Is Beginner’s Luck Still Relevant To Online Gaming?

Playing online games is one of the most popular forms of gaming in the modern world. With a huge number of different options available, players have access to an incredible choice. It means that there’s almost always something new to try out if you’re getting bored of the games you are playing. With a steady stream of new games, it means that being a noob is something lots of people must deal with. But do games allow for some beginner’s luck to offset against this? We have taken a closer look.

Online gaming options

There are lots of different genres of online games available, which ensures that there is something for everyone most of the time. It means whether you want to be a dragon slayer, casino bonus finder or racing car driver, the option is available to you. It does mean that starting out from scratch can be a little bit annoying though. 

What games do to alleviate this problem is input “beginner’s luck” elements to the games. This basically means that new players will have a little bit more luck than experienced players would. Although it doesn’t tend to come into play in PvP elements, when playing against the AI, new players get a bit of a helping hand. While this might seem disingenuous, it’s an important part of gaming to offer this option. 

Online tutorials

Offering players a bit of extra luck in online gaming is essentially a way of offering a tutorial to players. So, while traditional games that aren’t online will offer a tutorial in the early parts of the story, online games don’t always want to be so obvious with it. It means that game developers tend to offer demo modes and other helping hands to ease beginners into playing the game. 

As such, the game will be much easier to play when you first start than when you have managed to establish yourself. The main reason behind this is to make sure that players aren’t scared away while they are still learning to play. If a game offered Dark Souls levels of difficulty right from the very start, very few players would continue playing in the long run. 

It’s something that is very important for online games. As the market is extremely competitive, it is vital that the game is accessible to new players. 

An upward curve

This doesn’t mean that online games are inherently easy and are for low skilled players. It just means that when you first begin playing the game, you are given a slightly easier ride while you get used to how it plays. What it also means is that the difficulty curve can sometimes be much harder for online games. 

Because it starts out at a lower point, it means that it must increase in difficulty at a steeper rate than games that don’t offer the same level of introduction. So, if you’re able to stay the course with an online game, it means that you definitely have some serious gaming skills under your belt.