Pause or cancel any downloads before you begin your gaming session. In most cases, this is all that you need to do to fix a slow browser game. 

These simple steps will allow you to enjoy flawless browser gaming that will leave you wondering why anyone would ever want to pay for a high-spec PC game in the first place.