How To Write A College Essay?

Some important things in life are more crucial than others. Writing great application essay to get into college of your dreams is one of such turning points. Although such pressure may be unnerving, understanding the importance of this part of application procedure motivates for finding smarter approach. Successful essay is not a blind luck, but a recipe to follow. It includes serious preparation, lots of personality and careful realization. Let’s discover all the ingredients to your best essay!

Importance of Good Essay

One could argue that the application essay plays the biggest role in one’s chances for admission into college. However, official academia representatives do not confirm such claims and state that all elements of the application contribute to general evaluation. 

Whatever the reality, one thing you can be sure of is that your essay could put you higher or lower on the admission list everything else being equal. Planning on going to Ivy League college with your stakes put on impressive academic performance? Literally everybody with a glimpse of chance for successful admission would show great scores. In such case your essay may become the only opportunity for you to showcase your amazing self. Here we come to the question – how to write such an essay?

Start With a Plan

The popular problem with any essay with a limited word count is that you either write too much or too little. Neither is appropriate for a college admission essay. Making a clear plan would help you to find necessary and interesting ideas for your essay and conquer fear of blank page.Start With a Plan

Most colleges decide on the topic for a given year. But even for a general expression of motivation you can define your own subtopics. Choose from two to four key arguments you’d like to expand and draft several reasoning and examples under each of them. Useful tool for this exercise is a mind map. Draw a bubble with main topic in center with sub-topics or arguments branching out of it. Visualization may boost your creativity for an inspired writing. Mind map software is also one of very helpful studying tools for college, facilitating course notes organization and exam preparation.

Show Your True Self but Not Too Much

You are a wonderful person. Your parents know. Your friends know it. You may even have some testimonials to support this in your application package. But how to really attract the attention and leave positive impression? 

Authenticity is a great approach and the wisest one in a long run. Make your life a story worth telling and tie it with reasons for applying to a specific college. Be honest and straightforward – your essay should not look too polished or excessively dramatic. 

On the other hand, it is not the place for internal jokes or too intimate details. No point in making admission committee confused or uncomfortable. The perfect balance of an honest storytelling lies where a great personal story is with one or two vulnerabilities opened.

If at this stage you’re feeling stuck or reluctant to share your personal details with strangers even for the potentially great education, maybe you should consider asking for college essay help. Such services as work with professional writers with at least MA degree. So, your essay would have insights and quality an educated experienced person would know is expected.

Use Original non-Cliché Arguments 

Getting education to make world a better place, solve hunger and cancer problems, help spread equality and democracy. These are great causes, but also very talking markers of generic reasons every admission committee had seen a thousand times. Coming up with original but honest motivation may be hard but totally worth it for your own benefit. 

Use Original non-Cliché Arguments 

Even if you can’t think of anything obviously impressive, your real-life experience is a chest of treasures for fascinating narrative. To find that precious gem for your application essay you can try experimenting with storytelling prompts. Just few ideas to inspire you for writing:

  • recall a tough skill from your childhood you’ve eventually mastered
  • describe how you usually help your friends or family
  • tell what injustice you’d like to correct if you had an opportunity
  • what would be your power in a superhero universe?

Short paragraphs on such topics would probably not be rightly appropriate for a college application essay but could rather be an exercise in self-exploration. This could give you cue for ideas or important examples for your essay. But if you’re still feeling stuck having no ideas or desire to search your inner writer, think about using help of the essay writing service.  There’s no reason for risking missing deadline for college application, when professional agencies with good reputation like guarantee perfect quality within agreed timeframes.

Your college essay may seem like the most important text you’ve written so far. Don’t let this idea intimidate you. Use your creativity and personal touch to share your thoughts on the importance of education for your future. Ask for help or advice when necessary and start writing your best story.