How to view private Instagram profile?

Instagram is a remarkable platform that is harnessed by users to share pictures and videos instantly.

It is not only used by the general public but also by influencers and businesses.

Instagram provides the choice of both public and private accounts. And many of us are curious to view the private Instagram profile of someone.

Mostly, it is of our exes, crushes, or family members. And we also want that our account is hidden from others.

So, if you want to know how to view the private Instagram profile of someone, here are some ways:

The Right Way

The best way to view someone’s private profile is by sending them a follow request. If the person knows you, he or she will accept it. However, you need to be aware of the IG name of the person.

If, in any case, the person does not accept your follow request, try communicating with them.

You can also perform a Google search for people and get additional information from other networks like Facebook.

Other ways to view a private Instagram profile

The Duplicate Account

This way is not favorable, and one should try at their own risk. Make sure that your account is attractive and has genuine content.

Also, take some time to develop your account and keep it private.

This will make your users curious about you. After doing all this, send a follow request to your favored account.

The 3rd Party Way

Well, if any of this does not work out for you. You can try to use third party websites to view the content on someone’s profile. This method is not RECOMMENDED. You can try it at your own risk.

There are websites that charge you for giving you access to private accounts on Instagram.

Be cautious about them as they can also infect your PC with malware.

Moreover, they can access your personal data. If you are trying to view a private Instagram account via these websites, please exercise extra caution.