How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Without iTunes

Our images contain priceless memories and information that cannot be compromised. Thus, creating a backup on a PC is essential to avoid permanent data loss. Moreover, you may face storage issues for saving photos and videos on your iPhone. In this case, transferring photos from the iPhone to the computer can free up space. Furthermore, some professionals need to edit high-resolution images on a PC with editing software.

Therefore, you must know how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer without iTunes safely. To do so, you should know about a data transfer tool that can prioritize your data security. Moreover, we will also guide you about some other methods that can help you in moving your pictures from iPhone to computer.

Part 1: The Best Way to Transfer Thousands of Photos Simultaneously from iPhone to PC

If you are looking for a trustworthy phone transfer tool, we recommend Wondershare MobileTrans. The best advantage of using this tool is its cross-platform compatibility. Besides transferring photos from iPhone to PC, it can also share files from Android to iPhone without issues. Furthermore, its Phone Transfer feature lets you export data from a mobile device to a computer with one click. You won’t need technical expertise to shift the selected data from your phone to your PC through MobileTrans. 

This process is more efficient and practical than other manual methods. Moreover, this data transfer tool uses advanced technology to prevent data loss during transmission. The data protection technique on this software ensures not to overwrite existing data on the device. Along with sharing photos from iPhone to PC, you can also import computer data to the iPhone. Hence, it’s a must-have tool to create sufficient storage on mobile devices by exporting data to the computer. 

More Key Features

  • Shift iCloud Data to Android: This tool shows a wide range of compatibility with more than 6000 smartphones. It is built to transfer iCloud data to an Android device without seeking technical help. Hence, you can execute iCloud data transfer to any Android device with a single tap. 
  • WhatsApp Transfer: Like a phone transfer feature, MobileTrans lets you share your WhatsApp data across devices. You can choose to move your WhatsApp chats, media files, stickers, and other data to the desired platform. 
  • Export WhatsApp Data to PC: To read your WhatsApp Business chats effectively, you can export the messages on your PC. Moreover, this tool allows you to export WhatsApp Business data in HTML or PDF format. In such file format, you can also print your essential WhatsApp Business chats efficiently. 

Guidelines to Export iPhone Photos to PC with Wondershare MobileTrans 

MobileTrans is a user-friendly tool with a one-click solution to transfer data between devices. Here are the steps that can help you to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes

Step 1: Go to the Phone Transfer Section 

Initiate by attaching your iPhone to the computer through a USB-C or lightning cable. Once your PC successfully detects your iPhone, open Wondershare MobileTrans and select the “Phone Transfer” section.

Step 2: Select the iPhone Photos to Export 

From the Phone Transfer section, click on “Export to Computer.” From the left side, choose the “Photos” tab and select the image you want to shift. Afterward, hit the “Export” button to begin the transfer process. Ensure to keep your iOS device connected throughout the process. Once the transfer process ends, you can disconnect the phone from your PC.

Part 2: How to Move Photos from iPhone to PC with Photos App

One of the traditional methods of moving photos from iPhone to PC is through Photos App. In this method, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection. Also, you don’t have to install a tool on your computer to execute this process. Thus, follow the below instructions to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes

Step 1: Start by connecting your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. Now, unlock your iPhone to ensure its proper connection with the PC. Afterward, go to the “Start” button on your PC and choose the “Photos” app to proceed. Following this, click “Import” from the top right side and select your connected iPhone.

Step 2: To import all photos, you can check the box “Select All.” Furthermore, you can import particular photos by checking the box “Select New.” Once done, tap on the “Add X Items” to move forward. Now, specify where you want to save the imported photos on your PC. Afterward, click the “Add” button to begin the transfer process.

Part 3: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC via File Explorer

Many people copy the photos from their iPhones by using File Explorer on their computer. It’s also a manual process that can be done without seeking professional help. To begin this process, proceed to the below instructions: 

Step 1: Begin by connecting your iPhone to the PC with a suitable USB cable. Now, unlock your iPhone and select the “Allow” option to proceed. Move to your PC and locate the “File Explorer.” From the side section, select “Apple iPhone” and then double-click on “Internal Storage.” 

Step 2: It will give you access to all the iPhone images divided into folders. Access the required folder, choose the pictures you want to move and right-click on it. Tap “Copy” and then proceed to another place to paste it. Right-click on a different location and select “Paste.” You can also copy and paste the entire folder through this method.

Part 3: How to Use iCloud to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

iCloud is a reliable platform for saving and syncing media files from an iPhone. It works as a backup system by storing our precious files on its platform. Moreover, you can also use iCloud to shift the selected photos from your iPhone to the computer. Hence, this part of the article will highlight how to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop without iTunes using iCloud. 

Step 1: First, install iCloud on your PC from the official website of Apple or Microsoft Store. Afterward, log into your iCloud through your Apple ID. After signing into iCloud, you can activate iCloud services like iCloud Drive. Then, enable the feature of “Photos” and tap “Close.” 

Step 2: Now, launch File Explorer and click “iCloud Photos” from the left side section. Meanwhile, make sure that iCloud is active on your iPhone. If not, go to the iCloud Settings of your iPhone and tap “Photos.” From there, enable “iCloud Photos.”


Creating a backup of your photos on your computer is ideal to prevent permanent data loss. Moreover, excessive photos on your iPhone can take up the whole storage space. Thus, transferring photos from an iPhone to a PC is necessary to free up the storage space. We have discussed many manual methods on this tool to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes. However, if you want a simple yet fastest way, we highly recommend Wondershare MobileTrans.