26 Alternatives for IFVOD In 2024 (100% Safe)

IFVOD is one of the most prominent Chinese TV streaming platforms. It has more than 900 channels and offers high-quality streaming to Chinese speakers from all around the world.

Known for its wide range of genres, including Chinese dramas, k dramas, sports, and other popular Chinese shows. 

Previously, IFVOD was built exclusively for the Chinese masses. However, owing to globalisation and increase in popularity, the website has incurred several changes to accommodate more users from around the world.

Today, the website houses many other languages and shows from around the world. 

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What Happened to IFVOD?

Nothing really happened to IFVOD. It is still very much usable. The apk version of the application can be downloaded from multiple sources on the internet.

However, none of the website resources are reliable. Several resources provide a malicious version of the application, which could cause great harm to your system. 

However, IFVOD has only Chinese shows and a very limited collection of popular English TV shows. Hence, you might need to look for alternatives in order to access a wider range of content. 

Additionally, the legality of IFVOD still remains unclear. Although the DMCA has not taken down the website in many regions, the streaming platform is indeed sketchy. Since the app is not available on playstore or the app Store, using it could land you in trouble with computer viruses. 

Top 5 IFVOD Alternatives: Editor’s Pick

  1. Youku: A popular platform owned by Alibaba, It streams HD content for its users.
  2. Tencent Video: Another video streaming platform that has several titles, the website also has exclusive shows for the young ones.
  3. IFY TV: if you’re looking for a website with an intuitive user interface that seems professional, IFY TV is the perfect option for you! 
  4. Bilibili TV: Bilibili TV is a website that has a range of videos, on this website, creators can upload fan fiction and animations. 
  5. Qdramas.net: Qdramas is the perfect place to watch Chinese dramas, tv shows, you can find all popular English TV shows dubbed in Chinese.

26 Best Alternatives To IFVOD In 2024 – 100% Working

1. Ifun.tv 


One of the oldest players in the online streaming world. The channel has been airing since 1982. The platform is one of the most versatile ones. It streams Chinese movies, anime, music, sports, games, and lifestyle shows. 

Additionally, for those who do not comprehend Chinese, each show has English subtitles! The website is user-friendly and has around 1000 film channels.

Check out this website 

2. Miolive.tv


Miolive.tv is another exclusively Chinese popular streaming platform. Unlike IFVOD, the platform is exclusively built for Chinese watchers.

The website’s user interface might seem sketchy. However, it serves its purpose pretty well. The website is, however, inconvenient to use for non-Chinese speakers. The website is entirely Chinese. 

Check out this website 

3. OlaTV.net


If you’re looking for a globally recognised TV streaming platform, olaTV.net is a good option. Here you can find channels from the USA, UK, Brazil, Canada, UAE, and India.

Previously called relax.tv, OlaTV is the new and improved version of its parent platform. OlaTV has limited compatibility. The website cannot stream with popular players like MX player and VLC media player. It only supports Kshaw and Ludio player.

Check out this website 

4. 14tv.com


Popular in the states and Canada, this domain was registered about 20 years ago. Since then, the rankings of the website have been rising exponentially. 

The platform is known to have high security and credibility. Here you can find several popular titles in a pretty decent quality. 

Check out this website 

5.  Hurawatch


Hurawatch is a like-for-like substitution for IFVOD. This is because the platform is built entirely for Chinese TV show fanatics. The developers of the website have kept the user interface pretty neat and simple. Titles appear in tiles on the home page, and you can click on any of them to watch them. 

Additionally, the website is available both in Chinese and English. Hence, those who cannot read Chinese can still use the streaming platform! Here you can find an array of Chinese TV shows, Japanese and Korean dramas, sports, skits, and a lot more! 

Check out this website 

6. Pangzitv.com 


If you’re looking for a website that streams sports, TV shows, and movies, this should be it. Another exclusively Chinese platform, pangzi TV, streams live sports, movies, and TV shows in high definition. However, the channels are only available in Chinese. Additionally, the TV shows, and movies available are suitable for the Chinese-speaking population. 

Pangzi means Fatboy in Chinese, although the name is absurd, the platform does a good job of bringing its users HD movies and shows. 

