How to Use a Ring Cam? Everything You Need to Know

Are you a young student in a big city with big aspirations for the future? If you are, there are high chances you live in a dormitory or rent a flat with someone. Regardless of the dwelling, buy a ring cam to ensure your security, especially if you live alone. You want to know who stole your package from the entry threshold, right? Or check whether you’ve got a stalker following you home. 

How to choose a perfect ring cam to get top-level security? Check the tips below from our experts.

What is a Ring Cam?

A ring camera is a type of security camera that the user sticks up to their front door. Monitoring any suspicious activities in the front-yard space or lobby is the main camera’s function. If you’re stuck with writing essays and contacting a paper writer online on, you’re too busy to stay wary of the noises behind your front door. This is when a ring cam that is budget- and user-friendly comes in handy.

Why Buy a Security Cam?

  • Detect criminal activity near the entries like basement doors or first-floor windows. Remember ‘Home Alone’? We bet Kevin would have been less scared if his parents had a few ring cams around the house; 
  • Detect the activity of wild animals (everyone knows the raccoon’s favorite place – a trash can or kitchen);
  • Keep your eyes on the garage. Even while you’re sleeping. Well, Kevin’s parents would have slept better if they had an attic cam to check on their son.

As you’ve already guessed, the ring cam performs the same functions, but all of them are front-door related. With a ring cam, you can always check whether a stranger at your doorstep is a courier you’re waiting for or a burglar.

Things to Consider When Buying a Ring Cam

A ring doorbell or a peephole cam will have special power sources, features, and prices. Just like any other security camera, it will be equipped with night vision and motion detection. Consider the next aspects before paying for a new cam:

  • Number of cameras. Is there only an entry to monitor? Do you rent a house with a basement and a garage?
  • Door material. Some metal doors prevent wi-fi connectivity. Also, the thicker the door is, the lower is the wi-fi signal; 
  • Power source. Some cameras have rechargeable batteries, while others need house current;
  • Is the cam easy to mount? Most ring cams are mounted right on the peephole. The best part is that ring cams don’t leave spots or marks. Hence, your landlord/landlady will be happy;
  • Network speed and expanders. If your wi-fi speed is low, you may need to add an expander. By doing so, you’ll get a high-quality video taken by the camera and transmitted to your phone or laptop screen;
  • Budget. Obviously, you should pay your bills. And a huge student loan. Therefore, make sure you buy a camera which price meets quality. 

How to Install a Ring Cam?

Whether you need to install a security cam for a backyard or a ring doorbell cam, the steps will be similar. Just carefully follow the company’s guidelines, equip with the right tool kit, take your roommate, and you’re ready to go!

  • Tools. Commonly, the companies provide their customers with a set of tools and elements to install their products. You’ll probably find a screwdriver, a few screws, and some other additional elements like charging cables. If you haven’t been provided with the necessary tools, ask your neighbors to rent some of them;
  • Battery and the Internet. Charge the battery. Once it turns green, download the company’s app. Check the wi-fi signal and add an extender if the connection is low;
  • Installation. To install the camera safely, shut off the power in the house if there is a wired doorbell. Follow the guidelines in your manual and add the doorbell wires if you want to get phone alerts each time a stranger presses the doorbell button;
  • Set application preferences. Once you turn on the power back, browse through the app. With the help of the ring app, you’ll get alerts on your phone and the ability to ‘take calls’ from front-door strangers. 

More Advice on Purchasing and Installation

  • Read reviews on the cam model you’ve chosen. Marketing specialists will do everything to sell you a product. Unfortunately, not everything which is advertised runs smoothly or matches its characteristics;
  • If all those mounting brackets give you a headache, check installation videos on YouTube. There are high chances someone has already solved the problem you’re experiencing; 
  • You can skip the whole installation process by calling the company’s installation master. Since you’ll deal with electric current, you’ll put yourself in danger. Isn’t it better to leave the job to the master and save your nerves? 
  • Use the cam’s app to the fullest. Now you know that you can answer the doorbell ring with the use of the phone. But do you know that you can also adjust the private zones? If your neighbor’s entry falls into the camera view, use the app to make the cam disregard it. 

Learn the Cam Controversy Before Buying the Actual Product

  • Because your footage gets stored in the cloud, anyone from Amazon can reach it. Yes, it is highly unethical, and the company has already been in a few lawsuits. Just some food for thought; 
  • The police can ask you for the footage if a crime happens in your living area. Sure, you can say ‘no,’ but they will later visit Amazon with a warrant and get the footage anyway;
  • Your app account may get hacked and used for blackmailing; 
  • The cam will register movement each time a bird bumps into your door, or a mailman throws a newspaper. Pretty hectic for a one-eyed cam that feeds on house current, right? Yet make sure not to lose your sleep because of constant alerts.

Final Thoughts

A ring cam is a great way to ensure security whether you’re sleeping in your bedroom or traveling miles away from your home. With easy installation and student-friendly prices, a ring cam will keep your paranoia away. Make sure you don’t violate your neighbor’s privacy, and you’re good to go!

We hope the article was helpful. Stay safe!