Check out this website 

7. Huaren US


Huaren US is another excellent alternative to IFVOD. The website has a simple layout and an intuitive interface. The website allows you to watch movies and TV shows without registration. The home page is divided into genres that you can choose from. 

Hence, it is convenient to find a title that suits your mood! Don’t mistake Huaren to be just a regular streaming platform. Apart from live streaming, you can also get Chinese gossips and insiders from the film industry! 

Check out this website 



If you’re a simp for dark themes, then you’re going to love this streaming platform. The website has a neat dark interface that looks pretty professional. For better organization, the website has all the titles sorted by genre. 

Contrary to several other streaming platforms on the list, this website also has English titles dubbed in Chinese. You can find every popular movie and TV show here. From American TV shows to Japanese, from Korean to Chinese, the website has got it all!

Check out this website 

9. Watchseries


If you’re looking for a website that delivers movies from all around the world in your language, then you’re in the right place. Watchseries is a great platform that streams movies and shows in high definition. 

The website is built for intellectuals. Here, you can find the latest movies and and trending shows for free.

Check out this website 

10. MITBBS.com


Another sought-after forum for Chinese bulletin boards and live updates is MITBBS. An old player in the domain, MITBBS has an intuitive user interface. 

The forum is perfect for news enthusiasts. On this website, you also find short videos regarding the current happenings from around the world. If you’re someone who likes keeping all the world’s news on your finger tips, then this is the right place for you! 

Check out this website 

11. Qdramas.net


From Taiwanese drama to kdrama to Japanese drama and, of course, Chinese drama, the website has got it all. Known for its TV shows, the website has a highly simplified user interface.

Here, you can get all the super hits in their original language and dubbed in Chinese. The website is entirely in Chinese. The streaming quality is undoubtedly amazing. For a website with such a simple user interface, it indeed does a great job! 

Check out this website 

12. Xiaohongshu


Xiaohongshu isn’t essentially a streaming app, but if you wish to use it as one, you can. How? Well, Xiaohongshu is a social media cum e-commerce application that has shorts and video clips of shows and movies. 

The movies and shows are, however, uploaded by other users on the application. Hence we cannot guarantee the quality of the streaming. However, if you identify a reliable source that uploads quality streams on a regular basis, then Xiaohongshu can be a good resort! 

Check out this website 

13. 91MJW.com


Wish to watch all the popular American TV shows in your own language? Well, 91MJW is what you’re looking for. 91MJW is a premium streaming platform that streams dubbed American TV shows and movies in high definition. Almost every popular title is dubbed into Chinese. 

The website has a straightforward user interface, and additionally, the website developers ensure that new titles are uploaded to the platform frequently. The division of titles into genres makes it simple to browse through the website as well!

Check out this website 

14. Opevod.tv


Opevod describes itself as a massive high-definition streaming platform. The website claims to be one of the largest streaming platforms in China. They aim to provide the users with quality rich content and the latest titles. 

On this platform, you can find an array of TV shows from around the world. Including American, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese. Additionally, the platform also streams anime

Check out this website 

15. 6parknews.com


As the name suggests, 6parknews is for those who love keeping themselves updated regarding the latest happenings from around the world. The website’s user interface is nothing special, just a list of links to streams of short videos about news from around the world. 

The platform not only has short news videos but also has pictures and articles. If you’re someone who loves keeping yourself updated with the current happenings from around the world, then 6parknews is perfect for you!

Check out this website 

16. Have8.tv


Have8.tv is a storehouse for cartoons, anime, TV shows, and movies. The website’s layout is pretty straightforward. Have8.tv is like a combination of all the streaming platforms listed above. This is because we have news, tv shows, movies, webisodes, and cartoons all under one roof. 

The home page lists all the recent titles. Here, you can find all the hot shots. Another page lists the variety of genres available on the website. You can easily find the genre of your interest by browsing through the page.  

Check out this website 

17. Bilibili.tv


Bilibili.tv describes itself as the leading south Asian platform for fan fiction, animes, cartoons, and short videos. The platform is a mix and match of social media and video streaming. It allows users to upload videos from other sources or those made by them.

Here, you can find a plethora of animes, cartoons, and comics created by popular artists! Head to this website if anime appeals to you!

Check out this website 

18. 1905.com


The website is known for its classic old-school movies. From recent hits to the old classics, this website has got everything. The website is entirely in Chinese and hence perfect for Chinese movie buffs.

The platform also has a mobile app available. The user interface is flawlessly simple and seamless. The streaming quality is pretty good too! All in all, 1905.tv is a good alternative to IFVOD. 

Check out this website 

19. Dy2018.com 


Dy2018 is your one-stop shop for a plethora of titles. The platform is a true heaven for almost every movie buff, and it is well known for the wide range it offers. You name it, and this platform has it. 

The website has a variety of genres in movies, including action, romance, comedy, fiction, and sci-fi. Moreover, it also has tv shows, Kdramas, Japanese dramas, and anime for all the weebs out there!

Check out this website 

20. Jiqimao TV


Jiqimao TV is a creatively built website with a highly intuitive user interface. Known for its Chinese titles and Korean dramas, the website has a large range of options. Cartoons and anime, however, dominate Jiqimao TV. 

The streaming platform has high-quality content and is indeed a paradise for all anime lovers out there!

 Check out this website 

21. Mp4ba


Another handy alternative to IFVOD is mp4ba. Like other platforms on the list, this one also has a huge range of options. From movies to tv shows, you get almost everything on this website. 

Additionally, there is no restriction on the region of the TV show available as well. On this website, you can find TV shows from everywhere in the world. Taiwan, Japan, Korea, America, and China – this platform has a huge collection of popular shows from around the globe.  

Check out this website 

22. iQiyi


iQiyi is one of the most popular Chinese streaming platforms. At present, there are about 480 million monthly users. About 100 million users are paid users, and the rest use without subscriptions. 

The platform uses AI and machine learning to recommend the best titles. The website is known for its Chinese dramas, tv shows, and movies.

Check out this website 

23. Tencent video

Introduced in 2011, one of the most prominent platforms. The website has not just Chinese dramas and tv shows but also shows for kids. This makes the website more accessible and fun for all age groups. 

Check out this website

24. Youku


Also called Chinese YouTube, Youku is owned by Alibaba. Earlier, the play had only game streams and news. However, now it has not just game videos but also movies and TV shows. 

The UI of the website also seems professional. The website has a very intuitive user interface.

Check out this website 

25. 88ys


With one of the most simple user interfaces, next on the list is 88ys. The website lists the titles available, one under the other. Clicking on a title redirects you to the streaming of the movie/tv show. 

The platform essentially has movies and TV shows. On scrolling down, you can find that the website is also divided into multiple genres. Hence making it easier to navigate through the website. 

Check out this website

26. Cmdy5.net


Cmdy5.net is another highly commendable alternative to IFVOD. The user interface is very easy to navigate. The platform offers streaming in 360p, 720p, and 1080p; hence you can choose according to your convenience. 

There are a plethora of choices as well, from American TV shows to Japanese drama, you’ve it all. The website brings to you the most blockbuster titles from all around the world in Chinese for traditional Chinese speakers!

Check out this website

IFVOD – Quick FAQs 

1. Is IFVOD Down Or Still  Working? 

Ans. IFVOD works well in almost every region. Although the website does evidently violate piracy laws, it has evaded the radars of piracy law governing agencies. Hence, you can enjoy the shows on the website from anywhere. 

2. Is IFVOD Safe?

Ans.  It’s safe to use IFVOD. However, it is important to use a VPN and antivirus while using the website. This is mainly because streaming websites have several links that redirect you. Such links could often be malicious. Hence it is important to use an antivirus to prevent your system from phishers and viruses.    

3. Is IFVOD Legal?

Ans. IFVOD isn’t an illegal website. However, it does violate piracy laws. It streams dubbed versions of TV shows and movies in Chinese. It has somehow managed to stay away from the radar of the DMCA. Although, this site is not banned in any region, it cannot be termed. as a legal website. 

4. What Are the Best Alternatives to IFVOD?

Ans. In our opinion, some sights that would be amazing substitutions of IFVOD would be Youku, Tencent video, IFY TV, Bilibili TV, and Qdramas. You can try out any of these websites to watch your favourite shows dubbed in Chinese.

5. Which VPN Should I Use For IFVOD?

Ans. Almost every VPN offers online privacy. However, we recommend you use either panda or Norton VPN. They provide maximum online privacy and are also economical!